Action Alert: Call your Representative to stop HR 3179

Next Wednesday, June 16th, the House Intelligence Committee is expected to consider expanding the USA PATRIOT Act by slipping portions of the Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Tools Improvement Act of 2003, HR 3179, into the Intelligence Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2005. HR 3179 includes the following provisions from the leaked Justice Department draft of the Homeland Security Enhancement Act, AKA "Patriot II":

* A "lone wolf" provision that applies the Patriot Act's surveillance and investigation provisions to persons acting alone. (The Senate has already passed this as a stand-alone bill.)

* Penalties for failure to cooperate with overbroad powers for the FBI to issue secret National Security Letters (NSLs) requesting private information, with no checks and balances

* Secret use of information from NSLs in immigration proceedings, which would deny immigrants their fifth and fourteenth amendment protections from being "deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law."

There is no evidence that the FBI needs these provisions. Furthermore, it is too early to consider expanding the USA PATRIOT Act. We have not yet had adequate congressional oversight of how the government is using the surveillance provisions of the PATRIOT Act. Some provisions of the PATRIOT Act are set to expire at the end of 2005, so Congress will need to review them next year -- when all of these issues can be publicly debated and analyzed.

The intelligence authorization bill generally contains many important provisions, and it must pass every year, so it is difficult for members of Congress to vote against it even if it contains some provisions they oppose. Therefore, it is critical to stop the inclusion of HR 3179 in committee.

In this e-mail you will find

· Background information

· What you can do

· Links for more information

· Sample phone script and e-mail blog

· Reminder: CLRA introduction Tuesday, June 8

Background Information

Last year, Reps. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI) and Porter Goss (R-FL) introduced HR 3179, a bill that would expand the FBI's ability to obtain records without a court order and wiretap people without meeting normal constitutional standards. After various organizations voiced opposition to the bill, the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing on HR 3179 last month, where former Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA) testified against the bill.

After the hearing, it was reported that Rep. Goss, who is the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, was likely to tack the provisions of HR 3179 onto the annual intelligence authorization bill, which his committee debates and votes on behind closed doors.

You may recall that last December, another section from Patriot II, which expanded the FBI's ability to use secret National Security Letters, was tacked on to the Intelligence Authorization Act of 2004 without the knowledge of most members of Congress. It was passed, and President Bush signed the bill on Saturday, December 13, the day of Saddam Hussein's capture by U.S. forces in Iraq. Texas Congressman Ron Paul called the tactic "a stealth enactment of the enormously unpopular 'Patriot II' legislation."

To stop this stealth tactic from being reused, the grassroots must show its strength and resolve to protect and restore our civil liberties.

What You Can Do

If you oppose this bill and the undemocratic process of, please call your Representative during this National Call-In Week to Protect Civil Liberties (June 7-11). Tell your Rep. that you oppose expanding the PATRIOT Act and do not want the House Intelligence Committee to tack provisions of HR 3179 onto the intelligence authorization bill. (See sample phone script below) To obtain the phone number for your Representative, call the Congressional Switchboard at 202-225-3121 or visit http://www.congress.org .

Links for More Information

* HR 3179's Bill Text, Summary, and Status:


* Conservative Opposition to the Bill at:


* Bob Barr's full testimony before the House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security's hearing on HR 3179, which was held on May 18th: http://www.aclu.org/news/NewsPrint.cfm?ID=15778&c=206

Sample Phone Script and E-mail Blog
Sample Script

Call your Representative's office and tell the staff person who answers the phone:

Hi, this is [Your Name] from [Your Hometown]. I am calling to urge Representative [Last Name] to oppose HR 3179. I understand that the House Intelligence Committee may tack the entire bill onto the Intelligence Authorization Act for 2005 at a closed markup session on June 16th. I ask that Representative [Last Name] contact members of the House Intelligence Committee and urge them to oppose both HR 3179's provisions and their inclusion in the authorization bill. HR 3179 would expand the PATRIOT Act and I do not think those important issues should be decided behind closed doors. Congress must take up the PATRIOT Act next year when it reviews the sunset provisions, and all of these issues should be publicly debated next year.

Sample E-mail or Blog Message

Please spread the word by telling family, friends, and colleagues to call their Representatives as well by posting the following message in a blog or e-mail:

Legislation is pending in the U.S. House of Representatives to expand the USA PATRIOT Act -- and there are reports that HR 3179 will get slipped into an intelligence agency bill that will be debated and voted on behind closed doors on June 16th. Please urge your Representative to oppose this bill, and to oppose allowing these important issues to be decided without public participation. Congress should be adding oversight provisions and judicial checks and balances to the PATRIOT Act, not expanding it behind closed doors. See http://www.bordc.org/legislation.htm for more information.

Reminder: CLRA introduction Tuesday, June 8

Thank you to the organizations that have signed on to the Civil Liberties Restoration Act letter of support. The Rights Working Group now has a website ( http://www.rightsworkinggroup.org ), which includes talking points on the act at http://www.rightsworkinggroup.org/clratp.pdf. Please call your House Member and Senators and urge them to support the bill.

We thank you for taking these vital steps to protect your civil rights and liberties.

Bill of Rights Defense Committee
Web: http://www.bordc.org
Email: info@bordc.org
Phone: 413-582-0110

Informant: Global Network

The crime and the punishment of Lorenzo from IARC

Lorenzo Tomatis, an Italian M.D., was IARC's director from 1982 to 1993 (IARC= International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the World Health Organization.) Dr. Lorenzo's Crime: he is just too honest a scientist, he looks for scientific evidence, he is against the industry's control over science. That a huge crime according to the publishment.

His Punishment- he is not allowed to enter to IARC's building- ever.

Do they welcome Saddam Hussein more than Dr. Lorenzo Tomatis? He thinks so.

1. Lorenzo's crime: Originally, explains Tomatis, an internationally respected cancer specialist who has held research posts at the University of Turin and Chicago Medical School, panels drew only on published, peer-reviewed research. IARC resisted repeated requests from industry to allow confidential reviews of secret data from company labs.

Today, that policy has changed. And so has the policy of choosing experts who have no conflicts of interest. A February letter to WHO, signed by two dozen university and government scientists from around the world, including Tomatis....sharply criticized IARC (and other WHO agencies) for using "research openly or surreptitiously sponsored by industrial concerns." The letter also pointed to "problems of corporate influence and undisclosed conflicts of interest" among panel members. In fact, scientists with conflicts are now asked not only to attend meetings as observers, but sometimes to participate as full voting members.

"The people participating are usually very good scientists," says Tomatis. But their presence on panels makes the monographs less credible, and raises the possibility that research in line with industry priorities will receive more attention than it would otherwise.

Consider saccharin. In 1998, IARC reevaluated the sweetener, long ranked a "possible" carcinogen because of mixed evidence. Michael Jacobson of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a health advocacy group, asked whether he could send a scientist as a nonvoting observer. IARC refused. But other interested parties had no trouble finding seats. One of the more influential of the voting panel members was Samuel Cohen of the University of Nebraska, who is affiliated with a research group called the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI). Among ILSI's industry donors at the time were Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, and the manufacturer of Sweet 'N' Low. Also participating were scientists from Procter & Gamble and ILSI itself.

