The Revolutionary Coalition

We the people of The Revolutionary Coalition declare our mission to pull together all of those disgruntled Americans who have come to the conclusion that the two party one party system of the Democrats and the Republicans is either a complete failure or working in collusion to achieve a goal unknown by the people and illegal according to our constitution, the supreme law of our land. We feel these so called two parties fail to represent the people of America and are convinced that these representatives do not have our security or best interests at heart. We are tired of hearing the promises of change year after year and watching those who make these promises shamelessly break them and violate our God given, natural human rights with their traitorous unconstitutional actions. We call upon all of those who support the bill of rights as guaranteed by the constitution and the declaration of independence and any and all third parties to come together despite our differences of opinion over any other issue. We propose that all that can agree to unite under the supreme law of our land, the Constitution of the United States of America do so now through this venue, the Revolutionary Coalition. We are a country divided and have come to the realization that nothing will change unless we can unite and work together to return our government to the binding chains of our constitution. We feel that when our founding father’s devised that glorious document, they knew well what our future would bring, because after all history does repeat itself. Greed begets greed and it is running rampant among the politicians and judges throughout our land. We call upon all of these office holders to be reminded of the oath they took to uphold the constitution and to protect the people from all enemies foreign and domestic, for to violate this oath constitutes treason and the American people, from whom these powers are derived, will not tolerate it any longer. We are of the understanding that since these representatives took this oath they are fully aware of their action on behalf of the people whom they have a duty to represent and when the day comes that we the people wrest control of this unruly government and return it to it’s rightful state, a constitutional republic, they will be held to account for their traitorous actions.


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