Reflex study: ICNIRP response

This is sent to you with the approval of the journalist, I asked him to send it to scientists. He wrote a good article about the REFLEX findings and asked for ICNIRP response but they got back to him only after his article had been already published, this is the answer he received (questions are at the bottom).

Iris Atzmon.

matan D schrieb:

Hello, I'm a reporter in the newspaper of Maariv, Israel. I'm writing an article about the Handy radiation standards. Israel has adopted ICNIRP's standards, yet it has been brought to my attention that there is wide criticism over them. One of the claims, is that ICNIRP is disregarding such studies as REFLEX.

1. I would like to get your comment on that matter.
2. Is there an intention to change safety standards in the near future?

Matan Drori

From: Gunde Ziegelberger
Date: Nov 10, 2005 5:54 PM

Dear Matan Drori,

Sorry for my late reply due to several workshops and heavy work overload.

Regarding your questions, I would like to provide you with the following answers:

1. ICNIRP is not disregarding any scientific publication. In contrast, it is one of ICNIRP´s main duties to review /all/ scientific publications on potential health hazards due to exposure to non-ionizing radiation. ICNIRP has published a comprehensive review on the relevance of Low Frequency Fields for human health in 2003 and has just started with reviewing the publications on High Frequency Fields. This is only possible, if there *are* publications on research data. It is international, scientific standard that experimental studies are described in details and are published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. However, at least here in Germany, the coordinator and a few participants of REFLEX started to distribute the results through various media long before being scientifically published (some are still missing). It is not possible to regard and evaluate data sets without knowing details on experimental design, dosimetry, statistics, etc.

2. Based on the current state of scientific knowledge, i.e. based on the reviews of scientific publications, the necessity of updating the existing ICNIRP Guideline from 1998 is under discussion for the static fields and low frequency range and will be reflected for high frequency fields after finalizing the corresponding review.

I hope this information was of help to you.


Gunde Ziegelberger


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