New problems with cellphones

Please read the enclosed paper by Dr Andrew Michrowski, sent by Martin Weatherall.


I found this paper interesting as it says there is a 6 - 10 fold amplification of microwave power after heavy rainfall. I have been saying for a long time that rainfall intensifies levels of radiation as I can feel it if I am in a hot spot and it can be debilitating. I am fortunate that I know what is causing my symptoms and can avoid exposure; unfortunately I fear many people will be suffering with similar symptoms without knowing the true cause.

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New problems with Cellphones

by Andrew Michrowski, Ph.D.


Situation in Japan – as a precursor to ours

The worldwide proliferation of Alzheimer's is diagnosed reluctantly in Japan, due to a national stigma attached to the condition. While Japanese TV has health-topic programs on brain aging, noting that younger people show deterioration of mental faculties similar to the elderly and that chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and depression are rampant, these are ascribed to psychological factors. The shows point out missing nutrients or indicate mental exercises to keep "thinking young". The condition occurs in over 2 million Japanese, affecting all ages. Among the young, it manifests as social withdrawal, and they shut themselves off in rooms. At first, the media named it "jiheisho" (autism), then "hikikomori" or withdrawing and hiding. The sudden onset coincides with a major expansion of cell phone service. Teruhisa Miike of Kumamoto University Medical School notes that 75% of "withdrawn children" have CFS with reduced blood flow to the brain, accompanied by disorders in central nervous system function and immune function . "If you force them to go to school, they risk having real psychological problems as a result", he says. Ryoichi Ogawa, Kobe MD, reports that 80% of his CFS patients are frequent users on a daily basis of cellular phones, personal computers, TV games , etc. He decided on a clinical study to test a cause-effect relationship of cellular phones and computers to CFS. Ogawa chose 40 from his young CFS patients (to compare them with 50 healthy persons) to measure their blood flow in the upper eyelid ophthalmic artery that branches off from the carotid artery carrying blood from heart to brain), with the super Doppler method – a test that verifies blockage of brain blood vessels. Subjects held a cellphone, at their left ear for 30 seconds. Prior to use, all showed normal blood flow of 10 cm/sec. in the arteries of both eyes; after phone use, the flow dropped to less than 5 cm/sec. for all those tested – a rate indicating reduced brain blood flow. Exposure from sitting within 1 meter of a video screen for 15 minutes also reduced brain blood flow to less than 5 cm/sec. in both eyes for all CFS patients; among the healthy, 78% had a reduction to less than 5 cm/sec. in both eyes. Healthy participants resumed normal flow within 30 min.; only 2/3rd of CFS ones recovered normally.

Perhaps, we are due to expect similar health patterns in such areas as the Toronto region, Brantford and perhaps Hamilton and Ottawa within the coming years. Clusters may be expected where analog telephones are widely used, in high traffic zones and near building complexes surrounding large shopping malls, hospitals, police, airports and educational facilities.

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Health Effects Of Electromagnetic Fields In Housing, Schools And Offices

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