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Dear Sylvia,

When I heard the news item about children and mental health, I too wondered if phones are affecting them. If they get too depressed they see their GP and are then given drugs that probably won't do them any good since all drugs have side effects [but good news for the pharmeceutical companies who make billions every day.] I shudder to think just how much damage the phone industry is doing to todays younger generations. I shall always think of Tony Blair's government as the one that let whole generations be damaged in the interest of corporate power and big bucks. Well done.

sue g


Health risks of Wi-Fi and WLAN on our health

Swedes hit hard by WiMAX waves

WLAN Sickness: Rubbish or Reasonable?

WLAN, DECT in Schools and Kindergardens

Swimming In A Deadly Sea: Awash In Radiation


Informant: Iris Atzmon


Wake-up! The cry of an electrosensible

The CancerCoverUp.com Monthly Newsletter May/June 2006, Volume 5, Issue 4,5

Few people realize how pervasive their exposure to radiation really is. Some of it is from natural sources like the Sun, but increasingly, it is man-made. Everything from microwave ovens to your computer screen emits some amount of microwave energy - for the most part in tiny doses. Sometimes we are aware that we are being subjected to doses of man-made radiation as is the case when you have an x-Ray or other medical procedure. Other times, however, we are unaware that our bodies are being exposed to potentially harmful rays, or just how great the exposure is. One of the most widespread examples of this circumstance is the cell phone.

Initially a status symbol of the privileged, cell phones have now become so commonplace that today, there are more cell phone subscribers than subscribers to conventional land lines. But while the cell phone industry has grown at a phenomenal rate, understanding of the safety and health issues associated with non- ionizing radiation has lagged behind. Read full story

Swimming In A Deadly Sea: Awash In Radiation
By Kathleen Deoul PART TWO

Although most of us are unaware of it, we are literally swimming in a sea of radiation. Some of it is natural, like the cosmic rays that bombard our planet from space, trace amounts from elements that occur naturally in the ground, and even microwave radiation from sunspots and solar flares. But increasingly, the radiation we are subjected to comes from man-made sources ranging from medical X-rays to leakage from appliances to cell phones. While much has been written about man-made radiation, most of us have little understanding of what it is and how it might affect us.

Last month, we began an interview Cancer Cover-Up author Kathleen Deoul conducted with internationally recognized energy expert Milton R. Copulos to get some straight talk about the radiation that surrounds us. This month the interview continues.

Informant: Sibylle Gabriel

Industry continues legal dance around health lawsuits

By Jeffrey Silva
RCR Wireless News

Jun 16, 2006

WASHINGTON-Despite legal setbacks in court jurisdictional rulings, including the Supreme Court's refusal to review a 4th Circuit headset ruling that rejected industry's federal pre-emption arguments, headset and brain-cancer litigation have failed to gain traction in state and federal courts.

The reasons industry has been able to absorb blows in court without significant consequence vary, though mobile-phone carriers continue to have legal exposure on a health issue that may always dog cell-phone companies in one way or another as long as differences remain in the scientific community.

Government health officials insist science does not point to a health risk from mobile phones, but they refuse to dismiss an association entirely in light of studies that suggest a cancer link from long-term cell-phone use. As such, they support more research; most of the work is being conducted in Europe.

Still, the wireless industry has a virtually unblemished record in wireless health suits and could be on the verge of closing out another chapter in cell-phone litigation without sustaining serious legal or monetary damage. On the other hand, the legal bills for defending health lawsuits are substantial, particularly in light of insurance companies' reluctance to indemnify wireless companies against loss or damages in litigation.

Industry, though, is not yet in the clear.

Six brain-cancer suits are pending in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. About 18 months have passed since the wireless industry filed a motion to dismiss the charges on federal pre-emption grounds. In March, the court allowed the Federal Communications Commission to intervene, accepting an agency brief supporting industry's claim that the 4th Circuit erred in ruling headset cases were not pre-empted by federal law and that the D.C. Superior Court should not be guided by that ruling in deciding whether to dismiss the brain-cancer cases.

Though Judge Brook Hedge oversees the six cases, the task of ruling on industry's motion to dismiss is up to Judge Cheryl Long.