The panel confirmed that the evidence on saccharin was still mixed. But this time around, that was no longer considered a red flag. "It was like having a defense attorney on the jury," says Jacobson. The panel downgraded saccharin -- reclassifying it from a possible carcinogen to a substance of unknown risk. Within two years, saccharin was taken off the U.S. list of carcinogens.

Lorenzo Tomatis gives a broader example: a critical 1997 IARC workshop held to review whole categories of evidence for carcinogenicity. There were only a few completely independent scientists present. The participants decided it was reasonable for panels to ignore cancer tests that produced tumors in rodents' bladders, renal cortices, or thyroids, because the tumors probably formed in a way that could not happen in humans. Yet the workshop participants themselves agreed that there were "conspicuous gaps in knowledge" about the rodent tumors.

Vigilant attention from other scientists, it appears, can help. NRDC toxicologist Jennifer Sass gives the example of styrene, used in the plastics and rubber industries. Early this year, Sass discovered that IARC had invited a former employee of the Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology to its upcoming styrene meeting in February. Moreover, IARC had invited -- as full voting members -- two paid consultants for an industry group, the Styrene Information and Research Center. One of them had been picked to write the all-important literature review (a summary of existing research) and present it to the larger committee.

Shortly before the meeting, Sass sent a letter to IARC's director about the tainted styrene panel -- with a copy to the National Cancer Institute, one of IARC's major outside funders. Also in February, Sass met with the head of IARC's carcinogen evaluation unit, Jerry Rice. In the end, the two styrene consultants recused themselves from voting. And the panel decided to keep styrene's ranking exactly where it was. "We'll never know what would have happened if we hadn't complained about the process," says Sass.

omatis and Huff say they see a troubling trend. In separate interviews, both said the panels are making fewer decisions that prevent potential health risks, more that protect industry's interests. Some substances given more favorable rankings recently: the pesticide atrazine; 1,3-butadiene, used in making rubber and plastics; and rockwool and glasswool insulation such as fiberglass.

For their part, IARC officials say adequate safeguards are in place. All panelists are required to sign a WHO form disclosing financial conflicts of interest, for instance. But, argues Rice, "It is getting very difficult to find individuals who have contributed significantly to the scientific literature on specific chemicals and who have no research funding or other connection with industry."

Rice may have a point. In 1996, the New England Journal of Medicine decided it would no longer publish review articles -- which, like IARC panels, require selection and interpretation of a spectrum of research -- by authors with any financial links to companies making the product being discussed. Last year, the journal weakened its policy, saying it was having trouble finding authors.

Adds Tomatis, "I would hate to see IARC singled out as a black sheep. There is a much broader zeitgeist now, where industry seems to be able drive research where it wants it to go, and where the idea of the independence of science no longer exists."


2. Lorenzo's Punishment

Paul Kleihues took over from Tomatis as head of IARC. He says these critics always see industry as the enemy of public health.

"If they don't have scientific reasons they suggest a conflict of interest of industry or participants that have a vested interest. We do not believe that any of our recent decisions was ultimately influenced by industry."

Kleihues rejected the accusation and then barred Lorenzo Tomatis from ever re-entering the building.

"He told me I was persona non grata and had me escorted out by two witnesses from the building saying I was not allowed to come back…I think even Saddam Hussein could go back into IARC but not me. I found it totally absurd because it was a disagreement on the interpretation of scientific data."

"We did not ban him because of a scientific disagreement," Peter Kleihues said. "What is not acceptable is that he questions our integrity, our striving for scientific truth. If scientific truth is no longer our guiding principle, we’d better close this whole place down."

What does this squabbling mean for the cellphone study and for those of us who use a cellphone? The critics are accusing IARC of not trying hard enough to keep industry money and influence away from the science.


Informant: Iris Atzmon

Circle of self-interest hides the truth

When I started reporting politics in the late 1980s, prime ministers and ministers lied as a last resort. Fifteen years later, government deceit is just another way to win a political debate or destroy a political opponent. How come?


From Information Clearing House

Doctrines And Visions

by Noam Chomsky

Who Is To Run The World, And How?: The phrase "new imperial grand strategy" is not mine. It has a much more interesting source: the leading establishment journal, Foreign Affairs, the journal of the Council on Foreign Relations. The invasion of Iraq was virtually announced in Sept 2002, along with the Bush Administration's National Security Strategy...


From Information Clearing House

Under the Banner of the 'War' on Terror

An important question remains for Americans to ponder: Why have most people submitted so willingly to a new political order organized around fear? Other nations have confronted terrorism of a more sustained nature without coming thoroughly unhinged...


From Information Clearing House

Anti-terror ploys

The bankruptcy of fear-mongering as policy : If there is any doubt that the Bush administration poses a greater threat to liberty as we know it than al-Qaida, Attorney General John Ashcroft dispels that doubt regularly...




From Information Clearing House

Senate committee still missing key documents in prisoner abuse case

Among the missing documents is a report to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld from Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller, the head of prison operations in Iraq, on rules for interrogating prisoners...


From Information Clearing House

Iraq jail abuses tied to Aussie

AN Australian military lawyer drafted a letter for the discredited head of prisons in Iraq that allowed guards to ignore the Geneva Convention...


From Information Clearing House

US 'not bound by torture laws'

The report contended that the president, as commander-in-chief, has the authority to approve almost any physical or psychological actions during interrogation, including torture, the newspaper reported...


From Information Clearing House

Dying in squalor, the children betrayed by broken promises

Baghdad doctors despair at hospital's filthy conditions and lack of drugs...


From Information Clearing House

Marine Vorboten des Klima-Umschwungs?

Der Eisbrecher "Polarstern" kehrte von einer siebenmonatigen Antarktis-Expedition zurück. Polar- und Meeresbiologen fanden Hinweise für Klima-Umschwung: Rings um die Antarktis steht das marine Ökosystem vor beträchtlichen Veränderungen...

Siehe weiter unter:


Giftige Kleider? Tödliche Vergiftungen mit Bayer-Pestiziden

Der TV-Bericht „Giftige Kleider?“ des Südwestrundfunks zeigt, dass in Südindien Tausende von Landarbeitern durch das Pestizid Monocrotophos von Bayer vergiftet werden – häufig mit tödlichen Folgen. Im Folgenden dokumentieren wir Teile des Beitrags, unter anderem ein Gespräch mit Annick Dollacker von Bayer CropScience. Hierin schiebt die Bayer-Sprecherin die Verantwortung für die Vergiftungen auf die (häufig analphabetischen) Landarbeiter.

Im Baumwollgürtel von Südindien gibt es für die Bauern keine Alternative, Baumwolle ist die einzige Feldfrucht, die auf dem Weltmarkt verkäuflich ist. Und wie bei jeder Monokultur muss die Pflanze intensiv vor Schädlingen geschützt werden. Wie das geht, haben ihnen die Agrarberater der großen Chemiefirmen beigebracht: Mit Pestiziden, die die Schädlinge sofort töten sollen.

