Interview with the Radiologist Professor Dr. Eckel from the Bundesärztekammer


The interview given below was published by the `Schwäbischen Post’ on 7.12.06.

In Hüttlingen, a community near to Ellwangen, the residents are, just as in other places, fighting against a planned mobile telecommunications transmitter.

MOBILTELECOMMUNICATIONS / Interview with the Radiologist Professor Dr. Eckel from the Bundesärztekammer (equivalent to the BMA in the UK)

The cell nucleus is mutating

Professor Dr. Heyo Eckel is a radiation expert. He is a radiologist, lecturer at Göttingen University, vice chairman of the Health and Environment Committee of the German Medical Association [Ausschusses Gesundheit und Umwelt der Bundesärztekammer], Chairman of the Niedersachsen province charity for "Chernobyl Children". And because he also still has family connections in Hüttlingen, we spoke with him about electromagnetic radiation.


For Radiologists there are two areas: the scientific-formal-legal and the emotional.

His scientific conclusion: Electromagnetic, pulsed waves from transmitter masts and mobile phones affect and deform the cell nucleus. Comparable with those of X-rays. As long as the harmlessness of mobile telecommunications is not proven*, everything must be done to protect the population against potential health damage.

Are electromagnetic waves dangerous for humans?

These waves deform and damage the cell nucleus. That is proven and has resulted in experiments "in vitro" (in laboratory studies)**. The cell nucleus can also mutate as a result of natural occurrences. However, one has no control over that. But changes due to the influence from electromagnetic waves are definitely documented.

And this technology is deployed across the country?

According to the present state of scientific knowledge there is no alarming health risk***. Out of the many thousand of reports, there are only 400 to 500, which comply with purely scientific protocol and thus must be taken seriously. But one must consider: The mobile telecommunications technology is still relatively new, but yet it is now deployed across the whole country. Consequential damage is hard to ascertain, not yet and maybe only after years. Like in bygone days with X-Ray radiation.

You are also involved in the Chernobyl problem.....

Yes. And the injuries that result from radioactive radiation are identical with the effects of electromagnetic radiation. The damages are so similar that they are hard to differentiate.

So you are saying, that there is a potential or suspected danger. What is your suggestion?

One must act politically. The politicians refer constantly to safe limits. There must be an agreement with the industry on a minimum distance from base stations, as in Switzerland. Above all there must be further research on how these electromagnetic waves effect humans. This radiation does not taste, it does not smell. And one does not hear it. It is not discernable through our senses. And, that’s why people are afraid of it.

What do you advise citizens who have fears about a transmitter in their vicinity?

Legally, one cannot do much. One can advise, that people unite together. In order to exert pressure - moral - pressure on the local politicians, the provincial and federal government politicians. Because they have a duty of care to avert presumed or perceived damage to citizens.

With kind regards

Sarah Dacre MSc
ACIB London, UK

Informant: Martin Weatherall


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** http://omega.twoday.net/search?q=in+vitro
*** http://tinyurl.com/93epp


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