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Some think it's genuine, good reading here. A ham radio operator overheard some military communicating about an incoming object coming about 20 June.

Re: "SNOWBALL intercept" audio file FOUND!!!

June 20th 1000UTC

401 full hours left

From Bill Ross

Many ships of war sent to both the Pacific and Atlantic.Many world leaders meet in many places all in one month. So what is going on we do not know? An asteroid coming? World War with who? Or....world-wide martial law? Or the terrorists may have an H-Bomb in somebody's harbor and nobody knows which one. So all of the power elite are scrambling to meetings near their secret dooms day bunkers we peons paid for with our tax dollars. It's anybody's guess???

Please forward this data to all lists.

Awfully big deployments.....


Probable reasons for such big movements:
1. Pres. Bush at Normany June 6 meeting with Fr. Pres.
2. Two big world meetings; Brussels and Istanbul in June.


A third big world meeting this week end.....The Bilderberg group, an elite coterie of Western thinkers and power-brokers. The 50th anniversary conference of the elite Bilderberg group “ which many believe conspires semi-annually to foster global government“ is under way in Stresa, Italy

Also this:
Chinese army preparing large-scale military exercises aimed at Taiwan

Weapons found in shipment


Its not a rotation because the carriers that were deployed...many many of them are going to the Western Pacific..(Thailand, Singapore, Korea), NOT the Middle East.

They also went with many ships from the UK, Spain, Australia and other countries to "Train" there. They took with them 8 Carriers, many Amphibious ships, 8 Anti Submarine helicopters and almost 10000 troops between the countries participating.

Something is up.

Urgent Weekend Report:

Is "Snowball" a Coincidence?

Executive Summary:

A supposed intercept of a U.S. military SSB radio transmission on 26 January of this year referred to a mysterious "countdown" to an unnamed event which (by the countdown) will occur around June 19 or 20 of this year. In the past few weeks, however, naval units worldwide have been putting to sea in unusual numbers, sufficient to cause us to revisit the original message to assess movements and adopt a watch mode going forward into the June 19-20 date area.


I was not planning on doing a special weekend report but four things happened that prompt me to share some speculation with you. The four items?

Historical: I happened to think about the piece on "Snowball Net" which, if you might recall, was a supposed intercepted radio communication between U.S. military units that I posted on this site in March. Click here for the original link and scroll down to "For the Truly Paranoid..."
http://www.urbansurvival.com/nl03262004.htm Here's what it said:

"Want to be paranoid about something akin to Planet X showing up before November? Here's a snip which I received by email yesterday - a bit aged, but interesting nevertheless:

A member of our ham radio club intercepted this transmission and shared it with a few of us. He made a digital recording of it. The transmissions took place on 1-26-04 staring at 0:5:00 UTC. The frequency was 11.176 mhz, USB.

The conversation is between SNOWBALL NET and another station. We assume SNOWBALL is the network operator.

Here is a transcript:

SNOWBALL NET: Snowball Net comms check. All stations, clock sync, (pause) impact at minus 146 days, 5 hours UTC. Standby for ACC link (could have been ACD).

Burst of digital data

Burrow: SNOWBALL This is BURROW (could be Burro as in donkey). You are not secure repeat not secure go green go green

Bursts of white noise follow for approximately 3 minutes.

Copies of this have been posted on several ham boards and have been sent to Popular Communications Magazine.

OK, so that by itself is curious, although the author may have been hoaxing (or breaking provisions of the Communications Act of 1933 rules about unauthorized disclosure of third-party traffic, but we'll assuming hoaxing, right? But now add a second data point to this, the odd story of British military cavers being trapped in Mexico reported at

Note: This link was valid at the time posted, but has been purged from Lycos! [It now shows the CIA logo]

This British military in Mexico caves story has us wondering what the military guys are doing in caves? And who packs in that much provisions that 5-days under is no big deal? And what are those "military notebooks" they are shredding? Say what?

