Autism rates increase as sources of electro magnetic radiation increase

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The information on this internet link and also a page that I send you, show the dramatic and very tragic increase in autism over the last fifteen years.


You should also note, that this is the same period of time that cell phone systems, wireless devices and transmitter sites have appeared throughout the world.

I thought you may be interested in this page on the DAWN Ontario website: http://dawn.thot.net/autism3.html

Martin Weatherall


Autism increase


Two scientific papers on autism in these links:


Informant: Alfonso Balmori



Dear Robert:

Re "autism," I heard a report on TV this morning about "explosion of autism" -- as with Alzheimers and other neurodegenerative problems, they keep using the excuse " that "doctors may just be "diagnosing sooner" -- the overwhelming statistics indicate that reasoning "doesn't wash!!!!"

As we know, unless industry and government as well as cancer societies and other health organizations start to take EMF/EMR issues seriously, we will continue to deal with "catastrophic challenges" around-the-world!!!

Thanks for this info with diagrams that should be "sounding alarm bells" for all who choose to deceive, minimize and deny!!! Take care - Joanne

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Dear Robert: I am forwarding just one example in each case -- autism, epilepsy and Alzheimers that clearly indicate each one of these devastating neurodegenerative disorders have "commonality" in that studies regarding each problem relate to "inflammation" and "immune responses....."

I keep playing over in my mind the statement by my grandsons' Immunologist -- "...studies do indicate that immune function in mice is affected by EMF's, BUT, we don't know how much of what happens to mice happens to people......."

"Inflammation" is the beginning of precancerous process -- cellular changes that precede development of cancer (and all adverse health problems whether persons develop cancer or not).

My brain is "shouting," WE KNOW, but industry, government and health organizations including charities, are not informing the public. I ask "what studies" provided the proof that EMF's -- particularly from chronic, prolonged nighttime exposures due to sleeping next to electric meters, gas meters, electric clocks, monitors, certain lamps, some telephone equipment, and other electrical items, improper wiring, currents on waterpipes, and more, and/or such items alone or in combination with chronic, prolonged exposures to cell phones, telecommunications' antennae, WiFi, high voltage powerlines, support discontinuance of "prudent avoidance measures?!!!"

You are doing a great job of challenging "the status quo...." Best wishes and take care - Joanne

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Brain inflammation found in autism

Alzheimers and EMF/EMR toxicity


Please see enclosed email from Dr Carlo, and attachment from Robert this is another reason for attending the meeting in Westminster on

22nd February 3 -4 Attlee Suite, Portcullis House

Eileen O'Connor

This is why we are so concerned about the children. We have a paper coming out in April that ties this to EMR like no other paper before it. I will speak to this issue while I am there if it is OK with you.

Dr. George L. Carlo
Science and Public Policy Institute
1101 Pennsylvania Ave. NW -- 7th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20004

breaking news

Dr. George Carlo in the English Parliament


Autism incidence and emf

Recently there was published or there will be published raw data on the rise of autism rates in the United States. The data looked at the incidence of autism in each individual state from 1990 to 1992 and than again from 2000 to 2002. The per cent of change varied from state to state but overall there was a marked increase in all regions. What was noticeable given the geography of the US was certain states seemed to share a peak pattern in a uniform distribution pattern. The data is highly suggestive of the role of emf in adding to or increasing the incidence of disease. What is most dramatic about the geographic pattern is that it seems to point at a specific cause. There has been a generalized comment or debate that does not look at the geographic pattern or the rate of increase in relation to other physical factors.


However the raw data paints another picture about the possible causation.

