Electrical Hypersensitivity Information

I have many papers of EHS, if anyone is interested. Have been collecting info about cases of EHS since 1965.

Now have two CD's, one, a collection of research papers, anecdotal material, references and resources on hazards and healing aspects of EMF's (uncontrolled vs controlled exposures) and another CD on an hour telecon specifically on EHS, with profession medical comments on why women seem to be more sensitive. Latest paper (2005) "Organism Sensitivities to Electric and Magnetic Fields: Proposed Interacting Biosystem Mechanisms", goes into EHS in some depth. See website (soon to be updated) for more info.

I have been doing home and business inspections for several years now in detecting, shielding, and avoiding excessive EMF and microwave environments......have met hundreds of persons sensitive, in various degrees, to EHS and have helped them cope with the problems by elimination, avoidance and shielding of bothersome fields.....had a 7 yr allergy problem myself, due to extreme exposure in proximity to PEMFs from pulsed arc welding system (25 v, 150 amps) and electrostatic cooling equipment (35 kv and 150 microamps) in development of a patent for electrostatic cooling of welds on Space Shuttle fuel tank.

I have references and some research summaries going back at least 40 yrs!! About time the medical community started investigating it.....I tend to believe, because it affects women primarily, and can be handled to some extent by drugs, it has been neglected by the primarily male medical organizations in this country. The ratio seems to be about 80% women to 20% men. With men it occurs among thosmee working directly with microwave and hi voltage, and computer programmers/hackers.....pesticides and toxic metals and chemicals play a large part in promoting EHS.

NOTE: Please be aware that laboratory environments ARE OFTEN NOT the environments in which EHS persons will react....sometimes the home environment is unique in combination of power lines, underground electric systems, transformers, in-house fields and appliances, ground currents, microwave towers and WiFi systems in homes and surroundings. Remember also, that sound and light can be fed into brain sensory centers using PEMF of specific high rise wave forms.....without use of audio or lights (another important and neglected factor, driving some of the EHS persons into paranoia and mental institutes (specifically hums [standing waves?] and barely audible voice or music that no one else hears!) ...also many of these people cannot stand analog wristwatches, because of the battery pulses required to cause the solenoid to move the hands....and on and on with unusual maladies and sensitivities....

Hope I may be able to support research in this area so the info I have collected may be of use.

James B. Beal
EMF Interface Consulting


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