Ex-Innenminister Schily wird Aufsichtsrat der Biometric Systems AG

Reisepass mit biometrischen Merkmalen: Ex-Innenminister Schily wird Aufsichtsrat der Biometric Systems AG (11.08.06)

Presseberichten zufolge zieht der ehemalige Bundesinnenminister Otto Schily, der einst für die Grünen in den Bundestag gezogen war und später zur SPD wechselte, in den Aufsichtsrat eines Biometrieunternehmens ein. Prinz Wolfgang von Bayern, Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender des Unternehmens, teilte mit, dass das Aufsichtsgremium der Biometric Systems AG dafür auf der jüngsten Hauptversammlung erweitert worden sei. Das Unternehmen entwickelt den Angaben zufolge auf der Iris-Erkennung basierende Software, wie sie unter anderem bei der biometrischen Grenzkontrolle am Frankfurter Rhein-Main-Flughafen verwendet wird. Während der Amtszeit Schilys wurde in Deutschland der Reisepass mit biometrischen Merkmalen eingeführt.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet: //www.ngo-online.de/ganze_nachricht.php?Nr=14198

Why we are so concerned about Mobile Telephone Masts


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Where are the EMF Project details?

I am unable to find the EMF Project or the new Radiation and Environmental Health Unit in the overall WHO accounts circulated earlier (see earlier emails, below for link).

The extract below is from a WHO EMF project annual report. I had heard that the EMF Project Accounts were not included in the WHO Accounts and this does seem to be the case. Repaccholi has them done by the Royal Adelaide Hospital Finance Office, I have been told. I have never been able to see a copy. This seems scandelous to me.

Andrew Selous MP seems to have been sent an overall set of WHO Accounts that does not include the EMF Project Accounts. This needs to be challenged. I think I smell some rotton flesh. Andrew should asked where the EMF Project details are within the Accounts sent to him and also ask for further detail just for the EMF Project. I don't think he has been sent anything relevant, yet.



Funding over the past year there have been questions raised as to the funding sources of the EMF Project. A summary of funding sources and conditions are given below. There are very strict requirements for WHO to receive funds for extrabudgetary projects, such as the EMF Project. WHO can receive funds from industry (preferably from industry associations) only after review and approval by WHO's Legal office. A special WHO committee provides further review of funding from industry. All contributions and accounting are strictly audited by WHO and RAH. The EMF Project has adhered to all the requirements placed on it by WHO and will continue to do so until the Project concludes.

Personnel and structure in view of the new importance in radiation within WHO, a new Unit was created called Radiation and Environmental Health, effective January 2002. This unit has the responsibility for all WHO activities related to ionizing and non-ionizing radiations (including the International EMF Project) and is directed by Dr. Michael Repacholi. Dr Leeka Kheifets joined WHO in June 2001 to head the radiation studies program. After fulfilment of her commitment of two years Leeka has resigned and will be moving back to the US. We have greatly benefited from Leeka’s scientific and management expertise and will continue working with her on the project. We are currently recruiting for her replacement. Dr Larry Goldstein, a biologist, joined WHO in February 2002 and is continuing the health risk assessment process. In addition, Dr Emilie van Deventer works 80% for the EMF Project. Emilie is a professor in electrical engineering and, as part of her duties, she responds to the large number of enquiries that the project receives each week.

Best wishes for a good conclusion to your investigations.


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