Immune: EMF effects on humans and mice

Effects of electromagnetic fields on the immune systems of occupationally exposed humans and mice

Roy: This is the first time I have seen a combined study re mice and humans that confirms immune changes re lymphocytes and neutrophils in the same way I have reported many times that my two grandsons' rare immune deficiencies improved after moving their beds away from a source of chronic, prolonged EMR exposure (electric meter) and the equally significant changes in guinea pigs before, during and after chronic, prolonged EMR exposure (electric meter).

Two CBC's were run on two guinea pigs prior to exposure exhibiting "normal results," severe and significant declines after exposure, and "improvement in white cell counts" in the surviving guinea pig. One died within 30 days of placement against "powerwall"/electric meter. Another set of two guinea pigs were found to have drastic white blood cell changes after exposure. In that set, one also died within 30 days and the other "improved" after moving the cage away from electric meter.

In this occupational study out of France, humans and mice were evaluated in same EMR environment with decline in blood parameters after exposure and improved blood results after EMR reduction. The exposures were apparently not as drastic as those due to sleeping close to electric appliances/electric meters and yet similar results were achieved.

You may recall that the boys' immunologist had told me he knew of a study or studies that found immune changes in mice due to low dose EMR exposures but that he didn't know how much of what happens to mice happens to people. That was about 14 years ago!!!!

The immunologist sent grandsons' blood to EMF researcher, Dr. Fatih Uckun but never told us the blood was going to an EMF researcher doing studies for the National Institute of Health (NIH)!!! Dr. Uckun has made statements that the gene is the same for Leukemia as that for Hypogammaglobulinemia (low immune).

As you know, Prof. Dennis Henshaw, an EMF researcher for the London Charity, Children With Leukaemia, recently released a study re electric appliances such as electric stoves, etc. All studies re EMR are important, but studies that will simulate EMR exposures to which children are now being subjected while trying to get the much-needed sleep to restore their bodies are vital. Assoc. Prof. Olle Johansson has agreed to replicate those findings but needs funding.

It is essential that governments around-the-world re-introduce "prudent avoidance measures" -- recommendations that were being made back in the early 1990's!!!! Health costs are spiraling out-of-control and our children deserve to have their parents know that electric appliances/devices must not be close to the heads of their beds!!!! The children can't study if they don't get proper sleep. They can't study if they develop ADD or ADHD and learning problems due to sleeping close to electric appliances/devices/meters. They can't study if they are sick from EMR-induced asthma and other chronic inflammatory problems such as sinus infections, ear infections. Some go on to develop Leukemia.......

EMR levels in the French study appear to be lower than what would be measured from a bedside electric clock, fan, telephone equipment, power supply boxes, electric meters, monitors, etc. "on-the-pillow," therefor indicating an urgent need for action. The children can't wait while scientists try and determine whether the adverse health effects are promoted by RF (radio frequency) from the clock/meter, etc., whether due to polarization, multi-directional fields from the transformer, or whether a level of 1.0 mg "on-the-pillow" versus 2.0 mg, 3.0 mg or 4.0 mg!!!! High frequencies may be on electrical wiring including wiring right behind or next to a bed.

The children must not have ANY electrical items by the heads of their beds!!! Action required is minimal -- simply moving the electrical items and/or the bed away from a wall opposite a refrigerator, electric meter, etc. and virtually "cost-free!!!"

It is essential that I repeat much of what everyone who works every day for the EMR cause already knows (about our grandsons and guinea pigs) because the French study confirms my "non-expert, anecedotal reports" and, combined with other existing studies, leaves little doubt (unusual re medical/scientific studies) that there are grave reasons for immediate action!!!!

EMR activists also know adults are affected -- often close to "equally" re EMR effects linked to children. Adults die from Leukemia too and suffer from EMR-induced insomnia that causes every health problem. Many of us believe children are "God's gifts" or "gifts from a higher power" and, in fact, if we don't provide proper care, in many instances, the government intervenes to order medical treatment and/or to actually remove children from irresponsible, negligent parents.

As Don Maisch wrote the other day regarding my concerns about three Chinese children developing Leukemia after being adopted in the U.S.: "In a perfect world, all of these cases should be investigated [re EMR exposure]." Don is right, the world is "far from perfect" but there are a whole lot of scientists, politicians, industry leaders and others who continue to "let our children down!!!!"

Those smiles on childrens' faces are perfect and precious -- they depend on us -- they need our help!!!!

You and other EMR activists know the importance of informing the public re prudent avoidance. The "plea for help" is intended for others who will receive this email who know what needs to be done but choose to "pull the covers up" in their own beds, some of whom claim to "care about children" such as most politicians who don't even dare respond to the question "WHY hasn't the EMF Interagency Committee Report ever been released to Congress" and "WHEN will the information be presented to Congress???!!!"

Take care and best wishes to all who really DO CARE!!!! Joanne

Joanne C. Mueller
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