A town in Sussex - Essex study

HPA make me really cross! Have you asked them what they mean by 'properly controlled conditions'? They cannot replicate the conditions found by masts because every house, every room, positioning of every pillow, every person and all terrains are different.

It is my strong feeling that it is only possible to find the true effects by carrying out scientific tests in the areas where the effects are found as done by Dr. Neil Cherry! It is impossible to find exactly the same symptoms anywhere because of the above differences.

I am in the middle of writing my replies to Dr. Michael Clarke and John W. Stather Deputy Director (Two letters, neither from the person to whom I wrote - Dr Roger Cox). I am asking lots of questions, some of them repeated from my first letter and which were not answered e.g.

1) Why did Faraday think it necessary to invent a cage to protect workers from EMR if the emissions do not damage human health?

2). Why is sitting in a Faraday cage inher wheel chair in her lounge the only way a person with a huge mast and multi antennae near her home can experience any relief from her symptoms while she remains at home? Why did she recover the use of her legs after six weeks on holiday abroad, only to become crippled again after three weeks back home? Why are you not investigating this?

I'm asking many such and will reiterate them until I get satisfactory answers.

Kindest regards to all of you who are suffering (and to those who are helping you)




Take a look at the news page on http://www.tetrawatch.net for some stories about what operators say. We also have a local builders company that tells workers to operate in pairs when working near transmitters of any kind. Health & Safety: one stands back to observe the other's behaviour / capability when using dangerous equipment.

Two typical cases here: a couple who spend 6 months in the UK, 6 months in Madagascar. The wife has severe fibromyalgia, but only in the UK, and as soon as they return.

Second: our old friend John O'Brien had an injured knee that would not heal, and noticed it was better when away from TETRA. Really bad before they left to live in France, he had tried everything and thought it was a surgery case. Two weeks in France in a place where there is zero mobile coverage, and he's running on it like new!

I will keep you in touch with anything that emerges from follow up to "a survey in a town in Sussex", where it is suspected early widespread EHS is being followed by strokes and cancers.



‘A town in Sussex’ was surveyed in 2004, and revealed 58 per cent of people living within 250m of a TETRA mast reported adverse health impacts starting from the time of operation. We are having to return, because an unusual number of cases of strokes and cancers reported. If it were not for two reasons, this might be overlooked: first, there are many other places where ‘clusters’ are appearing around transmitters, and second, there may well be a direct connection between the electro-sensitivity exhibited early on and the chronic disease. Again, we are working on the science research behind this.


You always need to measure.

We were thinking of living in a very remote farmhouse in the hills north of Bolton Abbey in the Yorkshire Dales - no masts in sight at all, yet a phenomenally strong TETRA signal all over the hills and moorland.

I have also been in other, apparently remote, walker areas and found surprisingly high levels of both mobile phone signals and, inceasingly, TETRA signals. Just because you can't see an obvious masts does not mean that you are not being irradiated.



As a true annecdotal add-on to this story... Last year, an official remote nuclear radiation monitoring station on Snowdon was connecting (unintentionally) to an Irish basestation as that had the best signal and then phone back to England with its data each day rather than though a Welsh basestation. They discovered this because of the high call charges on their phone bill!


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