Monocrotophos heißt eines der Mittel, billig und hochgiftig. Leider auch für den Menschen. Doch das haben den Bauern weder die Hersteller noch die Pestizid-Händler gesagt. Monocrotophos ist in Europa längst verboten, sogar international geächtet ist es inzwischen. Auf keinen Fall darf das Gift auf die reife Baumwolle gelangen, denn die weiße Watte saugt sich voll mit den gefährlichen Chemikalien. Aber die Baumwollbauern hier sprühen, egal ob die Kapsel schon offen ist. (...)

Die verwendeten Pestizide sind zum Teil Nervengifte, die früher als Chemiewaffen im Krieg eingesetzt wurden. Die Sprüher baden regelrecht in Pestiziden. Und nach einem langen Arbeitstag können sie sich wegen der Wasserknappheit nicht einmal richtig waschen. Sie riskieren ihr Leben. Die Giftopfer finden wir hier: Auf der Intensivstation der größten Klinik in Warangal in Südindien. Regelmäßig kommen Baumwollbauern mit akuten Vergiftungen ins Krankenhaus. Manchmal sind es so viele, dass die Ärzte nicht mehr wissen, wohin mit ihnen.

O-Ton, Arzt:
"Dieser Patient wurde heute eingeliefert. Ein, zwei oder drei Fälle bekommen wir jeden Tag hinein. Es sind Fälle von direkter Vergiftung.“

Frage: Und in der Hauptsaison?

O-Ton, Arzt:
In der Hauptsaison werden Patienten eingeliefert, die dem Gift ausgesetzt sind und es eingeatmet haben. Es sind keine Selbstmörder, es handelt sich um beruflich bedingte Vergiftungen. Ohne sich zu schützen, gehen sie aufs Feld und sprühen. Und danach waschen sie sich nicht. Über die Haut wird das Gift aufgenommen und sie vergiften sich. In der Hauptsaison haben wir Hunderte solcher Fälle. Zwischen 30 und 50 an einem Tag.

Für viele kommt jede Hilfe zu spät. Bestimmte Pestizid-Moleküle zerstören die Nervenzellen. Auch wenn sich das medizinische Personal sehr bemüht, sie können nur wenige Giftopfer retten.(...)

Den riesigen Pestizid-Markt in Indien teilen sich im Wesentlichen: Dupont, Novartis und Bayer, der Chemieriese aus Leverkusen. Die Marke Bayer steht bei den indischen Baumwollbauern für Qualität. Und dies, obwohl in Indien Pestizide verkauft werden, die in Europa verboten sind.

Wir wollen wissen, warum der Weltkonzern das macht. Es vergehen Wochen, bis wir die Zusage für ein Interview bekommen. In Monheim treffen wir dann gleich auf drei Pressebeauftragte. Wir bekommen vorformulierte Antworten auf unsere schriftlich eingereichten Fragen. Was sagt Bayer zu den vielen kranken Baumwollbauern in Indien, die als Analphabeten die giftigen Pestizide ausbringen.

O-Ton, Annik Dollacker:
"Es ist natürlich dann der Punkt, wo der Landwirt die Produkte letztendlich ausbringt und wo er sicherstellen muss und auch er die Verantwortung übernehmen muss, dass er die Produkte korrekt ausbringt, so wie es auch in der Gebrauchsinformation steht, und dass er eben auch versucht eben Unfälle zu vermeiden, wo es nur irgendwie geht."

Frage: Und wenn das nicht passiert?

O-Ton, Annik Dollacker:
"Tja, wie gesagt, irgendwo liegt die Verantwortung auch bei dem Anwender selbst."

Die Pressesprecher zeigen uns das sogenannte Tropicarium. Wir wollen aber nicht die exotischen Pflanzen bewundern, sondern wissen, warum Bayer in Indien bis heute ein Mittel verkauft, dass seit mehr als 10 Jahren in Deutschland nicht mehr zugelassen ist.

O-Ton, Annik Dollacker:
"Ganz klar Monocrotophos. Wir verkaufen dieses Jahr Restbestände aus, es wird durch ein modernes, besseres Pflanzenschutzmittel ersetzt und auch das ist genau das Beispiel oder ein Beispiel dafür, dass wir also unsere Produktpalette ständig erneuern, nach den neueren Erkenntnissen."

Frage: Jetzt ist aber doch eigentlich dieser Prozess, dass es abgesetzt werden sollte, schon sehr lange im Gange, warum dauert das so lange?

O-Ton, Annik Dollacker:
"Das dauert in unterschiedlichen Ländern unterschiedlich lange, einfach auch auf Grund der ökonomischen Bedingungen in den Ländern. Viele der älteren Produkte sind patentfrei und sehr kostengünstig für die Landwirte, die verlangen nach den Produkten."

Frage: Also, das heißt, Sie haben da keine Möglichkeit, das dann vom Markt zu nehmen oder wie kann man sich das dann vorstellen? Ihr Name steht ja drauf auf dem Produkt.

O-Ton, Annik Dollacker:
"Gut, ich hab ja gesagt, wir nehmen es vom Markt. Wenn Sie Bestände haben, dann müssen sie die verkaufen, einfach auch um die..."

Hier unterbricht ein anderer Pressesprecher das Interview. Schon seit 1996 verspricht Bayer, das Pestizid Monocrotophos vom Markt zu nehmen.

Wir sind wieder in Südindien, in der Textilmetropole Tirupur.

Nicht nur beim Anbau, sondern auch bei der Weiterverarbeitung leiden die Menschen unter den Giften. Die Arbeiterinnen berichten uns von Schwindel, Übelkeit und Ohnmachtsanfällen. Denn die Baumwolle ist vollgesogen mit den Rückständen der Pestizide. In der Halle stinkt es. Der Chemikaliendunst lähmt die Zunge. Die Frauen haben ständig das Gefühl zu verdursten. Und der Chemieeinsatz bei der Baumwolle geht weiter.

In Deutschland verbotene Chlorbleichmittel werden hier in Indien standardmäßig eingesetzt, damit die Baumwolle weiß wird. Bei den späteren Färbeprozessen gelangen auch wieder Chemikalien auf die Baumwolle, die bei uns längst verboten sind. Das sind zum einen Mittel, von denen man in Europa weiß, dass sie Allergien auslösen können. Zum anderen sind es die AZO Farben, die nach wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen Krebs erzeugen. AZO ist in deutschen Textilien eigentlich nicht erlaubt.

Die meisten indischen Produzenten glauben an so etwas nicht.

Hier heißt es: Möglichst billig herstellen, um konkurrenzfähig zu sein. Und die Einkäufer aus Deutschland können die eingesetzte Chemiebrühe oft gar nicht identifizieren.

Dazu kommt die Umweltzerstörung im indischen Tirupur.Keine Kläranlage der Welt könnte diesen Giftcocktail wirklich bewältigen. Mit den eingeschränkten Möglichkeiten hier: ausgeschlossen.

