Protect Yellowstone and the Greater Rockies

The administration has just announced a new proposal that would more than double the number of noisy, polluting snowmobiles careening through Yellowstone National Park over the next three years.

The National Park Service has already warned that so many snowmobiles would harass the park's wildlife, threaten visitors and employees with cancer-causing chemicals and cause so much noise that people should wear earplugs inside the park.

Please go to
right now and send a message telling the Park Service to keep polluting snowmobiles out of Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks.

Last winter, tens of thousands of snowmobiles descended on Yellowstone, producing more pollution in a single weekend than all the cars in the park produce during a full year. It's been nearly four years since the Park Service called for replacing the destructive machines with park-friendly snowcoaches.

And the overwhelming majority of citizen comments have supported that phase-out of snowmobiles.

But the administration has caved in to pressure from the snowmobile industry and now plans to increase dramatically the size of the annual snowmobile invasion.

Our national parks belong to the American people, not to the snowmobile industry. Please go to
and tell the Park Service to obey the will of the people and protect Yellowstone from snowmobiles.

The Park Service is taking public comments only until September 20th so please send your message today!


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