Tell America the Truth About Bush's Irresponsible Military Record


Many of us are outraged that President Bush hides his own irresponsible behavior during the Vietnam era while he and his discredited henchmen attack the heroic military record of John Kerry. Bush avoided combat by using his father's privileged connections to take refuge in the National Guard. And apparently, even that service was too much for him as many of those who did serve have no memory of him. Bush was a no-show. And Associated Press reports that many of his records are mysteriously missing as well.

That's why Texans for Truth has produced a :30 second television advertisement, "AWOL." The ad features Robert Mintz, one of many who served in Alabama's 187th Air National Guard -- when Bush claims to have been there -- who have no memory of Bush on the base. In other words, Bush failed to fulfill his military duty while others were dying in Vietnam.

It is urgent that we place this ad this week in key swing states.

You can view the ad here: //www.texansfortruth.org/index.html

In the ad, the soft-spoken Robert Mintz, still a pilot, says clearly and powerfully that “I heard George Bush get up and say ‘I served in the 187th Air National Guard in Montgomery Alabama.’ Really? That was my unit. And I don’t remember seeing you there. So I called friends. ‘Did you know that George served in our unit?’ ‘Naw. I never saw him there.’ It would be impossible to be unseen in a unit of that size.”

Bush is posing as a courageous leader who will "protect" the nation from the threat of terrorism. Bush was, at least, able to protect himself from danger by dodging the draft and ducking his duty to the National Guard. But that is not courage or leadership. At the very least, Bush must be made to answer the serious questions that surround his spotty military records.

America wants and needs strong leadership. But the young Bush let his concern for his own personal safety take precedence over duty and honor. Bush demonstrates contempt for America by hiding behind a curtain of lies, missing records, and hypocritical, unfounded attacks on the demonstrated courage of John Kerry. It is the same contempt Bush shows for those who serve today -- on Bush's orders -- in Iraq.

The Bush spin machine is trying to hide the truth. Unless we act now, Americans might be kept in the dark. Help Texans for Truth shine the light on a president who hides in the dark while asking others to fight his fights.

Go to Texans For Truth.org to see the ad and investigative stories relating to Bush's flight from Vietnam, the only military-related "mission" he seems to have accomplished.

Thank you,
Glenn Smith, DriveDemocracy.org

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