Diese Anlage wurde mit deutscher Entwicklungshilfe gebaut. Doch selbst das geklärte Wasser enthält noch drei Gramm Chlor pro Liter, die neue Baumwolle wird damit gewaschen. Nicht einmal die Entsorgung des Klärschlamms ist geregelt. Die Frauen bringen den Giftmüll nur von der einen zur anderen Stelle. Hier können die Chemikalien wieder ungehindert ins Grundwasser sickern. Tirupur, ein wichtiges Zentrum der internationalen Textilproduktion, eine stinkende Kloake.(...)

Betrifft: "Giftige Kleider?"

Autorinnen: Inge Altemeier, Beate Greindl, Redaktion: Oliver Merz

SWR, 26. April 2004 http://www.swr.de/betrifft

Das Skript des kompletten Beitrags senden wir gerne zu.

Coordination gegen BAYER-Gefahren
Tel: 0211-333 911
Fax 040 – 3603 741835

Dr. Sigrid Müller, Pharmakologin, Bremen
Dr. Erika Abczynski, Kinderärztin, Dormagen
Eva Bulling-Schröter, ehem. MdB, Berlin
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Rochlitz, Chemiker, ehem. MdB, Burgwald
Dr. Janis Schmelzer, Historiker, Berlin
Wolfram Esche, Rechtsanwalt, Köln

Dorothee Sölle,Theologin, Hamburg (U 2003)
Prof. Dr. Anton Schneider, Baubiologe, Neubeuern
Prof. Jürgen Junginger, Designer, Krefeld

Beating Specialist Baker


Grüne - Wahlinformation per SMS aufs Handy

Betr.: Ihre Aufforderung an Abonnenten - siehe Abschrift nach meinem Schreiben

An die verantwortlichen Politiker der Grünen/Bündnis 90

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

bei vielen Ihrer Aktionen machten Sie glaubhaft, dass gerade Sie sich für eine lebenswerte Umwelt einsetzen und mit Weitblick die Probleme unserer Zeit in Angriff nehmen - so dachte ich zumindest; als Sie erst kürzlich im Bayerischen Landtag eine Anhörung zum Thema Mobilfunk veranstalteten, welche ermöglichte, dass wir uns über die neuesten wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnisse in Bezug auf die gesundheitlichen Auswirkungen unterrichten (DNA-Brüche!!!)

Nun aber fordern Sie selbst dazu auf, diese umstrittene Technik vermehrt zu nutzen - ein Kommunikationssystem über dessen Risiken Sie selbst - noch dazu aus erster Hand - bestens informiert sind!

Eine vermehrte Nutzung des Handys führt zwangsläufig auch zu einer erhöhten Strahlungsbelastung - nicht nur für uns Anwohner an Sendeanlagen.

Man kann nicht für die Minimierung der HF-Belastung eintreten und gleichzeitig zur Handy-Nutzung aufrufen!

Für welches Ziel treten Sie denn nun ein?

Für den uneingeschränkten Gebrauch dieser riskanten Technik (und damit auch für eine sehr hohe HF-Belastung der Bevölkerung, Aufheizen der Atmosphäre...........)


Für die Gesundheit von Mensch, Tier und Umwelt?

Bitte teilen Sie mir dies vor den Wahlen noch mit.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen!
Manuela Knapp

Ihre Mitteilung:

Liebe Abonnentinnen und Abonnenten,

welche grünen Promi gibt es wann im Fernsehen zu sehen? Wann laufen das nächste Mal die grünen Wahlwerbespots im Fernsehen und Radio? Was gibt’s neues von den grünen Kandidatinnen? Kurz um: Immer aktuell informiert sein, was bei den Grünen so läuft!

Das alles geht ab sofort auch mobil aufs Handy per SMS. Einfach anmelden unter:


DU ENTSCHEIDEST! - Am 13. Juni Deine Stimme für Grün!
Das grüne Wahlkampfteam

US Citizens Revolting Against Paperless Voting


Informant: bdpoe

NO to the Death Penalty


Replikationsstudie des TNO-Reports


Can you study the health alteration with permanent microwave radiation on yourself?

I have suggested to the European Commission to emit microwaves radiation with the density of power 450 microW/cm2 into the Meeting Rooms.

But, we can see is more practical to emit “Killing fields” on children and pregnant woman to study during the next 6-10-.... years any possible health alteration.

Your faithfully

Miguel Muntané

Replikationsstudie des TNO-Reports

Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. Dürrenberger,

in unserer unmitelbaren Nachbarschaft wurde ca. vor 6 Monaten eine UMTS-Anlage in Betrieb genommen.

Da wir unser Dachgeschoss mit 2 Kinderzimmern und Bad (und der Möglichkeit des Einbaus einer Küche) nicht mehr selbst nutzen können (6000-10000 µW/m², UMTS 0,64 V/m und GSM 1,4 V/m) möchten wir dem Forschungsprogramm sozusagen eine "Testwohnung" für freiwillige Personen zur Verfügung stellen.

Da bereits einige Menschen die sich nur kurz dort aufhielten über Unwohlsein usw. berichteten (z.B. auch 2 Kameraleute) und wir uns nicht für besonders sensibel halten, sind hier signifikante Ergebnisse zu erwarten.

Interessant wäre der Aufenthalt für mehrere Tage in diesem UMTS und GSM-Signal mit entsprechender Blutuntersuchung vorher und nachher, vielleicht auch noch Blutdruckmessung und EEG.

Wir haben selbst schon bei viel geringeren Werten Probleme (besonders Schlafprobleme, Kopfschmerzen...) bekommen.

Könnten Sie uns einen Ansprechpartner nennen ?

Über einen Rückruf wäre ich sehr dankbar.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Christine Kind, Alfred-Thiele-Str. 40, 01159 Dresden
Tel/Fax.: 0049/351/4121793

PS.: Über unser Problem wurde bereits mehrfach berichtet:

MDR, Sachsenspiegel vom 27.03.04:

RTL, Guten Abend RTL vom 12.05.04 18.19 Uhr:
(Ausstrahlung erfolgte am 13.05.04 12 Uhr bundesweit in gekürzter Form)

MDR, dabei ab zwei vom 21.05.04 14.16Uhr:

Forschungsstiftung Mobilkommunikation
Dr. Gregor Dürrenberger

Die Forschungsstiftung Mobilkommunikation ist eine gemeinnützige Stiftung mit Sitz an der ETH Zürich. Ihre Ziele sind die Förderung von innovativen Forschungsprojekten auf dem Mobilfunksektor im weitesten Sinn, sowie die Aufarbeitung und Verbreitung von entsprechenden Forschungsresultaten in Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft.

Tel.: +41 (0)1 632 28 15
Fax: +41 (0)1 632 11 98
c/o ETH Zentrum
Gloriastrasse 35
CH-8092 Zürich


Proposed Rule Fails to Protect Migratory Birds from Military Actions

June 07, 2004

Last week the Bush administration proposed a rule that would free the Department of Defense (DoD) from federal environmental regulations that protect migratory birds, and allow the military to make its own determination of whether its actions were causing harm to wildlife.

"It's the fox guarding the henhouse," Peter Galvin, conservation director for the Center for Biological Diversity, told BushGreenwatch. "When are they ever going to find on their own that their activities are causing a problem?"

