Effects of EMR frequency emissions from masts

Here's a copy of my email to Mr. Vousden at Downs School, Brighton. I sent it to BECTA as well.

Dear Mr. Vousden,

Apologies for not explaining why I sent this email to you. I wrote in support of Mr. Graham Parfitt, but had not realised it was in relation to WLAN and not masts.

In relation to WLAN, my fears are the same. I have recently been reading 'The Zapping of America' by Paul Brodeur. He tells of the cover-up of the effects of microwaves and Electromagnetic freqency emissions from the protective devices put up by the Dept. of Defense in America and the probability of genetic damage to human beings. A similar situation exists in our own country, with government ignoring the incontrovertible proof and evidence dating from as long ago as the 1930s.

My own experience of damage from computers, is that a year ago I opted for extra lessons, spending 4 hours per week at class as well as the time I spend at home. Since then my eyes have been increasingly sore, bloodshot and sight blurred and I have been diagnosed with Seborrheoic Dermatitis - itching, dry, spotty facial skin which is getting worse. I think I sent you the document re: the damaging of mast cells in the skin from microwaves emanating from Computers? In case I did not, I will try to find it and attach it to this email, otherwise I will post it to you.

I agree with Mr. Parfitt that it would not be a good idea to inflict too long a period of computer studies upon young children

Very sincerely,

Gillian Lyden



WLANs in schools


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