Long's aides have added confusion to the already extended period the judge has taken in deciding whether the lawsuits should stay or go. When asked recently for a status report on the case, one Long aide said the motion to dismiss was under review by Long. Yet, another Long aide last week said the judge no longer had the case. A staffer for Judge Hedge said he believed it was still up to Long to rule on the motion to dismiss.

Meantime, a brain-cancer lawsuit remanded to the Superior Court of California in San Diego County is just now getting back on track.

A brain-cancer case originally filed in Florida appears to be in jurisdictional and administrative limbo.

The same is largely true for class-action lawsuits seeking to force carriers to supply consumers with headsets to protect them against any harmful effects of mobile phone low-level radio frequency radiation. One is gone.

The lead headset case of the five class-actions-Pinney et al. vs. Nokia Inc. et al.-was dismissed without prejudice April 6 by U.S. District Catherine Blake in Baltimore. However, the circumstances surrounding the dismissal of Pinney are different than when Blake threw out all five class-action headset suits on federal pre-emption grounds in March 2003. This time around, Pinney agreed with industry defendants to have the headset case dismissed. Pinney has had the option since then of re-filing the suit, but has not done so to date.

The unexpected return of the Pinney case to Blake was the result of an ironic turn of events that played out after the Supreme Court last October decided not to block Pinney from being remanded to Maryland state court. After plaintiffs added L.G. Electronics Mobilecomm U.S.A. Inc. as a defendant in two headset suits, lawyers for the South Korean electronics giant got the cases removed to federal court in February.

LG it turned out had removal rights under the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005 because the litigation commenced after CAFA's effective date.

It is unclear whether the Baltimore law firm of Peter Angelos, lead counsel in the headset class actions, has lost interest in wireless health litigation. The law firm did not return a call for comment. The Angelos legal team represented Christopher Newman, whose $800 million brain-cancer lawsuit against Motorola Inc. and others was rejected by Blake for lack of scientific evidence in 2002.

The D.C. Superior Court's Hedge also is presiding over a lawsuit filed by Sarah Dahlgren in which it is alleged mobile-phone companies failed to make consumers aware of possible health risks and the lack of consensus among scientists on wireless health. Last June, Blake remanded the Dahlgren case to the D.C. Superior Court.
Industry lawyers said Dahlgren is overreaching and that her lawsuit should be dismissed on numerous grounds.

"She names eight defendants but fails to identify any who manufactured or sold her wireless phones," industry attorneys told Hedge in a filing last month. "She claims defendants misrepresented the safety of wireless phones, but asserts that she need not allege or prove wireless phones are, in fact, unsafe...This truly novel approach is inconsistent with District of Columbia and Maryland law."

Earlier this month, Dahlgren's attorneys shot back. "Plaintiff's allegations demonstrate that consumers received a wireless phone that was-in terms of safety risk and associated attributes-different from and less than what defendants represented," they argued. "Defendants attempt to limit the scope of product `performance' to mechanical functionality is simplistic. Moreover, performance issues are factual in nature and should be explored in this litigation, not decided on a motion to dismiss."

Milt Bowling
Clean Energy Foundation
Phone: 1 888 436 2152
or 604 436 2152 in Vancouver
Fax: 604 436 2154

The incidence of electromagnetic pollution on the amphibien decline


With best regards

Alfonso Balmori



Cell phone tower radiation may be killing plants and animals


Biological Effects of Microwaves

I was sending info to a friend today about how MW ovens affect food. Thought folks here might find this excerpt of interest. Re. sensitization. As you read this section, keep in mind that every oven I have checked so far irradiates strongly in every direction, reaching many feet into rooms behind walls, whenever it is used.


from: http://www.create-your-healthy-home.com/microwave-ovens.htm

Biological Effects of Microwaves

Exposure to microwave emissions also has a negative effects upon the general biological welfare of humans. This was not discovered until the Russians experimented with highly sophisticated equipment and discovered that humans can be adversely affected without even ingesting the foods that have been subjected to microwave radiation.

Merely Entering the Energy Fields of the Food causes such harmful side-effects that the Soviets outlawed all much microwave apparatus in 1976. Here are the effects observed in humans having ‘direct’ exposure to microwaves, that is, without their having consumed the Irradiated [microwaved] food substances.

Life-energy Field Breakdown: Persons near microwave ovens in operation experience a breakdown in their life-energy fields which increases relative to the length of exposure.

Cellular Energy Decreases: The cellular-voltage parallels of individuals using the apparatus degenerate – especially in their blood and lymphatic serums.