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service rule, published in the June 2 Federal Register, allows for the "incidental taking" of migratory birds by the DoD during military readiness training. While it also requires DoD to develop "appropriate conservation measures" if proposed military activities would "have a significant adverse effect on a population of migratory bird species of concern," it allows DoD to determine whether any such adverse effects are occurring. [1]

The DoD has asserted that adhering to environmental protection laws compromises military training and readiness. However, a General Accounting Office report in 2002 found that the Pentagon could not substantiate this claim.

The bigger question, said Galvin, is why the DoD is allowed to operate under different rules in the first place. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA), enacted in 1918, covers the United States' commitment to four international treaties -- with Canada, Mexico, Japan and Russia -- to protect numerous migratory birds and their habitats. But in 2002, Congress granted the DoD a temporary, one-year exemption from the MBTA under the premise that environmental regulations interfered with the military’s ability to ready itself for battle.

During that year, the administration was to come up with a plan to minimize the killing of migratory birds during military training exercises. The newly published rule was due out six months ago -- last December.

"Should DoD be exempt at all?" asked Galvin. "We think the answer is no. This rule is merely a euphemism for gutting environmental protections."

Until the new rule takes effect, the DoD will continue to benefit from its previous, blanket exemption.

The military’s push for an exemption stems from a case in which the U.S. military conducted bombing practice on an island in the Pacific that is a key nesting site for migratory birds, including frigatebirds, red-footed boobies and Pacific golden plovers. The public interest law firm Earthjustice successfully argued in federal court that the bombing exercises violated the MBTA.

The case further raised the ire of conservationists when the Pentagon argued in a legal brief that conservationists actually benefit from the military’s killing of birds because it helps make some species more rare -- and "bird watchers get more enjoyment spotting a rare bird than they do spotting a common one." [2]

President Bush has since nominated the attorney who made that argument, William Haynes II, to a seat on a federal appellate court.

To comment on the proposed rule, contact: DODMBTARULE@fws.gov. Comments are due by July 30, 2004.

[1] U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service press release, May 28, 2004.
[2] Center for Biological Diversity v Pirie, 191 F. Supp. 2d 161 (D.D.C., 2002).

Source: http://www.bushgreenwatch.org/mt_archives/000132.php

Greenpeace testet Mais auf Gentechnik


Gegen Geheimniskrämerei

Um Hinweise auf die geheimgehaltenen Gen-Mais-Felder zu erhalten, wird Greenpeace Maisproben aus ganz Deutschland ab Montag für vier Wochen auf Gentechnik untersuchen. Die ersten öffentlichen und kostenlosen Schnelltests führt Greenpeace am Montag in Magdeburg durch. Als Probe genügt ein Maisblatt. Landwirte und Imker, die eine Verunreinigung von Ernte oder Honig durch benachbarte Gen-Mais-Felder befürchten, können so, kennen sie die genauen Standorte der Gen-Pflanzen, sich gegen Pollenflug und ungewollte Vermischung von Ernten wehren. Zwar hat der Projektträger Innoplanta eine Hotline für Landwirte eingerichtet, diese informiere aber willkürlich und unzureichend. Sie sei kein Ersatz für eine behördliche Auskunft, so Henning Strodthoff, Gentechnikexperte von Greenpeace. Greenpeace wendet sich mit dieser Aktion gegen die fortgesetzte Geheimhaltung der Anbauflächen mit Gen-Mais.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:


Brain tumours: the silent killer

Childhood brain cancer and EMFs

A surprising story on tonight's "A Current Affair" had a prominent (and brave) Australian neurosurgeon actually admitting on national TV that an alarming increase in children's brain cancers may be connected with mobile phone use (and exposure to other sources of EMF). Lets hope he does not become a target for the Telcos as others have, such as Stan Barnett and Peter French. With Motorola effectively controlling cell phone research in Australia it will be interesting to watch their unholy spin as a result of the following.

With the current population of Australia running at about 85% cell phone ownership watch those brain tumour rates increase in direct proportion to cell phone profits!

Don Maisch


Brain tumours: the silent killer
7 June 2004
Reporter: Ray Martin

Dr Charlie Teo - a pre-eminent neurosurgeon is at the cutting edge - literally - of a 21 per cent increase in children's brain tumours. He's curious about the effect mobile phones and Electro Magnetic Radiation [EMR] may be having on these statistics, and has issued a warning to parents to be aware...

So cautious is Dr Teo, the subject of his 12-year-old daughter having a mobile phone in their family, he confesses, is a sore point. "The argument for her having a mobile phone was there are some benefits of it and that is in emergency situations, but she has promised me - she is a very sensible girl - she will use a loudspeaker facility all the time," he says.

Dr Teo has every right to be nervous; it is his personal belief that there may be an association between EMR and the development of brain cancer. And while he is not seeking to be alarmist, he does want people to be more aware, especially with children.

It's a belief backed up by Senator Lyn Allison, who spent a year listening to the scientists to find out what the risks are. She discovered there is very good reason to worry. "We're all a bit awash now in radio frequency and radio waves generally and we are not altogether sure what effect that has on us,' she says. Senator Allison says that the fact that brain tumour is now the number one life-threatening disease for children - above leukaemia - is consistent with studies in Europe and the UK.

"[These studies show] there has been a 40 per cent across-the-board increase in the number of brain tumours in the past 20 years," she explains, "now that 20 years has coincided with the use of mobile phone and many other radio frequencies..." And the thickness of a person's skull, according to scientific studies read by Senator Allison, can also distinguish levels of vulnerability. "Scientists say that the thickness of the skull in children makes a difference, it is quite thin compared with adults and there is more brain fluid - which means that the radiofrequencies can travel through the brain more easily," she says.

Dr Teo offers more specific evidence of patients whose tumours correspond with their use of mobile phones."When patients come in with a brain cancer, I often say to them, "your cancer was on the right side of the brain, it is in the area just above your ear, can you tell me if you feel that you have had more exposure than most people to mobile phones," and I am surprised that most people say, "yes I have used my phone continuously for the last seven years and it is always stuck to my ear on this side..." well that is where the cancer is.

Canberra parents Geoff and Denise O'Connell have had their own personal experience of these statistics. They lost their seven-year-old daughter Kessia to a brain tumour. Their own research has made them aware of the risks associated with exposure to EMR. "I wouldn't move in next to a telecom tower or mobile phone tower and certainly if there were heavy duty electrical wires I would be very uncomfortable," says Geoff.


KessiaCare Foundation Ltd.: http://www.kessiacare.org.au/

Brain Tumour Australia: http://www.ozbraintumour.org/BTA/btamain.htm

Cure For Like Foundation: http://www.cureforlife.org.au/cflf/



Brain tumours: the silent killer


The Four Freedoms

The Freedom Crusade (Part Two)

by Kim Petersen

With WWII raging, President Franklin D. Roosevelt addressed the Congress with his “Four Freedoms” speech. It is difficult for most people to be opposed to freedom and if you are a politician then the fight for freedom is something that should bring near unanimous support. In the intervening years freedom has continued to be a leitmotif of the US. President George W. Bush has carried on the tradition in his endorsement of the crusade for freedom. In April Bush spoke to Americans, "So long as I’m the President, I will press for freedom. I believe so strongly in the power of freedom. … I also have this belief, strong belief, that freedom is not this country’s gift to the world; freedom is the Almighty’s gift to every man and woman in this world. And as the greatest power on the face of the Earth, we have an obligation to help the spread of freedom." Bush realizes what Peter Parker tragically came to realize: with great power comes great responsibility. While Parker, as his alter ego Spiderman, wields his power responsibly by protecting the weak from evil, Bush excoriates the comic-book titled Axis-of-Evil but wields his power as Commander-in-Chief to wreak havoc upon weaker nations. It is then interesting to analyze to what extent Bush has wielded responsibility in the cause of freedom....


