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Tetra to the rescue

In today's Daily Mail, front page is a picture of Kate Middleton (Prince William's girlfriend) with a Tetra handset which she has been given for her protection (!!!). She has agreed to carry a radio with her at all times. The £l,000 Airwave radio allows Kate to instantly link up with William's S014 Metropolitan Police personal protection team should she feel threatened. A source at telecoms firm 02 which operates the Airwave network confirmed last night that Kate was holding one of its handsets. "The network has now been rolled out to every police force in the country", they said. "It is the most reliable and secure means of emergency communication you can get."

AND NOW FOR THE NEXT INSTALMENT .....JUST SUPPOSE..... Kate is threatened or kidnapped, but the Emergency Services are immediately called in (thanks to Airwave) and - naturally - the chappie who kidnapped/threatened her (who has a very high profile as the future wife of our future King ), he (the baddie) is shot - on the spot - on the orders of Sir Ian Blair. Applause all around and orders for Tetra pouring in from all over the world - especially third world countries where dictators are threatened/kidnapped all the time. Sir Ian Blair is immediately exonerated of all past mistakes and given a peerage, so that he can sit in the House of Lords. The chap who was shot is branded a terrorist (even though he was put up to the dastardly deed by you-know-who), and being dead is unable to blow the whistle on the culprits who all get honours, nice houses (without masts in the vicinity) and disgraceful pay packets that would pay off mortgages for several thousand humble people.

Sorry, I couldn't resist my imagination,



Or, in reality, Kate has no chance to use the TETRA phone (or any other) - because the first thing a kidnapper or assailant would do is to ditch it! Or, as has actually happened, rings the family and allow them to listen to every scream and plea as he carries out his dastardly deed....

Oh, the joys of mobile technology.


The New World Order, by conquest or consent?


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