If one was truly paranoid, they would look at the combination of the two events and synthesize that "Hey, something is causing governments all over the world to act like they know something very bad is about to happen to the whole planet and they are looking for caves (or building underground bases) to be ready to survive whatever it is that is coming (in June).

Easy enough to write off as a wild "mind game" until we recall how close the rock Toutatis will be in September (remember that Earth is within the margin of error on Toutatis orbital projections) and then there's this one:


Unknown, of course, is whether there is something else "out there" which has been captured by a government "blink lab" - we'd probably never hear about it if there was.

You don't know what a blink lab is? That's where NASA and other organizations take a picture of space, then take another picture of the same point in space a bit later. Whatever has moved (like a rogue planet or asteroid) can be readily seen by "blinking" between the two pictures...

No, we're not that paranoid about it, but we have been monitoring the Air Force 11.175 MHz USB frequency and wonder who the Burrow is...and no, it's not Barrow (as in Alaska)."

Major Web Traffic Anomaly: The note from my colleague Cliff at
http://www.halfpasthuman.com says it all:

"Link quote, "JUST WHY IS IT THAT Nearly our Entire Naval Fleet, have unprecedented orders to leave for the Oceans?

AND, they aren't alone. At least parts of Iran, Australia, China, France, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Vietnam are going too. Makes me want to find out where the British Navy is holing up these days. And what of the Russians? hmmm.... Does anyone ever stay home and protect their own borders anymore? Isn't that what they are supposed to be doing? Something is very, very fishy here!"

It turns out the Brits are putting to sea, too. More on that in a few moments....

Contemporary Events: The pattern of navies putting to sea actually became evident in earlier this week when I casually mentioned that a naval force of most ships and more than 6,000 sailors was putting to sea from San Diego. I remember thinking at the time of coverage (last Monday, May 24,2004) "My how strange, to put 6,000 people to sea for what was reported as "training maneuvers" or action in the Gulf War, given how expensive fuel is and how much such things cost...not to mention how thin reserves are stretched."

Personal: It was decided on Friday that because the business acquisition I am working on is at a 3-4 week hold while final details are ironed out, I've been given the "green light" to head back for Texas till sometime between July 1 and August 1. At that time I will presumably come back to L.A. and work on a permanent rather than week to week consulting basis. Why is this significant? Because usually, when the Universe wants to take care of me in some way I'm not bright enough to figure out for myself, odd doors open up...and this door gives Elaine & I a chance to finish off numerous projects at the ranch in the East Texas hills.

What Pieces Would Fit?

If it happened - out of some bizarre circumstance that there was indeed something "real" about the supposed radio interception - then what would we look for prior to an event such as an impact from something falling out of space? Here's my list, which you can compare with your own ideas about how you would prepare for such an event:

I'd move as many ships out of port, with as many of America's finest on them, as I could. It's a know fact that a tsunami at sea is much easier to deal with than a tsunami that is running up against a relatively shallow area, which might include the outer continental shelf if the impact were large enough, or it might be big enough to literally empty the big bays of either coast (Puget Sound, San Francisco, San Diego) before running back in with a killer wave hundreds of feet high which would ruin urban areas. From the NOAA web site, here is a short introduction to the field:

Source: http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/seg/hazard/tsuintro.shtml

Database: http://www.ngdc.noaa.gov/seg/hazard/tsrnsrch_idb.shtml

(San Diego) Now, this is where naval things get interesting. Let's go through a list of which countries are putting navies to sea for the month of June and remember that this might all be normal, but in times of tight budgets and high fuel prices, it seems a bit odd that so many countries are putting to sea for the next month. Take the U.S. naval group's departure from San Diego. What's the official story of the 6,000+ sailors leaving Monday?

"Both the National Training Center and Fort Polk's Joint Readiness Training Center will remain open, the officials said, with National Guard soldiers expected to fill in for the units going to Iraq.

The Navy said Tuesday that it is sending a second aircraft carrier, the USS John C. Stennis, into the western Pacific, apparently to compensate in part for the planned deployment to Iraq this summer of an Army combat brigade based in South Korea.

