New Non-Lethal Weapons Systems May Be Used Against US Citizens


Die flämischen Grünen fordern strengere Normen für Strahlenemissionen der Mobilfunk-Industrie

Die flämischen Grünen fordern strengere Normen für Strahlenemissionen der Mobilfunk-Industrie. Groen will hierzu eine entsprechende Gesetzesinitiative im flämischen Parlament einbringen. Stein des Anstoßes ist der flächendeckende Ausbau des jüngsten Mobilfunknetzes UMTS. Hierzu werden in den Mehrfachnetzen in den kommenden Jahren alleine in Flandern vermutlich tausend neue Sendeanlagen gebaut werden müssen. Die Antennen der Basisstationen überdecken insbesondere dicht besiedelte Regionen feinmaschig bis hinunter zu wenigen Metern. Zwar gibt es keine wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnisse zu möglichen gesundheitsschädlichen Risiken durch Mobilfunkantennen und deren Strahlung.

Omega das stimmt nicht. Siehe "Gesundheitliche Schäden durch Mobilfunk sind nicht nachgewiesen?"

Doch plädieren die flämischen Grünen für Vorsicht in diesem Bereich. Die Partei tritt für eine siebenmal strengere Strahlungsnorm für Mobilfunk-Antennen ein, wie die derzeit angewandten gesetzlichen Regelungen. Sollte diese Gesetzesinitiative umgesetzt werden, würden in Flandern die strengsten Strahlenemissionsnormen in ganz Europa Anwendung finden.

23.08.2006 16:22


The right for persons with the impairment electrohypersensitivity to live in a fully accessible society


A unique conference was recently held in Stockholm in May, 2006.

The theme for the conference was "The right for persons with the impairment electrohypersensitivity to live in a fully accessible society". The conference was organized by the Stockholm City municipality and the Stockholm County Council and dealt with the most recent measures to make Stockholm fully accessible for persons with the impairment electrohypersensitivity. Among such measures are to offer home equipment adjustments, ban mobile phones from certain underground cars as well as certain public bus seats, and through electrosanitized hospital wards.

The conference was documented on film. It has now been translated into English and made available on a double-DVD. It is sold and distributed by the Stockholm City. The prize (incl. postage) is 25 euro. An invoice will be sent out after you have received the DVD.

To order the DVD - and for questions regarding the conference - please, contact Mr. Johan Bonander at Stockholm City's Social Welfare Administration on the e-mail address johan.bonander@sot.stockholm.se , or call to order your own DVD copy from the conference bureau at the Stockholm City's Social Welfare Administration on tel. no. +468-508 25 003.

Olle Johansson, assoc. prof.
The Experimental Dermatology Unit Department of Neuroscience Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm

Two personal stories which are horrendously moving

I have had two personal stories sent to me which are horrendously moving. In both cases the people cannot think straight, recall things, or avoid mental confusion. One is only in partial notes and I will have to build it up with many conversations.

Both parties sent them to me with health survey forms to try to help other sufferers come to terms with it, &/or to raise awareness. Has anyone any idea where I can place these for greatest effect, and others that might come, please? No, I cannot send them to Sarah Dacre because neither will give consent. These people find it hard to trust and they know me.


The finished story starts:

December 04 – The Nightmare Begins

I write this with great difficulty, unable like many people to concentrate. The weather is not good enough for me to sit outside, so I am sitting here with the usual, ever present, ‘hum’ and high pitched signals going through my head trying to make some sense of it all. (I’m losing it already!)

and ends:

So I had a sleepless week on holiday, too tired to be up and about sight-seeing during the day. So another ruined episode in our lives, but we carry on, as we must.

I hope my writing this down will give some insight for other sufferers and perhaps help in guiding them through it all.


J and B

Sandi, please do as you feel is necessary and edit what you think might be suitable for the story. I obviously haven’t been able to go into all the details – I find it far too upsetting when I remember all the nervous breakdowns and hysterics this caused – I just can’t go there anymore.

Notes from the health form of what L and B have suffered most from, just to give you an idea.

(with J & B's permission)

Symptoms most common and ever present for J and B

Shallow no-restful sleep; keep waking up during the night; trouble getting off to sleep; excessive, inexplicable fatigue; severe pain and pressure in ears; memory and concentration loss, confusion; irritability, tension, nervousness; dizziness and loss of balance; increased tendency to give/receive electric shocks; tingling sensations, cramp, numbness; rashes/blotchy skin; increased sensitivity to light; THE HUM always; pains in joints/muscles; pains in teeth and kidney area. Also in 'other symptoms': Daily pain in left thigh muscle and soreness on sole of left foot – much worse when TETRA is very bad some nights.

Illnesses since TETRA

Inability to concentrate due to the ‘hum’, constant kidney infections, white tongue.

On bad TETRA nights (with no sleep) all joints and muscles racked with pain, muscle spasms, creepy feeling all over body, soreness on sole of left foot, ears ringing, loss of balance.

Our Story J & B

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


Lassen sich mit dem neuen Schweizer Pass auch Leute sprengen?


USA denken über RFID-Implantate in Soldaten nach


The inhabitants of Kamionki, Daszewice, Skrzynki, Moscienica and Borowiec are protesting against the construction of a great powerline in the vicinity of their homes

Many links to information about powerlines


Hi all.

Can any of you help here.

Best regards.


-----Original Message-----
From: SArjuna
Sent: 22 August 2006 22:43
Subject: URGENT: Kamionki, Borowiec, Skrzynki, Moscienica need support

Dear all,

Can you help these folks? They need good info. Please send this on to your own concerned contacts.

Thanks, Shivani Arjuna

From: kkuk_at_poczta.onet.pl
To: sarjuna [I heard from him on 8/22 that situation remains as described below.]

Chain of the People of Good Will. Protest Information from Kamionki, Daszewice, Borowiec, Skrzynki, Moscienica.

The inhabitants of Kamionki, Daszewice, Skrzynki, Moscienica and Borowiec near Poznan protesting against the construction in the vicinity of their homes of the great, over 70 meters high, 2x400 kV + 2x220 kV powerline. Besides its high, the line will also be well seen its colours (white-red patches) and blinking lights at night.

According to various investor propositions, the line will be set up in 30 - 300 meters from the homes, or will encircle the village at three sides. Some of the inhabitants will have the line towers seen from all their windows. In Daszewice the inhabitants are protesting for 7 years. The inhabitants of Kamionki and Borowiec have shown an alternative proposition undergrund cable or line in forest 800 m from homes. But the investor waiting for the authorisation to begin the works, not willing to discuss the proposition of the inhabitants. We are protesting for 16 months already. In that time the protesters have sent many complaints and organised many meetings with local authorities, have discovered formal errors in Spacial Management Plan, have disclosed a crime (forgery of city council motion). Even local tv station broadcasted on the problem, and local newspapers published several articles. Unfortunately, the starosta authorised the start of construction works.

The protest goes on. At this time hundreds of people all over the country are sending the protest letters to President, Prime Minister and to local government.

Many other people will also join the protest. We will establish the Chain of the People of Good Will. The local prosecutor is investigating the case of document forgery.

As the date of formal aceptance of the plan is approaching, the protest will be escalated. Some inhabitants will begin hunger strike. Unfortunately many of them are vulnerable.

Please support us.

Send e-mail with support for alternative proposition to: listy@prezydent.pl;

Krzysztof Kuklinski



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