The Age of Confusion

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Ed Lewis
The Age of Confusion

"The sacred rights of mankind are not to be rummaged for, among old parchments, or musty records. They are written, as with a sun beam in the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of the divinity itself; and can never be erased or obscured by mortal power." --Alexander Hamilton, 1775

We Americans have heard of 'constitutional rights.' Nearly all of us - including Supreme Court justices - have often used the phrase but it has been used with little understanding of 'natural or unalienable rights.'

No man or woman born of American Citizens in one of the 50 states - a Citizen of the United States of America - has 'constitutional rights.' Such would mean that rights were granted by a document written by men that, in turn, would mean men are granting other men 'rights.' Such would not be rights but would instead be privileges and immunities granted by the few to the many.

The problem with this is that privileges and immunities can be changed at the whim of those who make and enforce laws. It is well established that without armed law enforcers and corrupted courts, no law based on government regulation of artificial entities could long stand when applied against the rights of the American people.

It is even conceivable that such regulations - without forced compliance - would for all practical purposes remain virtually unknown to the mass of people known as the American People if the Constitution was obeyed by government.

This is as it should be. That is, laws that affect privileges and immunities should be virtually unknown to most American Citizens. Such should never touch upon our lives because such regulations should never intrude into our lives. Only our exercising of our bona fide 'rights' should touch upon our lives unless we knowingly, intentionally, and voluntarily request otherwise.

We - if not created by an act of Congress, so to speak - do not have 'civil' or constitutional rights. Civil rights apply only to 'citizens' or 'persons' who are created legislatively.

None of the above is to say there are not people with 'constitutional rights.' Those with such rights [known as 'civil' rights] may even be born within one of the 50 sovereign Republics we call 'States.' These people are '14th Amendment' and/or 'citizens of the United States.'

For example, a foreigner entering this country enters through privilege. He is given permission to enter and possibly to earn a living. He is also given the privilege of becoming a 'naturalized citizen of the United States' if he so chooses and meets the requirements.

He is not, however, given the privilege of becoming an American Citizen because such is not within the power of mere mortal men. Thus, for all of his life - and the lives of any offspring, their offspring, and their offspring ad infinitum - none will be American Citizens. They will for all time be 14th Amendment citizens of the United States.

The writer did not say this; the Constitution did not say this; the Congress of the United States and supposedly the ratified 14th Amendment said it.

To illustrate this concept further, let us assume that you want to start a business. You apply for a business license because some artificial entity has told you that you had to - it's the law.

The very act of applying for a business license begins removing y ourrightsasanAmericanCitizen.Youareactuallyapplying to become a 'privileged' 'citizen of the United States.' You are pleading for privileges and immunities granted by government and requesting your conversion to an artificial entity - an artificial person.

You have because of your ignorance - and perhaps unbelievably - asked the government to grant you the privilege of using your property - your talents and other property - to trade for the property of others, actions that are based in reality on natural rights.

If the government grants you the privilege and issues you a business license, you then have privileges and immunities granted by government. You have effectively given up your natural rights and - in doing so - caused yourself to become an artificial entity under the regulation of government. You are now a 14th Amendment person - a 'citizen of the United States.' You have declared the source of you to be the United States, not your creator.

You are now liable to pay fees to the State [meaning the various levels of government], from annual license renewals to tax derived from the privileges and immunities granted you whereas before you were not liable for any fees of any nature.

Regardless of the number of generations following you that operate the business, the business owners - your progeny - will always be under the authority of the State to regulate its activities. A thousand generations will make no difference - the source of the business was the State and so the State will for all time have the authority to regulate it and any person who is part of the business.

It is no different from a man or woman who becomes a naturalized citizen. They and their offspring will always be 14th Amendment citizens of the United States since the source is government-granted and not natural creation.

There are key phrases often missed in the 14th Amendment. It begins: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States..."

Were you born in the District of Columbia or in one of the many federally regulated enclaves? Are you - asking another way - subject to the jurisdiction of the United States? Are you then under the regulatory jurisdiction of any level of government?

The answer to this is - No, you are not. No level of government can regulate the activities of the American people born by birthright as Americans. In fact, no earthly creation of man has the authority to regulate activities based on the exercising of rights.

The 14th Amendment further states that all 'citizens of the United States' will have privileges and immunities as citizens of the United States. Well, natural by birthright men and women of this union of Republics are NOT citizens of the United States. They also do not have privileges and immunities - they have natural rights no 'naturalized' person can ever have since the two classes are mutually exclusive.

Thus, we must begin teaching our people the truth in the authority of government. The below are a few of the items that all Americans must be absolutely clear on if we are to have any semblance of the country created by our founders remaining as a beacon of hope for world peace. As these are reviewed, think in terms of 'servitude' [slavery] verses 'being free.'

We must teach that no free man or woman is under the jurisdiction of any level of government. We are divinely created and are sovereign to all man-made governing devices.

We are the bosses - elected/appointed officials are the servants. Are those elected or appointed to offices not called 'public servants?' Are they not required to subsequently take a sacred Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution? Isn't the Oath to assure the natural [unalienable] rights are protected from over-zealous, crooked, and/or ignorant people in government?

