Grenzwertreduktion - Pressemitteilung der AefU

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* Pressemitteilung der Ärztinnen und Ärzte für Umweltschutz (AefU) vom 14. Februar 2007: „Wie die Mobilfunk-Industrie die Forschung und die Ärzteschaft für Ihre Interessen zu instrumentalisieren versucht“.


* Brüssel: Neu, tieferer Strahlungs-Grenzwert als in der Schweiz! (Aus dem Text: „……das bedeu­tet also nicht bloss eine Reduktion auf zwei Drittel…., son­dern auf die Hälfte bis einen Fünftel des Wertes, der in der Schweiz in Ge­bäuden erlaubt ist….“).


* Kurz-Liste, Februar 2007 zu: Mobilfunkantennen: Grenz- und Richtwerte, Erfahrungen, Studien.


i. V. //www.mobilfunk-erlenbach.ch

Increase in Autism incidence, tentative association with other environmental variables based on demographics



Dr Carlo says that the radiation causes hardening of the cell membrane. This is turn means that nutrients can't get in and toxins can't get out. In effect it traps heavy metals including mercury and other toxins inside. Thus it leads to an increase in autism.

He is working with a clinic to remove heavy metals from autistic children in EMR free environmments. They are having good results but still need to work on building up the body's defences.

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


Health issues regarding phone masts


Dr Don McAuley, of the Mast Action in Meath group, Dr Mike Repacholi, Co-ordinator of the World Health Organisation's Radiation Programme, and Con Colbert, Secretary of the Irish Doctors' Environmental Association, discuss health issues regarding phone masts.


From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


Calcium ion influx and efflux, a true biological effect: EMR should be treated as chemicals

Calcium ion efflux

The subject of the paper presented at the workshop by Dr Carl Blackman was calcium ion efflux - calcium ions flowing out of cells when exposed to pulsed and modulated EMR. This was first identified in about 1974 by American researchers, Susan Bawin and Ross Adey. Under some conditions the RF induces a flow of calcium ions into the cell.

Dr Blackman has conducted far more experiments in his laboratory on this influx/efflux than anyone else. They have shown that calcium ion alteration occurs at particular carrier frequencies, particular signal strengths, particular modulation frequencies and in particular temperature ranges, but not in others which lie between them.

After summarising these hundreds of experiments Carl Blackman stated that EMR must be treated as chemicals (plural) because we have made the mistake of treating it as a single chemical looking for single effects across the whole spectrum, when it is clear that the effects are very significant and occur at particular combinations of variables, but do not occur at a nearby different combination.

He finished by stating that it is very well established that there is a biological effect called calcium ion efflux and influx that can be caused by EMR at levels that are not involving heating but involving a frequency which has nothing to do with the energy levels. This is therefore a true biological effect, not a consequence of heat but produced by particular combinations of EMR and thus is a separate biological change.

Dr Repacholi accepted that this is a biological effect at low level exposure, but claimed that there was not a health effect. Dr Blackman's response was that such a statement meant that Dr Repacholi was re-writing history. The history of the research is that it began because of the concern that workers working with microwaves had a changed response time and changed behaviour which was identified with an altered EEG (brain scan).


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