There is a definite overall increase from a geographic standpoint based on the data it appears that Illinois is the epicenter with an increase of 48,600. What is interesting is there seems to be an east to west peak from the epicenter which has a node of about 500 to 750 miles. Specifically the distribution does not appear to extend centripetally in a perfectly circular manner but seems to follow an east to west distribution with Illinois in the center. In an westerly direction if you note the data, Nebraska(7,125), Nevada(5360) and Oregon (5895) on the west coast and on the East coast Ohio (7,055), Maryland (5,439). Even though there is an overall increase the markedly different changes in these states that some other vector is operating. The distribution suggests a pulsed beam with a node or wavelength of approximately 500-750 miles. I do not know if this relates to relay towers or some other phenomena.


The pattern seems to suggest some other secondary phenomena in operation. The pattern is not uniform and does not correlate with vaccinations, nuclear waste, pesticides or other containments which would seem to a have a more uniform rate of change.


Gerald Goldberg, MD

Author: “Would you put your head in a microwave oven”


Autism Rates Increase Drastically again in the 90s

Here's the Autism Increase facts as presented on Buergerwelle's website:


I knew that it had gone up from 1 in a 1000 in the 80s to several out of every 100 children in the early 90s but this just shows that the continuing increase in ambient radiation that has occurred in the 90s has made this situation even more and more severe.

It's like "wake up out of your unconsciousness, people! Stop living in denial! Stop thinking that change doesn't start with you!"

I find it amazing that people just don't care about their own health or the health of the planet, but even more amazing that they are willing to let their children's brains be fried just because of a stupid and selfish need to use their radiation boxes - i.e. cell phones - and WiFi. I know people find it "convenient" but so was Chernobyl.

Art Kab


Autism increase

This MUST be investigated! What is happening? What can be done, dear Robert, Joanne, Milt, Eileen, Gerald, Martin and Sibylle? Could one approach...who...?...some authority, or...?

[If I and my collaborator Örjan Hallberg had the proper funding, we could make a detailed ecological analysis of this, also involving the departments of medical statistics as well as clinical epidemiology here at the Karolinska Institute. It would be, at least, a start...]

Olle Johansson, assoc. prof.
The Experimental Dermatology Unit Department of Neuroscience Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm

Re : autism_increase -- inflammation and immune dysfunction

Dear Olle: Since being able to locate studies re autism, epilepsy and Alzheimers that -- (ALL climbing at alarming rates) are all supported by studies indicating concerns about inflammation and immune dysfunction, I have now located yet another very important study re breast cancer by the Department of Defense relating to inflammation and immune dysfunction:


I have LOTS of information re inflammation and immune deficiencies gathered for our book, Olle -- "Inflammation and EMF/EMR" since I located various studies in the past regarding inflammation being the beginning of the adverse cellular changes that are "the beginning of the precancerous process."

These findings obviously correlate with the very rare immune deficiencies in my grandsons that were rare because their bodies "were aging" -- infant and toddler years PLUS the fact that we were asked by the Immunologist whether children had died in the family. In addition to that, those who know about my reports, we were told the boys may develop Leukemia, Lymphoma or other cancers.

Inflammation is related to all of the white blood cell changes -- "markers for irradiation" that were identified in my guinea pigs as well as the severe, subacute epicarditis that killed one of the guinea pigs within 30 days, the pneumonia that killed another guinea pig within 30 days -- both soon after placing their cages against the "powerwall" (electric meter). Chronic inflammation due to sleeping close to the electric meter caused a drastic decline in their immune function!!!

Inflammation and immune deficiency are also related in studies to the Reactive Renal Amyloidosis that killed another guinea pig a couple of years after electric meter exposure. Unknown to me at that time, is the fact that a waterpipe in the basement floor carried high currents. The guinea pig who died from the amyloidosis (mad cow family of diseases) had not been near the electric meter for quite some time but in "ambient fields" of between 3.5 mg to 4.5 mg due to high voltage powerlines. I strongly suspect the RF -- high currents or whatever from the waterpipes to be the cause of her very rare amyloidosis diagnosis as time of necropsy at University of Minnesota.

