Seven Days to Save Your Coast

Please activate today to save our coastlines and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge! Thanks to North American Ocean Noise Coalition member Richard Charter and the National OCS Coalition for their work to defeat the Budget Reconciliation Package and for sending this alert to Seaflow. The Arctic Refuge may be drawing its last breath at the hands of the oil industry. Thanks for speaking up and spreading the word on behalf of our wild spaces and wild faces. Mary Jo Rice P.S. The vote on the House floor is scheduled for November 7. Please don’t delay.

Only Seven Days to Save Your Coast in Congress:

A bill aimed at opening all of America's most sensitive coastlines to offshore drilling will be voted on, up or down, on the House Floor in only a week, on November 7. House Leadership has chosen to hide offshore drilling within a broader budget bill that is immune from any amendments, so your own Representatives must now vote against "final passage" of what is called the "Budget Reconciliation Package" to save your state's coastal waters.

Hastily approved by a party-line vote in the House Resources Committee on October 26, the deceptively titled "Ocean State Options Act" would immediately remove all of our existing coastal protections by quickly rescinding the bipartisan offshore drilling moratorium that has been renewed each year for twenty-four years. This treacherous proposal would instead create a complex new bureaucracy requiring each state's legislature and governor to continually agree to ask the Secretary of Interior, every five years, for an additional extension of their state's protection, but after ten years all protection for every state would be gone. The Secretary of Interior could, at any time, deny continued coastal protection, even while states would be continually coerced - with offers of money - to allow offshore drilling.

If that's not bad enough, the very same Budget Reconciliation Package would also open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil companies while opening our coast. The oil industry, flush with record-setting profits, is now lobbying hard to get this bill passed by the House of Representatives and signed into law before coastal communities and the public can wake up to what is in this last-minute legislation. Each American who cares about their favorite coastal natural treasure now has a critical role to play in the upcoming House vote. We need to alert the media in all coastal regions with our own Op-Eds and calls to reporters, and above all, we must make calls to be absolutely sure that our own Representatives will vote against final passage of the Budget Reconciliation Act on November 7. This is a history-making moment, and the future of our coast, forever, depends entirely on what actions we each take in the next seven days.

To get direct contact information such as the DC office phone number for your Representative, you can visit http://www.visi.com/juan/congress or go to http://www.house.gov You can also call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and ask for your Representative's office.


Informant: Scott Munson


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