Don`t take the fear-bait : france-riots--"bird-flu"-hoax & engineered "terror"


NOVEMBER 11, 2005. First of all, I see no credible evidence that the riots are being launched by "radical Islamists." It is apparent that the rioters are young, poor, without much hope, and disconnected from the mainstream of society.

This is not a song of praise for the mainstream. It's just a fact.

I have read one or two reports from French citizens on the scene who state that many of the rioters are white.

Let's look at the concept of The Squeeze Play. If you, in your neighborhood, watched night after night as destructive riots creeped toward your block, you would understandably become nervous. You would want the authorities to do something. You wouldn't be eager to sacrifice your house or apartment building to people lighting fires.

You would care less and less about who was responsible. You would want action. This would place you on the side of the police. You might or might not ordinarily be friendly toward the cops, but in this instance you would want them to do something effective.

The whole point of a Squeeze Play is getting you to side with the authorities against the troublemakers.

A Squeeze Play tries to trigger every possible prejudice lurking in the back of your mind.

A Squeeze Play tries to push you over the edge into the camp of fascists.

At a great distance from violence and destruction of property, you might have all sorts of ideas about who is working behind the scenes to foment chaos---but when that rioting comes close to where you live, your ideas tend to undergo a rapid transformation.

During the LA riots after the Rodney King verdict, I was living at the base of a hill in Hollywood. >From a window I could watch the fires move north toward me. I had no idea when those fires would stop. I could also observe the gradual tightening of my feelings and thoughts. It's an interesting experience.

And I wasn't really that close to the action.

During the threat of riots, people who go to work every day begin to experience feelings toward the disenfranchised unemployed people who are rioting. All sorts of ugliness surfaces without volition.

So...who is planning and executing the basic Squeeze Play?

Who wants you to go over to the side of the representatives of the State who are carrying guns?

Who wants you to take sides?

Who wants you to exacerbate, in your mind, the sense of polarization?

Think about being a New Yorker who just arrived at work on the morning of 9/11. Who perhaps saw the planes coming in low through the city and crashing into the WTC. Who saw people streaming out of the towers. Who saw the smoke pouring out of the towers. Who later watched the towers collapse. Who had friends and family in those towers.

Do you think there was, on 9/11 and in the days to follow, a lot of argument among such New Yorkers about the identity of the people who had attacked New York?

"Give us the name of the enemy."

"Tell us what to do."

"Tell us how we can help."

"Assure us that we will have our revenge."

"Osama? Al Qaeda? Good. Let's go."

THE WHOLE POINT OF A SQUEEZE PLAY IS THAT IT SQUEEZES PEOPLE. Not just in theory. For real. You must understand this. We're not just talking about political theory here.

Along similar lines, when the stock market crashed in 1929 and the Great Depression set in, do you think most Americans pondered about who had actually caused the catastrophe?

Americans wanted jobs, and when the new president, FDR, created those jobs, the unemployed didn't spend a lot of time on streetcorners arguing about the merits of the free market versus government inspired socialism.

When the Squeeze begins, people want to escape it. They want to return to normalcy or some reasonable facsimile.

Bill Clinton's second-term victory had something to do with the 1995 Oklahoma bombing. People wanted assurances. They wanted to feel that someone was there to protect them. Clinton (not a genius as some people insist on believing) was, in fact, able to make a few speeches in which he urged Americans to "come home to the government." It worked. It sidetracked and put a lid on a great deal of unrest in America, a great deal of anti-government sentiment.

The Squeeze Play.

It's a time-honored strategy.

You also have to know that the people who riot are not just fake props in a school play. They have their reasons. They have their feelings. >From a distance, you may be able to see that their reasons make no sense, will not advance their cause over the long haul. But so what? They are ripe for rebellion. They are waiting for that trigger to launch them into action. You may sit in your living room and flick from channel to channel and say, "Well, they're burning their own neighborhoods, how crazy is that?" But from their point of view, it does make sense.

There are always people who are ready to opt for destruction. And there are people who, at a great distance in their mansions of placidity, see an opportunity to advance their own cause (greater political control) by igniting a spark that will drive the desperate hundreds or thousands or millions into action. The manipulators know, in their bones, that chaos always breeds a demand for a greater clamp-down.

This is a gruesome triangle. You have the manipulators, you have the desperate without hope, and you have all those sandwiched in between who want order to be restored.