Your ideas re possible epidemiological-type studies are very good ones and much-needed. Also, the studies you would like to do in regard to electric meter and/or clock and perhaps also cell phones -- simulating chronic, prolonged nighttime exposures -- re white blood cell changes, histamine, chymase, tryptase and more "markers for irradiation" that occur both in studies re ionizing radiation as well as nonionizing radiation, will all provide many answers re how and why chronic inflammation and dysfunction of immune system causes not only autism but also, epilepsy, Alzheimers, breast cancer, Leukemia and more.

I will forward the breast cancer study separately. The link is provided above also.

The extremely important data re increases in autism, along with a couple other "key items" will hopefully raise my request for funding you, Olle, "to the top!!!" I will continue to approach the desperate need for funding you on several levels!!!!

Robert, would you mind forwarding this to others who received Olle's email comments re other type of studies? I am rushing off to take a granddaughter to school for a special broadcasting project. She received this assignment as result of doing a short report on EMF's and dangers of electric items near beds. Her eyes "lit up" one morning after she acknowledged "Officer Michael really cared about what you said, Grandma....!!!" Her police friend taught a DARE Class re drug prevention. The children all love him very much!!! She now says she wants to be a scientist -- "some of my finest work!!!"

Take care everyone!!! Joanne

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Contact information for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Gentlemen: I have read the article in "Salon" (6-17-05) [ http://tinyurl.com/27cp55 ] regarding Mr. Kennedy's work to expose secret meetings and concealment of information regarding thimerosol in vaccines and concerns re autism.

While I do have research regarding mercury and other heavy metals and their adverse effects on one's brain regarding autism as well as other neurodegenerative disorders, I believe the dramatic rise in autism, ADD, ADHD, Alzheimers, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, Parkinsons, Leukemia and virtually all diseases will not begin to level off unless public service announcements reveal the vital need to move electrical items and some telephone equipment away from close proximity to persons' beds.

I have been an EMF/EMR (electromagnetic field/electromagnetic radiation) researcher (non-accredited) for over 15 years. My work began when I discovered close exposure to electric meters was responsible for rare immune deficiencies that were diagnosed in two of my grandsons. They "got well" after their beds were moved. We had been told they may develop Leukemia or other cancers. Their bodies were "aging" -- they were infant/toddler ages!!!

Guinea pig studies in my home yielded pre-Leukemic white blood cell results that are "markers for irradiation." Asthma was their first symptom. Like autism, asthma is another problem that is occuring at explosive rates along with ADD, ADHD, depression, migraine headaches, diabetes -- literally all health problems. Asthma disappeared in surviving guinea pigs -- one out of each set of two died within 30 days of exposure. Intractable asthma also disappeared in our grandsons after reduction of their nighttime EMF/EMR exposures.

My husband was diagnosed with Alzheimers. That diagnosis has now been reversed to moderate-to-severe memory loss and cognitive impairment. I moved his electric clock radio off his nightstand and discontinued his statin (Lipitor).

The research is extensive that helps explain how and why EMF/EMR exposures at night may be doubling or tripling adverse effects of mercury, statins, and any other medication or chemical.

I would be most appreciative, on behalf of innocent children everywhere, if you would please forward this email to Robert Kennedy, Jr. and also provide me with direct email contact information. An immediate investigation is required in order to get the EMF Interagency Committee Report before Congress. The "criminality" extends all the way to and including the World Health Organization (WHO).

You may be interested in looking at my recent appeal to the Alzheimers' Task Force which can be accessed by clicking on

Hillary Clinton is also one of the three new members of the Alzheimers' Task Force. I will be contacting her directly but so far have not received any response from Dr. Albert.

Thank you and take care - Joanne

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Autism...."it was about time in 2005" and now look at the mess!!!!


Breast cancer rates on the increase


Mobilfunk und Gesundheit

Aktueller Artikel in der Schweizerischen Ärztezeitschrift von den Ärztinnen und Ärzte für den Umweltschutz zum Thema „Mobilfunk und Gesundheit“.


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Mobilfunk und Gesundheit

Ärzte und Mobilfunk

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