02's lies counteracted

02 in the Lincolnshire Echo 29.11 05 and a reader’s reply

O2 have applied for permission to erect a 15m monopole on the site.

These are designed to be less visually intrusive than other types of phone mast because they are thinner.

An O2 spokesman said the mast would be safe.

"Our mobile phones and base stations are designed to operate within international exposure guidelines on radio wave emissions.

"These guidelines include a substantial safety margin to assure the protection of everyone, regardless of age and health.

"Measurements by regulators in Britain and Germany show our masts and base stations operate well below these guidelines, often by hundreds or thousands of times."

Omega read "Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk?" under: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/771911/

Lincoln City Council can object to the mast application only on grounds of appearance.

A reader’s reply

The current 'guidelines' used by operators only base health effects on thermal heating (amount tissue is heated), they do not take into account non-thermal effects, and it is these that scientists across the world (including the UK governments own) claim can cause adverse health effects after long-term exposure, especially to the frail and children. It certainly isn't scaremongering, the head of the radiological protection board advised mobile operators to consult with schools, even though guidelines were met, why? Because there is a risk with long-term exposure to the new technology. The reason new phone masts are now being brought into urban areas is to implement a new 3G system to enable users to connect to the internet and download video/music. 3G has not taken off after 5 years and people are content with their 2G voice/text phones, but the operators have been given a deadline (2007) to rollout the 3G network or pay a penalty. So this is the real reason we are seeing so many more applications for phone masts. Very few want the 3G service since it cannot meet the download speeds as first thought and a change in technology is needed. Until scientists know one way or another we should not allow corporate greed to override public health concerns from a product that was born out of greed and not need.Until then, we should all adopt a precautionary approach and ensure these masts are placed well away from residential areas and schools.

Mr. Galloway, Pendle


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