It's a perfect configuration. It has the potential, at any moment, to set in motion a series of events that will result in new laws, new declarations, new popular emergency measures, new and heavier control from Above.

Let's say you have a poor neigborhood in a large city. This neighborhood is hanging on by its fingernails. There is already crime there. There is a great deal of unemployment. The schools are a mess. Now the authorities cancel funding for a few after-school centers for kids. Food programs are cut. Prices for gasoline and heating oil go up.

Now a single incident, a single death can propel that neighborhood into a frenzy. Put that resultant frenzy on TV, and other similar neighborhoods get the same idea. And they swing into action.

Never mind that, amid this wildness, most of the people in those neighborhoods are not participating.

It's all about the impression imparted on television.

For example, do you really, on reflection, think that the burning of a few thousand cars is going to bring down the French nation?

And that gets us to another facet of the modern Squeeze Play. Delivering the overall impression through the miracle of television.

We can easily swing over to an analogy, a different kind of story I have been pursuing for some time. The bird flu. The disease that, at most, has killed 65 people around the world in the last two-plus years. I say at most because the main method of testing for the supposed germ that causes this flu is so outrageously bad and irrelevant.

And yet, day after day, we can watch the flu news stories pouring out of the TV set as if out of the mouth of some fearsome monster.

The world is ending. The sky is falling. 200 million people will die. The vaccine won't work. The virus, like a satanic masterpiece, is mutating and avoiding entrapment. On and on.

And with this propagandized media blitz, we get fear. We get the emotion of wanting the authorities to step in and solve the whole threat.

Many people will accept travel bans and quarantines and other restrictions on basic freedoms---including mandatory treatment with toxic drugs and vaccines.

The media are very good at taking a localized or vague phenomenon and blowing it up into a global situation in a matter of days.

So now we are told that these French riots will possible spread all over Europe.

And governments will have to clamp down.

The Squeeze Play.

There are a number of levels of players who want to put on the Squeeze, and they have their favorite personal reasons.

But the higher you go on the food chain of political power, the more you approach the camp of elite players who see the whole planet as their preserve. They want to rule the preserve as monarchs.

This is their eternal goal.

One of their favorite strategies is chaos (or the the appearance of chaos---it doesn't really matter). No, they don't strike the match that ignites every single outbreak of angry chaos on the planet, but they do take advantage of these moments. And they pick their spots when they do, in fact, light the match.

Their moves are so predictable you could make a board game out of it. Chaos---cops---new laws---assurances from the authorities---more control...etc., etc.

At the top of the charts sit the globalists. That's the current title. These are Rockefeller types who see the "unruly" population of the entire planet as a constant threat to their "ownership of everything."

They view humans at large as wild animals.

They view nations as crazy tribes looking for means of destroying all order.

They believe only a few well-bred people (themselves) have escaped the hard wiring that inflicts the mad billions who live on the surface of Earth.

And just to prove that thesis, they now and then light the match and watch chaos ensue.

And then they step in and "quell the fear and restore order," each time removing a slice of individual freedom from the overall equation.

This is called a PATTERN.

At the moment, I do not know who exactly incited the flames in the neighborhoods ringing Paris. But I do know how such events feed into the agenda of these "share and care" globalists.

The riots in France are providing a very nice opportunity for the EU, which is now the government of Europe. Never mind that the French voted against the EU constitution (which is an interesting point when you think about it, in terms of these riots, eh?---as in Revenge). H E L L O?

The EU, at some point, can step in and say, "Well, it's time for a new set of policing laws for all of Europe. And we are the duly designated body to pass and enforce such laws, to protect you, the law-abiding citizen. You're with us, aren't you? We're with you."

The EU, of course, is a sterling example of the triumph of the globalists, in their march to eradicate nations and institute instead what could be called planetary regionalism. See NAFTA, GATT, THE WTO, CAFTA, FTAA.

The EU was, in part, the brainchild of the Bilderberger Group, an elite organization created in 1954, in the Netherlands. The BG helped lead Europe through a series of incarnations, starting with the so-called Common Market, into the present happy bureaucratic nightmare of the EU.

These days, the EU is looking for opportunities to prove its value. The French and the Dutch voted against the EU constitution. These turn-downs were really no threat to the EU, but still, it would be nice to present a shining image to the fearful millions who are watching all those car burnings on TV.

