Stop the Cruel Slaughter of Horses for Food

Recently, I was shocked to discover that thousands of horses are slaughtered every year in the U.S. to satisfy an overseas market for horsemeat!

Growing up my aunt had five horses and I can still remember the sense of awe I had watching them gallop across the field manes and tails flying. Such beautiful, spirited, and sensitive creatures deserve a more dignified end than being slaughtered and served as dinner.

Please Act Now!

The thought of horses being slaughtered is horrifying enough, but to make matters worse the process is often brutal and inhumane. The transport of horses to slaughterhouses is often extremely cruel. Many horses are injured before even reaching the slaughter plant due to overcrowded conditions during transport. Some are shipped for more than 24 hours at a time without food, water, or rest.

In addition, the methods used to slaughter these horses once they arrive at the plant can be exceptionally inhumane. The horses are often forced to endure repeated stuns or blows and often times remain conscious during their slaughter.

The Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (S. 1915) would put an end to this cruel and inhumane practice by permanently prohibiting horse slaughter for human consumption in the U.S.

Urge your senators to support and cosponsor S. 1915!

Jenny McKinley
Care2 & ThePetitionSite Team


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