The Stennis, which left its San Diego home port Monday, will participate in an exercise off Alaska in June and then join the USS Kitty Hawk, which is permanently based in Japan, in the western Pacific."

(Norfolk) a local television station in Norfolk reports that a total of seven carrier strike groups are putting to sea in June - which if I'm not mistaken is an unprecedented move: "While the Navy won't say where the seven carrier groups are going, the carriers not already deployed are expected to be gone for only one to two months." Story (RealPlayer needed) at

(England) The British are also putting an unusual number of ships to sea during June. http://www.navynews.co.uk/articles/.../0004052601.asp

Channel 13 in Hampton Roads, VA reports in part that:

"Called "Exercise Blinding Storm" by the United States and "Exercise Rapid Alliance" by the U.K., the training will involve about 30,000 troops from seven nations in exercises off and on the coast of North Carolina.

Dutch marines and French soldiers will take part, as well as a Peruvian submarine and contingents from Germany and Canada. The flotilla is expected to set sail Tuesday, with the two-week amphibious exercise scheduled to begin June 10.

The British landing platform dock ship Albion has already arrived. It carried four Challenger II battle tanks the British equivalent of the U.S. M1-A1 Abrams tank. The tanks will be sent ashore aboard the ship's new landing craft during the exercise.

The biggest British ship the aircraft carrier Invincible also has docked with a crew of 1,050. "

We find the names of the exercises interesting. Blinding Storm might be construed to mean that people can't see something that's right in front of them (we wonder if there is a chemtrails angle to all this?) and Aurora has something to do with electricity in the atmosphere at high latitudes... but that's only wild speculation. What's not wild speculation is that the news coming off the U.S. Carrier Ronald Reagan is constrained: The ship's web site is down for reworking: http://www.reagan.navy.mil/ which is not what I'd expect during a normal exercise....

Moving Leaders to Ships

I'm sure you remember George Bush's landing last year on an aircraft carrier off California. That was a publicity stunt, to be sure, but might there have been a different agenda? Perhaps. Let's suppose, for just a moment that so mething big really were going to happen and that world leaders would want a rapidly mobile platform to escape to - off land - just in case things got really bad following an impact event. Wouldn't a nuclear powered aircraft carrier be just the ticket?

If it was only GB-43, it might have been passed off as just a coincidence. But then we spied a BBC piece about how the Queen of England, was flown out to the British Carrier Invincible in late April of this year. In particular, the quote that jumped out of the BBC story at:
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/3662917.stm that grabbed our attention was this:

"Captain Soar, who is leaving the ship on Friday after being promoted to Rear Admiral at the Ministry of Defence, said: "I can't recall the last time she's visited a ship at sea. I think it will surprise her to see us as a working ship and the best opportunity to do that is at sea. We are running a headquarters afloat really. "

Oh really? If the Queen was born in 1926, that would make her about 78 years old, an odd age to start wanting to go visiting ships at sea, or so it would seem to us. Moreover, the timing is interesting: It was in May of 2003 that George Bush did his oft parodied landing on the USS Lincoln.
http://www.cnn.com/2003/ALLPOLITICS...arrier.landing/ What this would suggest is that if there really is anything to the June 20th date, it is probably something the American scientists of NASA found first, based simply on the observation that GB was the first world leader to go maritime mobile recently. Makes me wonder what George and Tony really talked about at the ranch...

Participants List:

Countries which are planning significant naval operations for the period of interest include The U.S., England, Canada, Holland, Germany, Peru, Norway, Italy, Denmark, France and Australia.

Russian and other Moves:

We note that while the West is putting to sea in large numbers, the Russians are holding huge exercises which could be a cover for who-knows-what:
http://russiajournal.com/news/cnews.shtml?nd=43807 We have heard, but don't have links to share that India, China, and a host of Pacific Rim countries are also planning naval exercises.

Forward Surveillance

While something as literally earth-shaking as a space rock impact around June 20 is a statistically small chance event...

Informant: True


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