"Out of chaos, order."

Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

To produce a success in this vein, you need....a series of Squeeze Plays.

When WW2 ended in Europe, the continent was in a shambles. Talk about Squeeze Play. The people of Europe were pining for a grand solution, one which would not only guarantee jobs and a rising economy, but also a protection against future wars in Europe.

Out of this desire came the Common Market, an idea so obvious and benign that only a madman would oppose it. Knock down protective tariffs between nations, open the floodgates to trade. Inject money into Europe.

This was the first small step toward a United Europe.

It would take time, but as always, the globalists had time.

Intelligent people were put to work drafting bright reports that assured one and all that a coagulated Europe was a good thing.

"Together, we can rise from the ashes. We can make a future."

We can be safe.

As the globalist/Bilderberger plan took shape, there was an aspect of the plan that was also creeping in at the edges without much notice. It was a very long-term aspect designed to make Europe LESS secure, and therefore MORE in need of an overarching program that could be fulfilled, in the long run, by a European Union, by a government over all of Europe, a government that could step into the scene and stage a rescue, so to speak.

What was this other aspect? It had to do with opening another kind of floodgate.

Unfettered immigration of the poor and the disenfranchised. From many lands.

But not just an inpouring. An inpouring that would guarantee the INABILITY OF NATIONS OF EUROPE to handle it.

An inpouring of such dimensions that governments of Europe---who were really in charge of nearly all aspects of economic life---could not deal with it. Social services would fail. There could never really be an integration of all those immigrants.

Governments running those countries, in typical fashion, would try to ignore the problem or simply throw money at it. It wouldn't work.

No matter how generous the sentiments expressed, the deal would not work.

You could say you wanted it to work and it should work and it had to work---but it wouldn't.

You didn't need to be a genius to know that.

But if you spoke out against UNLIMITED AND FOREVER immigration, you could be called all sorts of bad names. You could be labeled this or that...by people who were, in fact, taking their cues from pundits WHO HAD BEEN PUT ON VARIOUS PAYROLLS TO MAKE IT POLITICALLY INCORRECT TO SPEAK OUT AGAINST UNLIMITED AND FOREVER IMMIGRATION.

Yes, this was also part of the op.

To cement in the idea and practice of the inpouring of immigrants into Europe, a program was laid on to make it very uncomfortable for any politician to say, for any reason, "This isn't going to work."

And of course, you've had some crazies running around Europe for a long time saying that letting ANYONE into a nation in Europe who doesn't have pale blue eyes and white-blond hair and ivory skin is a crime against the Norse gods or whoever. It's been a piece of cake to lump in a politician who is against massive immigration with these Nazi types.

Understand: the program of massive immigration into European countries was brought into effect in order to make the political and economic infrastructure of Europe tremble. To make it untenable.

"We build you up here and we tear you down there. And in the end, you will have to come to us for the solution."

This was the unspoken agenda of the globalists in Europe, and it still is.

The riots in France are an illustration of this agenda.

Squeeze play.

Massive immigration is a program designed to create a permanent underclass. When we in America look at our own history, we can claim that the inpouring of people from Europe early in the 20th century was a great success, and we can talk about melting pot and free markets and all that. But when you have nations that, more and more, are run from the top of massive corporations in collusion with ever-growing government control, you have a structure that can't fold in millions of poor people coming in. That's just the way it is. It isn't a matter of morality. It is a matter of fact.

You may want to see a paradise on Earth, where everything is shared and nothing is denied, but as long as governments and corporations run on the principle of scarcity---which they do---you can't win.

It will take a revolution on the order of the one described by Bucky Fuller to change all this---and governments and corporations are fully opposed to such a revolution. Yes, we DO have the means to guarantee every person on the planet the essentials of life and survival, as he pointed out in great detail, but that's not the system we live in.

The system shaped by the globalists is different. It runs on two tracks. The first track is, let everyone in. The second track is, there will never be enough for everyone.

Those two simultaneous tracks are designed to bring about moments and events of great friction---the Squeeze Plays.

The objective is: make the people come to the globalists, when these two tracks collide, and the globalists will give the people what the people want AT THAT MOMENT IN TIME: protection, repressive laws, and an iron fist.

A little more iron each time.

(Thanks to Alex Jones and Paul Watson for their recent articles on the French riots. They reminded me of ideas I [and they] have expressed in other contexts.)




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