Destabilized Metabolism: The external energy activated potentials of food utilization are both destablilized and degenerated.

Cell Damage: Internal cellular-membrane potentials during catabolic processes into the blood serum from the digestive process degenerate and destabilize.

Brain Circuitry Destruction: Electrical impulses in the junction potentials of the cerebrum degenerate and break down.

Nervous System: Nerve/electrical circuits degenerate and break down while energy field symmetry is lost in the neuro-lexuses (nerve centers) in both the front and rear of the central and autonomic nervous systems.

Loss of Bioelectric Strength: The bio-electric strengths within the ascending reticular (see Note 6) activating system (the system which controls the function of waking consciousness) go out of valance and lose their proper circuiting.

Loss of Vital Energies: Humans, animals, and plants located within a 500 meter radius of the equipment in operation suffer a long term, cumulative loss of vital energies.

Nervous and Lymphatic System Damage: Long-lasting residual and magnetic ‘ deposits’ become located throughout the nervous and lymphatic systems.

Hormone Imbalances: The production of hormones and maintenance of hormonal balance in both males and females becomes destabilized and interrupted.

Brainwave Disruption: Levels of disturbance in alpha-, delta-, and theta-wave signal patterns are markedly higher than normal.

Psychological Disorders: Because of the disarranged brain waves, negative psychological effects will also result. These include loss of memory and the ability to concentrate, suppressed emotional threshold, deceleration of intellective processes and interruptive sleep episodes in a statistically higher percentage of individuals subjected to continual rang-emission field effects of microwave apparatus, from either cooking apparatus or transmission stations.

Potential Use In Mind Control

Due to the creation of random, residual magnetic deposits and binding within the biological systems of the body (nervous and lymphatic systems damage) which can ultimately affect the neurological systems (primarily the brain and nerve centers), longer-term depolarization of tissue neuroelectronic circuits can result. Because these effects can cause virtually irremissible damage to the neuroelectrical integrity of the various components of the nervous system (see Note 7), ingestion of microwaved foods is clearly contraindicated in all respects. Their residual magnetism effect can render the psychoneural-receptor components of the brain more subject to influence by artificially induced, microwave-radio-frequency fields from transmission stations and TV relay networks. [Thus rendering the individual more electrically sensitive to all forms of electrical pollution, including the high frequencies riding into their home on the 60 Hz from their utility company. -Shivani]

Soviet neuropsychologists at Uralyera and Novosibirsk (see Note 8) have theorized the possibility of psychotelemetric influence (i.e., affecting human behavior by transmitting radio signals at controlled frequencies), causing subjects to comply – involuntarily and subliminally – with commands received through microwave transmissions acting upon their psychological energy fields. For this reason, and due to the 28 other contradictions listed above, the use of microwave apparatus in any form is definitely ill-advised. Present scientific opinion in many countries clearly opposes them, as exemplified by the mentioned Soviet Ban.


MICROWAVE DANGERS: How unseen frequencies can harm your health

Radiation Ovens: The Proven Dangers of Microwaves

The Hidden Hazards Of Microwave Cooking

Microwave oven info


Repacholi to retire

The weblog version of this message is at:

I have just heard from a reliable source who attended the June 11-15 Annual Meeting of the Bioelectromagnetics Society at Cancun, Mexico that Michael Repacholi has reached his use-by-date and apparently is retiring at the end of this month to be replaced by an Emily Van Deventer. I can imagine that Van Deventer’s appointment diary will be full for some time with meetings with various industry flacks to keep her on track with Repacholian science.

Will this mark the end of an era for bad EMF science or just the continuation of the same paradigm under a new figurehead?

Don Maisch


Looking forward to that. Oddly enough I think I am going to miss the obnoxious git. I take great delight in informing people how he is an ex phone operator employee who takes an annual 150,000 dollar "bribe" from the phone operators to rubbish all the research proving the harmful health implications of this technology. It's a great "stick" to beat him and the WHO with! If a similar, like minded replacement is appointed we need to investigate their background. However, I assume the 150,000 dollar "expenses" payment will still be paid to MR's replacement.

John E.

From Mast Sanity/Mast Network


Petition to remove Dr. Mike Repacholi

World Health: A Lethal Dose of US Politics

Emilie van Deventer: OMS/WHO



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