Iraq: The Case for Immediate US Withdrawal

by Joanne Landy

It's hard to see how the Bush administration is going to win the war in Iraq. Despite all the official bravado, a cloud of doom is descending on the White House, and with good reason: international outrage is mounting at U.S. behavior at Abu Ghraib prison and throughout Iraq, more and more Americans are concluding that the war is going badly, and Iraq is proving uncontrollable with reports, in May, that only 35 percent of Iraqis want U.S. forces to stay....Will Congress continue to serve as a handmaiden to the war effort, and will the American people permit this war to continue?


Bild- und Tonmaterial, Online-Mediaclips zum Thema Mobilfunk u. Elektrosmog

MDR, Sachsenspiegel vom 27.03.04:

RTL, Guten Abend RTL vom 12.05.04 18.19 Uhr:
http://home.arcor.de/reinhardkind/RTL 12.05.04.wmv

MDR, dabei ab zwei vom 21.05.04 14.16Uhr:


Modellfall Urlkogel

Wie kann man sich beteiligen?


Weitere Informationen zur Bürgerbewegung Urlkogel und zusätzliches Bild- und Tonmaterial finden Sie hier:

weitere Online-Mediaclips unter:

Bei Anruf Smog?
(Glaubens-)Krieg ums Handy (45 Min.)

quer: Naila und Mobilfunk

TIA (Total Information Awareness) IS STILL ALIVE AND WELL


Informant: Harry Mobley



Informant: littlebrit1961

World Meetings, World Navies Gather


Some think it's genuine, good reading here. A ham radio operator overheard some military communicating about an incoming object coming about 20 June.

Re: "SNOWBALL intercept" audio file FOUND!!!

June 20th 1000UTC

401 full hours left

From Bill Ross

Many ships of war sent to both the Pacific and Atlantic.Many world leaders meet in many places all in one month. So what is going on we do not know? An asteroid coming? World War with who? Or....world-wide martial law? Or the terrorists may have an H-Bomb in somebody's harbor and nobody knows which one. So all of the power elite are scrambling to meetings near their secret dooms day bunkers we peons paid for with our tax dollars. It's anybody's guess???

Please forward this data to all lists.

Awfully big deployments.....


Probable reasons for such big movements:
1. Pres. Bush at Normany June 6 meeting with Fr. Pres.
2. Two big world meetings; Brussels and Istanbul in June.


A third big world meeting this week end.....The Bilderberg group, an elite coterie of Western thinkers and power-brokers. The 50th anniversary conference of the elite Bilderberg group “ which many believe conspires semi-annually to foster global government“ is under way in Stresa, Italy

Also this:
Chinese army preparing large-scale military exercises aimed at Taiwan

Weapons found in shipment


Its not a rotation because the carriers that were deployed...many many of them are going to the Western Pacific..(Thailand, Singapore, Korea), NOT the Middle East.

They also went with many ships from the UK, Spain, Australia and other countries to "Train" there. They took with them 8 Carriers, many Amphibious ships, 8 Anti Submarine helicopters and almost 10000 troops between the countries participating.

Something is up.

Urgent Weekend Report:

Is "Snowball" a Coincidence?

Executive Summary:

A supposed intercept of a U.S. military SSB radio transmission on 26 January of this year referred to a mysterious "countdown" to an unnamed event which (by the countdown) will occur around June 19 or 20 of this year. In the past few weeks, however, naval units worldwide have been putting to sea in unusual numbers, sufficient to cause us to revisit the original message to assess movements and adopt a watch mode going forward into the June 19-20 date area.


I was not planning on doing a special weekend report but four things happened that prompt me to share some speculation with you. The four items?

Historical: I happened to think about the piece on "Snowball Net" which, if you might recall, was a supposed intercepted radio communication between U.S. military units that I posted on this site in March. Click here for the original link and scroll down to "For the Truly Paranoid..."
http://www.urbansurvival.com/nl03262004.htm Here's what it said:

"Want to be paranoid about something akin to Planet X showing up before November? Here's a snip which I received by email yesterday - a bit aged, but interesting nevertheless:

A member of our ham radio club intercepted this transmission and shared it with a few of us. He made a digital recording of it. The transmissions took place on 1-26-04 staring at 0:5:00 UTC. The frequency was 11.176 mhz, USB.

The conversation is between SNOWBALL NET and another station. We assume SNOWBALL is the network operator.

Here is a transcript:

SNOWBALL NET: Snowball Net comms check. All stations, clock sync, (pause) impact at minus 146 days, 5 hours UTC. Standby for ACC link (could have been ACD).

Burst of digital data

Burrow: SNOWBALL This is BURROW (could be Burro as in donkey). You are not secure repeat not secure go green go green

Bursts of white noise follow for approximately 3 minutes.

Copies of this have been posted on several ham boards and have been sent to Popular Communications Magazine.

OK, so that by itself is curious, although the author may have been hoaxing (or breaking provisions of the Communications Act of 1933 rules about unauthorized disclosure of third-party traffic, but we'll assuming hoaxing, right? But now add a second data point to this, the odd story of British military cavers being trapped in Mexico reported at

Note: This link was valid at the time posted, but has been purged from Lycos! [It now shows the CIA logo]

This British military in Mexico caves story has us wondering what the military guys are doing in caves? And who packs in that much provisions that 5-days under is no big deal? And what are those "military notebooks" they are shredding? Say what?

If one was truly paranoid, they would look at the combination of the two events and synthesize that "Hey, something is causing governments all over the world to act like they know something very bad is about to happen to the whole planet and they are looking for caves (or building underground bases) to be ready to survive whatever it is that is coming (in June).

Easy enough to write off as a wild "mind game" until we recall how close the rock Toutatis will be in September (remember that Earth is within the margin of error on Toutatis orbital projections) and then there's this one:


Unknown, of course, is whether there is something else "out there" which has been captured by a government "blink lab" - we'd probably never hear about it if there was.

You don't know what a blink lab is? That's where NASA and other organizations take a picture of space, then take another picture of the same point in space a bit later. Whatever has moved (like a rogue planet or asteroid) can be readily seen by "blinking" between the two pictures...

No, we're not that paranoid about it, but we have been monitoring the Air Force 11.175 MHz USB frequency and wonder who the Burrow is...and no, it's not Barrow (as in Alaska)."

Major Web Traffic Anomaly: The note from my colleague Cliff at
http://www.halfpasthuman.com says it all:

"Link quote, "JUST WHY IS IT THAT Nearly our Entire Naval Fleet, have unprecedented orders to leave for the Oceans?

