Prof. J. Bach Andersen from Aalborg University was the chief adviser for the Danish government when they sold the 3G licences. At the same time he had been working for years for several phone companies (Siemens, TDC etc.) In the experts’ report he wrote that 3G radiation is completely harmless. During all the years he persisted that there was no scientific proof that EMF had any health effects, and certainly 3G was the most harmless. Particularly he made fun of all those who said that masts are dangerous and of scientists who got positive results on RF’s biological effects. Therefore he was also put in charge of the administration of the projects financed by the white-washing money given to the experts who wrote the report.

It now happens that the site of one of TDC’s, (the Danish phonecompany) 3G masts in Aalborg is near a school and kindergarten and also quite near Bach Andersen’s home. The parents and residents arranged a protest meeting and not only the press was there, but also Bach Andersen. In the interview he said to the journalist that though there was still no proof and sufficient research that there were any health effects from masts, one has to apply the Precautionary principle. So in this case the concerns of the residents should be taken seriously. Of course this had nothing to do with the fact that his house was so close to the planned mast! The journalist never asked him why this change of mind on the health effects of RF.

Sianette Kwee
Sensommervej 16
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Court delivers blow against mobile masts: ruling cites public health risk


From http://www.mast-victims.org

Original article: http://www.ekathimerini.com/4dcgi/_w_articles_politics_100010_18/07/2006_72201

Ten mobile telephone antennas, eight of which are in Athens, must be removed as they pose a threat to public health, the Athens Appeals Court ruled yesterday.

The ruling rebuffs an appeal by an unidentified mobile operator for the suspension of a decision by the National Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT) to remove the poles. In justifying its ruling, the court cited “urgent concerns regarding the protection of public health.”

All 10 antennas in question had been hidden in chimneys, electric boilers and other appliances to thwart residents and authorities. Eight of the 10 antennas are located on top of apartment blocks in districts of Athens including Halandri, Vyronas, Ilioupolis and Kallithea. The other two are located at the airports of Iraklion, in Crete, and Kos. Only one of the antennas, in Kallithea, had been operating with a license but it will also be taken down.

“It is not only one (mobile phone) company that is to blame here,” EETT Vice President Nikos Koulouris told Kathimerini. “The unlicensed erection of antennas is common practice. EETT has also decided to take down antennas put there by other companies,” he said, adding that the commission usually finds out about illegal antennas through residents’ complaints.

“We refuse to become the guinea pigs of (mobile) firms,” Nikos Krassakis, a member of the Sepolia committee lobbying for the removal of antennas told Kathimerini. “Our main concern is not whether the antennas are legal or not but how much of a threat they are to our health.” Krassakis said his group’s protests had led to the removal of two antennas and the decision to stop the erection of a third.

“(The ruling) is a very positive decision, a blow against the unaccountability of (mobile) firms, but is not enough. We need a more collective approach,” Loukas Margaritis, a professor at Athens University, told Kathimerini. “Scientifically, there is no doubt that radioactivity is a health risk, even within the limits imposed by legislation,” he said. He added that a solution would be to relocate the antennas to the outskirts of towns, and set them at much higher levels to lessen the impact of emissions.

Source: http://www.emfacts.com/weblog/index.php?p=541


We have 3 anglian water masts in our village that are used to send signals to pump sewage through the village. The wife of one of the people who lives next door to one of them is always ill. A short distance away a teenager developed a rare form of cancer and died within a short time ot it being discovered. My friend who lives a few doors away from it developed distonia [messages to the muscles from the brain go haywire so muscles go out of control, in her case her neck turns and she has to have botox injections if it gets bad, not pleasant]. She also gets bad migraines. Further up the road my friend's daughter gets really bad migraines and a host of other strange complaints. Nearby one of my ex reflexology clients gets migraines and a few years ago developed cancer. And these are just the ones I know about. Is it a coincidence? Who knows! Some years ago when I was trying to do something about the mast at my son's school and I was in contact with the school's governors, one of them who worked for anglian water told me he was supprised at the amount of radiation these masts gave out. We were never sure if he was trying to throw a red herring as he was a bit off at first about our efforts to do something about the mast.

You might be interested to know that at the school my son attended the orange mast was put up about a year and a half before he left [about 5/6 years ago], we heard about two children having fits. Of course that could be a coincidence and before my friend and I did much, my son left school, my father died and Ijust didn't have the time to do any more as my brother and I had to look after my elderly mother.

We have 2 masts outside the main part of our village and they are 200 metres or so from the nearest houses. The first one went up before we knew anything about the dangers of masts and the parish council took the attitude for the second one, having fought 3 successful battles to keep masts out of the main part of the village, it was better to let the next one go ahead outside of the village.

500 metres from these masts a teenager developted cancer of the lymphatic system. I went to see her and although you can see the masts they are a good way off. But there is also a string of pylons nearby and this is an agricultural area so there is crop spraying.

At the other end of the village several children have cancer, there are more pylons and an ici factory making plastics. So who knows what the factory is putting out in the way of poisons. Last year there was a fire and there was an emergency in the village that we only found out about after it was over so god knows what might have escaped into the atmosphere.

sue g

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