We must teach that the Constitution does not grant rights - it secures rights by limiting government. Thus, we must understand ourselves and teach our young that rights are superior to - and not of - written instruments by man.

In other words, our rights are not subject to any intervention by any other man, woman, or any artificial creation, including the enemy of rights and liberty - The Government. The rights existed long before any written document was forged and will remain long after written documents are no longer needed for only fairness and equal treatment - Peace - to exist between all peoples on Earth.

We must get all of our people to realize that rights may not have a government fee attached in order to be exercised - that only privileges may have any form of fee, whether the fee is in example income tax, excise taxes in various other forms, or a renewable license fee.

'Laws' made by government are not laws - they are nothing more than regulations to govern artificial entities. The intent of such regulations is to prevent artificial entities from damaging the American people and public properties owned by them; to charge the entities for the privileges granted them; and to assure that the artificial entities known as 'public servants' do NOT interfere with the rights of the people.

The Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches were established to monitor one another with specific duties given each - the Checks and Balances System. However, checks and balances no longer exist because corrupted officials have left the path of integrity and righteousness. Checks and balances must be restored with proper punishment applied to public servants who veer from the path of righteousness.

The punishment for such officials is the punishment for treason - death. Understand this - an official does not have to be aware he is committing treason any more than we have to be aware of breaking a 'law' to break it.

Officials that apply licensing and other fees to rights and/or help enforce such edicts aid and abet enemies of constitutionally secured rights. They do not have to be knowledgeable of these acts of treason even though they should be since each takes a sacred oath to avoid any action repugnant to the Constitution.

Besides, isn't it part of their jobs for them to know exactly their duties? And, isn't it true that ignorance of the law is NOT an excuse? This is what their own fraudulently created courts say when unlawfully convicting Americans of regulations that don't even apply to the sovereignty, isn't it?

We must understand and teach that the United States Government Corporation - an artificial entity created through fraud and presumably under the control of the foreign owners of the Federal Reserve/IMF/UN and only God knows who or what else - actually hasn't any jurisdiction whatsoever. It is a 'non-entity'; it is a foreign entity as far as the people of the many states are concerned.

We must teach that governments are not established or necessary to control the behavior of Americans - we have natural and common law for this along with means of redress or resolution of conflicts through common law courts. Government is established only to protect the natural rights of the American people, to regulate public properties, and control artificial entities, including government entities.

Note that it is public properties, not private, that may be regulated. The federal government owns nothing - all is owned by the people, including the District of Corruption and all buildings, arsenals, ports of call, and so on.

The same is true of state governments. It may be called a State highway but it is public property. Or a street within a community may be called a 'city street' but the city government doesn't own it - the people do. The city government is just given the authority to regulate it.

All the people have ceded is jurisdiction to such areas so that such may be regulated for the maximum enjoyment of all the people, the most expedient use in the defense of the people's rights, and - in the case of the feds - to collect excise tax in ports of call or from artificial entities with the enclaves in order to support these duties of the government.

We must also teach that 'citizens of the United States' are not Citizens of the United States of America. They are artificially created entities given the privilege to have many of the same protections as Citizens of the United States of America. Artificial entities do not have 'natural rights' and are therefore subject to regulation.

Hence, the 14th Amendment, an unnecessary and possibly detrimental amendment for American Citizens, was written to somewhat protect 'privileged' citizens of the United States.

We must teach our young to never apply for anything associated with government granted privileges - social security numbers, licenses of various types, welfare, and so on - as it causes them to effectively become artificial entities. They will then be treated as 14th Amendment citizens of the United States - or just so much livestock - by government. They will be under its jurisdiction and in servitude to government the entirety of their lives.

Above all we must teach and understand ourselves that there are no gray areas - we are either slaves or we are free men and women. Free men and women need no permission from their creations to exercise rights - only slaves need permission as they exercise privileges, not rights.

This means we must teach and understand ourselves that 'We, the People' are the sovereignty of this country, that no government -Federal or State - holds sovereignty over the people. Therefore, the government itself is a servant or slave to the people.

We must begin cleansing our minds and the minds of others from the unconstitutional and 'anti-human rights' indoctrinations by government, including the atrocities against the founding principles of this union of states - and hence the people - espoused by its educational systems of disinformation spreading and the many enforcements of 'laws' repugnant to the natural rights of man.

We must, in other words, rid ourselves of confusions over the founding principles of this country and the safeguards against the destruction of those principles. We must think and act like Americans in defense of freedom rather than slaves to those we elect or allow to be appointed to offices of trust.

We - the people of the United States of America - must defend the real America, not the America of myth created by the federal and state governments. We must begin and force all government into the Age of Enlightenment, leaving the Age of Confusion - a.k.a. the Age of Corruption - behind.

We simply cannot delay any longer.

Ed Lewis is a veteran writer, having been published in many online journals and newspapers. Mr. Lewis, a Missourian dedicated to liberty and truth, may be reached for comment at elewis@mail.shighway.com.

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