Experts to Recommend Shifting to Small Cellular Antennas

The new "Solution" for antennas in Israel

I give some further backgound on the new "solution" that is described below at the end of this short article.

Iris Atzmon.


Experts to Recommend Shifting to Small Cellular Antennas
13:15 Oct 20, '05 / 17 Tishrei 5766

(IsraelNN.com) A fact-finding committee made of representatives of the Transportation, Communications and Interior Ministries is due to present its findings to the government by November 10th.

The committee began investigation a solution to the growing concerns and mounting resistance to the large cellular antennas that are becoming increasingly commonplace on the Israeli landscape.

According to some experts, including Prof. Eliyahu Richter who heads the Department of Industrial and Environmental Medicine at Hadassah Medical School, moving to a large quantity of smaller antennas to replace the fewer larger ones would result in less electromagnetic emissions per antenna, explaining that the closer antennas are situated to one another, the less the emissions.

Richter did acknowledge that even to this school of thought there is a down side, stating that this would significantly lower the emissions from each antenna but it would create a situation that everyone would be constantly exposed to continuous low-level emissions, even persons who do not use cellular telephones. He added that we are still uncertain as to the long-term effects of exposure and this has many people most concerned.

The governmental committee was the idea of our Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, as a get-away from the threat on the companies several months ago, when the Interior minister Ofir Pines tried to change the current law of the cellular antennas. Pines wanted to give the public the right to resist antennas (which does not exist now by law) and to give compensation for the loss of property value. His suggestion had the support of most of the ministers, but the companies did a very good job at the last moment and his suggestion was not given a chance to be even discussed in the ministers meeting when Sharon decided to set a committee with no authorities, in order to discuss the public health issue etc and to buy time. With the excuse that they cannot inform the public on new antennas because of "security" reasons, the companies caused to turn Pines' offer down. It doesn't matter that his suggestion was not on new antennas but on existing ones, but as he said himself: "the whole world and its wife wanted to kill the suggestion". Several years ago when he wanted to put warning labels on cell phones, the next day the celluar companies representatives flew especially to Israel from Europe and came to his office. Then, he says, he understood with what kind of power he was dealing. Anyway, the first city to adopt the new change and put many small antennas is Modiin, near Jerusalem it will be a test case, but it's not so easy: the residents resist it, they gathered 2300 signatures. I suggested them to demand their mayor to show them a certificate/ approval from the Helsinki Committee which says that he has approval to do human experiments on them, anyway they are equiped with studies and we'll see how it develops. The trick of the small antennas is to neutralize the public right to resist antennas - these antennas require no permission, and they will be hidden in street lamps. The residents said to the TV today: we don't want the phone third generation, we want third generation for our kids !! The mayor was convinced by the environmental ministry that more antennas are less radiation from antennas and from phones, and the municipality will receive 2.5 million shekels from the cell companies and he says that the people will understand that it's for their benefit in the future. In a conference that was held in the city about 2 weeks ago, a cancer patient asked Dr. Stelian Galberg from the Env. ministry, who advances the new "solution", whether he wanted to come to her funeral. He answered that he hoped everything would be allright.

Omega see also //omega.twoday.net/search?q=Stelian+Galberg

The companies reaction to the TV news programm about Modiin today, was that the solution is based on the equation that was presented on the TV screen like this: MORE ANTENNAS = LESS RADIATION. After Modiin they plan to do it in the rest of the country.


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