Haringey Council to debate mast issue

Just to repeat, the meeting starts at 7.30pm on Monday 14th November at the Civic Centre (Wood Green High Road).

Cllr Matt Davies Lib Dem, Fortis Green


This Council notes: • Haringey residents' public health concerns about mobile phone masts, with particular concern about the siting of masts near to schools, hospitals and residential porperties • Legislation is weighted in favour of mobile phone companies and Haringey Council currently has little power to act on our residents' concerns • Masts below 15m are exempt from planning permission

This Council believes: • More national research is required into the potential health risks of mobile phone masts • The 'precautionary principle' should apply and Councils like Haringey should be able to reject mast applications on health grounds • Mobile phone companies should be required to make a full planning application for masts of any size and should always be required to provide a statement of the intensity and direction of the signal

This Council resolves: • To write to Haringey's two Members of Parliament requesting they lobby Ministers for a moratorium on mast sites near to schools, hospitals and residential properties • To ask our Members of Parliament to support any Bills in Parliament which would mean safer siting of phone masts, including giving Councils clear authority to reject mast applications on local public health grounds • To write to all other London Boroughs to ask for their support in using the 'precautionary principle'


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