AND, they aren't alone. At least parts of Iran, Australia, China, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam are going too. Makes me want to find out where the British Navy is holing up these days. And what of the Russians? hmmm.... Does anyone ever stay home and protect their own borders anymore? Isn't that what they are supposed to be doing? Something is very, very fishy here!"

It turns out the Brits are putting to sea, too. More on that in a few moments....

Contemporary Events: The pattern of navies putting to sea actually became evident in earlier this week when I casually mentioned that a naval force of most ships and more than 6,000 sailors was putting to sea from San Diego. I remember thinking at the time of coverage (last Monday, May 24,2004) "My how strange, to put 6,000 people to sea for what was reported as "training maneuvers" or action in the Gulf War, given how expensive fuel is and how much such things cost...not to mention how thin reserves are stretched."

Personal: It was decided on Friday that because the business acquisition I am working on is at a 3-4 week hold while final details are ironed out, I've been given the "green light" to head back for Texas till sometime between July 1 and August 1. At that time I will presumably come back to L.A. and work on a permanent rather than week to week consulting basis. Why is this significant? Because usually, when the Universe wants to take care of me in some way I'm not bright enough to figure out for myself, odd doors open up...and this door gives Elaine & I a chance to finish off numerous projects at the ranch in the East Texas hills.

What Pieces Would Fit?

If it happened - out of some bizarre circumstance that there was indeed something "real" about the supposed radio interception - then what would we look for prior to an event such as an impact from something falling out of space? Here's my list, which you can compare with your own ideas about how you would prepare for such an event:

I'd move as many ships out of port, with as many of America's finest on them, as I could. It's a know fact that a tsunami at sea is much easier to deal with than a tsunami that is running up against a relatively shallow area, which might include the outer continental shelf if the impact were large enough, or it might be big enough to literally empty the big bays of either coast (Puget Sound, San Francisco, San Diego) before running back in with a killer wave hundreds of feet high which would ruin urban areas. From the NOAA web site, here is a short introduction to the field:

Source: http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/seg/hazard/tsuintro.shtml

Database: http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/seg/hazard/tsrnsrch_idb.shtml

(San Diego) Now, this is where naval things get interesting. Let's go through a list of which countries are putting navies to sea for the month of June and remember that this might all be normal, but in times of tight budgets and high fuel prices, it seems a bit odd that so many countries are putting to sea for the next month. Take the U.S. naval group's departure from San Diego. What's the official story of the 6,000+ sailors leaving Monday?

"Both the National Training Center and Fort Polk's Joint Readiness Training Center will remain open, the officials said, with National Guard soldiers expected to fill in for the units going to Iraq.

The Navy said Tuesday that it is sending a second aircraft carrier, the USS John C. Stennis, into the western Pacific, apparently to compensate in part for the planned deployment to Iraq this summer of an Army combat brigade based in South Korea.

The Stennis, which left its San Diego home port Monday, will participate in an exercise off Alaska in June and then join the USS Kitty Hawk, which is permanently based in Japan, in the western Pacific."

(Norfolk) a local television station in Norfolk reports that a total of seven carrier strike groups are putting to sea in June - which if I'm not mistaken is an unprecedented move: "While the Navy won't say where the seven carrier groups are going, the carriers not already deployed are expected to be gone for only one to two months." Story (RealPlayer needed) at

(England) The British are also putting an unusual number of ships to sea during June. http://www.navynews.co.uk/articles/.../0004052601.asp

Channel 13 in Hampton Roads, VA reports in part that:

"Called "Exercise Blinding Storm" by the United States and "Exercise Rapid Alliance" by the U.K., the training will involve about 30,000 troops from seven nations in exercises off and on the coast of North Carolina.

Dutch marines and French soldiers will take part, as well as a Peruvian submarine and contingents from Germany and Canada. The flotilla is expected to set sail Tuesday, with the two-week amphibious exercise scheduled to begin June 10.

The British landing platform dock ship Albion has already arrived. It carried four Challenger II battle tanks the British equivalent of the U.S. M1-A1 Abrams tank. The tanks will be sent ashore aboard the ship's new landing craft during the exercise.

The biggest British ship the aircraft carrier Invincible also has docked with a crew of 1,050. "

We find the names of the exercises interesting. Blinding Storm might be construed to mean that people can't see something that's right in front of them (we wonder if there is a chemtrails angle to all this?) and Aurora has something to do with electricity in the atmosphere at high latitudes... but that's only wild speculation. What's not wild speculation is that the news coming off the U.S. Carrier Ronald Reagan is constrained: The ship's web site is down for reworking: http://www.reagan.navy.mil/ which is not what I'd expect during a normal exercise....

Moving Leaders to Ships

I'm sure you remember George Bush's landing last year on an aircraft carrier off California. That was a publicity stunt, to be sure, but might there have been a different agenda? Perhaps. Let's suppose, for just a moment that so mething big really were going to happen and that world leaders would want a rapidly mobile platform to escape to - off land - just in case things got really bad following an impact event. Wouldn't a nuclear powered aircraft carrier be just the ticket?

If it was only GB-43, it might have been passed off as just a coincidence. But then we spied a BBC piece about how the Queen of England, was flown out to the British Carrier Invincible in late April of this year. In particular, the quote that jumped out of the BBC story at:
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/3662917.stm that grabbed our attention was this:

"Captain Soar, who is leaving the ship on Friday after being promoted to Rear Admiral at the Ministry of Defence, said: "I can't recall the last time she's visited a ship at sea. I think it will surprise her to see us as a working ship and the best opportunity to do that is at sea. We are running a headquarters afloat really. "

Oh really? If the Queen was born in 1926, that would make her about 78 years old, an odd age to start wanting to go visiting ships at sea, or so it would seem to us. Moreover, the timing is interesting: It was in May of 2003 that George Bush did his oft parodied landing on the USS Lincoln.
http://www.cnn.com/2003/ALLPOLITICS...arrier.landing/ What this would suggest is that if there really is anything to the June 20th date, it is probably something the American scientists of NASA found first, based simply on the observation that GB was the first world leader to go maritime mobile recently. Makes me wonder what George and Tony really talked about at the ranch...

Participants List:

Countries which are planning significant naval operations for the period of interest include The U.S., England, Canada, Holland, Germany, Peru, Norway, Italy, Denmark, France and Australia.

Russian and other Moves:

We note that while the West is putting to sea in large numbers, the Russians are holding huge exercises which could be a cover for who-knows-what:
http://russiajournal.com/news/cnews.shtml?nd=43807 We have heard, but don't have links to share that India, China, and a host of Pacific Rim countries are also planning naval exercises.

Forward Surveillance

While something as literally earth-shaking as a space rock impact around June 20 is a statistically small chance event...

Informant: True

HAARP Magnetometer Showing LARGE Anomaly

Check out the current Haarp power level frequencys. These are keys to steering weather patterns along with chemtrails. They also can cause Tornados and extreme weather. A weather war has been going on for some time and at least since late 1996 Chemtrails.

