Help Steve Young bring our troops HOME


We put a call out to all candidates who want to win, and Steve Young, fighting for the people in normally conservative Orange County, CA, in a special house election coming up Dec. 6, took us up on our offer to create action pages for him on his own campaign site. With the emergence now of John Murtha as a sane voice on the need to extricate ourselves from the quagmire in Iraq, Steve Young is another strong voice for doing what must be done. Won't you visit his site and submit the action page below to help support his issues-based campaign?


We are told that people from all over the country can help with the campaign, as they will be doing virtual phone banks. But especially if you are in Southern California, you can make a real impact by helping to get out the vote in this last test election before 2006. If Steve wins or makes a strong showing in this red district, it will have great influence on other congresspeople who are not yet listening to the voice of the people.


With the December 6, 2005 California 48th District General Election just around the corner, Steve Young needs your help. As you may recall, Steve is running on the Democratic ticket against John Campbell (a Republican) to fill the vacancy created when Christopher Cox accepted an appointment by President Bush to head the Securities and Exchange Commission.

One of Steve's trademark initiatives is to support America's veterans and end the war in Iraq. Steve's first act in Congress would be to help other Democrats to force a Bill onto the floor increasing VA medical funding so that all veterans get health insurance and keep VA Hospitals open so all eligible veterans can be treated promptly. He would ensure we support our troops by making sure all veterans who fought for their country have health insurance that means something!

One of his campaign motto's is: "Leave No Veteran Behind . . . Enough is Enough!" Help Steve Young take back this Congressional seat by contributing or volunteering (you can help even if you’re not in the district) at www.steveyoungforcongress.com.

Steve Young is a progressive candidate doing the unthinkable, running a competitive race with a chance to win a Congressional seat in Orange County, the bastion of Republicanism just south of Los Angeles. The special election is set for December 6th and he needs your help urgently. You can contribute online at his website.

Randi Rhodes interviewed Steve the other day and called him "a Democrat with ideas!" and asked for America to get behind him.

We're asking you to take the next step. It's easy and critical to make sure we turn out the vote for Steve on Election Day. Please choose the method you feel you can best help from the list below:

If you live within the 48th District, go to the campaign website; print a copy of the "vote-by-mail" application; complete the form return it to the indicated address. The Campaign Team will hand deliver your application to the State Registrar's office and afterwards you will receive an official ballot to vote via regular postal mail. This is your chance to conveniently speak up and make your vote count. The web address is http://steveyoungforcongress.com

Contribute $5-$10-$25 to Steve Young's campaign to build up a last minute media blitz. Same web address, http://steveyoungforcongress.com

If you live outside the District, forward this email to at least 10 of your friends.

With only a few weeks left before Election Day, this is a great opportunity for everyone in our family to pitch in to help our friend, Steve Young. Democrats across the nation are rallying to Steve Young's side in the campaign's final weeks, and with your active participation, he/we can win this election.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

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