Two personal stories which are horrendously moving

I have had two personal stories sent to me which are horrendously moving. In both cases the people cannot think straight, recall things, or avoid mental confusion. One is only in partial notes and I will have to build it up with many conversations.

Both parties sent them to me with health survey forms to try to help other sufferers come to terms with it, &/or to raise awareness. Has anyone any idea where I can place these for greatest effect, and others that might come, please? No, I cannot send them to Sarah Dacre because neither will give consent. These people find it hard to trust and they know me.


The finished story starts:

December 04 – The Nightmare Begins

I write this with great difficulty, unable like many people to concentrate. The weather is not good enough for me to sit outside, so I am sitting here with the usual, ever present, ‘hum’ and high pitched signals going through my head trying to make some sense of it all. (I’m losing it already!)

and ends:

So I had a sleepless week on holiday, too tired to be up and about sight-seeing during the day. So another ruined episode in our lives, but we carry on, as we must.

I hope my writing this down will give some insight for other sufferers and perhaps help in guiding them through it all.


J and B

Sandi, please do as you feel is necessary and edit what you think might be suitable for the story. I obviously haven’t been able to go into all the details – I find it far too upsetting when I remember all the nervous breakdowns and hysterics this caused – I just can’t go there anymore.

Notes from the health form of what L and B have suffered most from, just to give you an idea.

(with J & B's permission)

Symptoms most common and ever present for J and B

Shallow no-restful sleep; keep waking up during the night; trouble getting off to sleep; excessive, inexplicable fatigue; severe pain and pressure in ears; memory and concentration loss, confusion; irritability, tension, nervousness; dizziness and loss of balance; increased tendency to give/receive electric shocks; tingling sensations, cramp, numbness; rashes/blotchy skin; increased sensitivity to light; THE HUM always; pains in joints/muscles; pains in teeth and kidney area. Also in 'other symptoms': Daily pain in left thigh muscle and soreness on sole of left foot – much worse when TETRA is very bad some nights.

Illnesses since TETRA

Inability to concentrate due to the ‘hum’, constant kidney infections, white tongue.

On bad TETRA nights (with no sleep) all joints and muscles racked with pain, muscle spasms, creepy feeling all over body, soreness on sole of left foot, ears ringing, loss of balance.

Our Story J & B

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