The worst is when the increase power levels to peak off the charts. This is usually when you start to feel angry for no reason. Lots of people want to fight when freq is 6hz or below. The extreme frequency and power effects everyone where the radiated power beams fall.

Check out elf on google search and effects on your mood. Had a fight with your girl, friends in a angry mood Boss bitchin at you. You say you did nothing but everyone is miserable and in a tense or bad jumpy mood. Blame your friendly Haarp operater.

This and Chemtrails are the worst things going right now on his planet and when you tell anybody they just laugh.

They can ruin a marriage, your life the economy and worst these people have no remorse. I guess they enjoy it. Pretty evil.

The thing could be tuned to ELF freq that cause pleasure but not for us typically.


Informant: True

Sugarcoating Iraq war won't vindicate Bush

The war in Iraq is so drastically different from World War II that the parallels Bush has dredged up underline both his ignorance of history and a poorly disguised intent to confuse the public, it continued...


From Information Clearing House

Jobs, Jobs Everywhere and Not a Job to Find

We’re not told that we have lost over three-million industrial jobs since George Bush took office, nor are we told that since our “recovery” we have lost over a million manufacturing jobs or three-million private sector jobs...


From Information Clearing House

Pentagon accused of ignoring CIA evidence of Chalabi's link to Iran

Ahmad Chalabi, the leader of the Iraqi National Congress, came under further pressure from Washington yesterday when it was reported the US intercepted an Iranian intelligence cable nine years ago which discussed a meeting with him in northern Iraq...


From Information Clearing House

Cheney faces grilling over leak as Bush election hopes slump

Scandal of naming undercover CIA agent engulfs Vice-President and puts pressure on White House...


From Information Clearing House

British waiter told FBI of 9/11-style plot

United States and British security agents failed to act on a tip-off they received more than a year before the September 2001 atrocities that al-Qa'ida terrorists planned a large-scale attack in the US, the FBI confirmed yesterday...


From Information Clearing House

Mikrochip für Haustiere bald Pflicht

Anbei ein Ausschnitt aus dem heutigen Artikel in der TZ.

Überschrift: Neuer Tierpass: Was Sie wissen müssen

...........Die Identifizierungspflicht wird verschärft. Übergangsweise genügt noch bis 2011 die bisherige Tätowierung des Tieres. Danach muss den Tieren ein Mikrochip eingepflanzt werden. "Wer heute einen Welpen übernimmt, sollte ihm gleich einen Chip einpflanzen lassen", empfiehlt Astrid Behr vom Bundesverband praktizierender Tierärzte..............

.......und wenn ich nun nicht möchte, dass man mich durch unseren Hund bestrahlt und verfolgt?

Viele Grüße!

Manu Knapp

Meet the new boss, same as the old



by Derek Seidman

If we were to assume that Bush really means what he says, we'd have to come to the conclusion that he either pays absolutely no attention to events in Iraq, or that he's living on a separate planet from the rest of us. After all, being told that the problem is 'Saddam's elite guards' and 'foreign fighters and terrorists' is at odds with virtually every headline concerning the Iraqi resistance for the past several weeks, which almost unanimously deal with the indigenous Shiite (read: anti-Baathist) rebellion of followers of Moqtada al-Sadr. Beyond that, much of the investigative reporting shows the fierce Sunni resistance that exists in places like Fallujah to be primarily native and from the grassroots, having little to do with nostalgia for Saddam and much to do with anger at the occupation.


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Occupation of Iraq damaging US military


Power & Interest News Report

by Erich Marquardt

"Washington's recent decision to withdraw an army brigade of approximately 3,600 soldiers from South Korea in order to redeploy it in Iraq emphasizes the strain on the U.S. military caused by the Bush administration's March 2003 decision to invade and occupy Iraq. The decision to redeploy the brigade, part of the U.S. Army's 2nd Infantry Division, will make little tactical difference to Washington's ability to defend South Korea from a North Korean attack; nevertheless, the decision has symbolic importance since it demonstrates Washington's continued difficulty in stabilizing Iraq in addition to highlighting the strain that the occupation is causing to U.S. soldiers."


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The same old failed policies in Iraq



by Ron Paul

"We never seem to learn, and the Muslim Middle East never forgets. Our support for the Shah of Iran and Saddam Husseins war against Iran has never endeared us to the Iranians. Were supposed to be surprised to discover that our close confidant Ahmed Chalabi turns out to be a cozy pragmatic friend of Iran. The CIA may have questioned the authenticity of Iranian intelligence passed on to the U.S. by Chalabi, yet still this intelligence was used eagerly to promote the pro-war propaganda that so many in Congress and the nation bought into."


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp



Informant: NHNE



Informant: NHNE

A Cloak of Security – or a Shield Against Debate?


Informant: kevcross5


China plans to toughen its wildlife protection laws to preserve wild animal species and improve their care, State Forestry Administration officials say. Investigative work and the drafting of new legal rules are being completed for...

Read the article:

Informant: News-headlines greenpeace

Britain fights for giant squid

by Charles Clover

BRITAIN is expecting a fight with other EU fishing nations on Monday as it calls for a United Nations ban on deep-sea trawling to preserve creatures such as the giant squid. Trawling on deep-sea mountains and cold coral...

Read the article:

Informant: News-headlines greenpeace

End old-growth logging in Tasmania

Celebrities take stand Old-growthlogging under fire


A BEST-SELLING novelist and award-winning actors and musicians have joined the call for an end to old-growth logging in Tasmania. To coincide with World Environment Day, the eight high-profile Australians have...


Informant: News-headlines greenpeace

UN: Aggressive Fishing Threatens Oceans


The Illuminati - Chemtrail Connection

by Bruce Conway


Informant: IZA & PETER

The Illuminati - Chemtrail Connection

by Bruce Conway


Informant: IZA & PETER


1. Navy ships around the World around are strangely leaving their ports in unprecedented numbers possibly to avoid killer tidal waves.

2. Feverish activity on all US Military bases (especially closed ones possibly getting ready for refugees).

3. U.S. Federal Reserve Bank totally bizarre in its actions.

4. Huge amounts of rumors and government disinformation on the Internet.

Grandfather Red Elk of the Inner Heyoka Society returns this week to speak about physical and spiritual preparations people should be making for the end times.

Grandfather Red Elk gives the same talk he gives to his students around his council fires concerning his identity...and speaks about current "wars and rumors of wars" and "rumors and wars of rumors".

LISTEN ANYTIME NOW AT http://www.prophecykeepers.com

Prophecykeepers Radio is a non-profit cooperative effort of the White Roots of Peace Council, with the blessing of elders of the Nighthawk Keetoowah (Cherokee) Society at


Informant: AmaNoGawa

If MSG isn't harmful, why is it hidden?


Informant: Sandy


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https://omega.twoday.net/st ories/3035537/ -------- HLV...
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Schwere Menschenrechtsverletzungen ...
Bitte schenken Sie uns Beachtung: Interessengemeinschaft...
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Effects of cellular phone...
http://www.buergerwelle.de /pdf/effects_of_cellular_p hone_emissions_on_sperm_mo tility_in_rats.htm [...
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