War spending 'has made country more vulnerable'

America is "massively vulnerable" to another big terrorist attack because of President George Bush's insistence on diverting resources from internal security to the war in Iraq, Richard Clarke, the former White House counter-terrorism chief has said...


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What the World Should Know


If we want to live in a safe world, the message we should send is that we will treat people not like animals but like human beings. Although we should be trying to lessen the anger toward the United States within the Muslim and Arab world, we are not doing that; we are, in fact, doing the opposite...


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’Torture in a good cause’

THE trap of colonial war is closing on the invading forces in Iraq. US armed forces are now realising that crushing military superiority is not enough to save them from hostage-taking, ambushes and other deadly assaults. For soldiers on the ground the occupation of Iraq is fast becoming a descent into hell...


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Unit Says It Gave Earlier Warning of Abuse in Iraq

Beginning in November, a small unit of interrogators at Abu Ghraib prison began reporting allegations of prisoner abuse, including the beatings of five blindfolded Iraqi generals...


From Information Clearing House

Interrogation abuses were 'approved at highest levels'

New evidence that the physical abuse of detainees in Iraq and at Guantanamo Bay was authorised at the top of the Bush administration will emerge in Washington this week, adding further to pressure on the White House...


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Fiery Hell on Earth, Part 2


Informant: Rachel's #793

Control Room


Informant: friends

Greenpeace: Iceland Whaling update

Dear friend,

THANKS TO YOUR EFFORTS as part of the Iceland whales pledge, we're overjoyed to announce that Iceland has drastically reduced its whaling programme. There will be fin and sei whales in Icelandic waters this year who owe their lives to you!

Plans to kill 250 whales this year, including fin and sei whales, have been shelved in favour of a hunt of only 25 minke whales -- a massive step backwards in the face of domestic resistance, absence of market, and the kind of international outcry that you've helped build around this issue.

More than 57,000 of you have now pledged to visit Iceland if the government stops whaling. That represents a value of more than 67 million USD, against a whaling programme that earned only 4 million dollars in its heyday.

But we need to be clear: while we welcome this positive step forward from Iceland, WE WON'T BE TRAVELLING TO ICELAND UNTIL THE WHALING PROGRAMME STOPS COMPLETELY.

We're concerned the whaling interests might believe they can continue whaling at reduced numbers as a way to escape the glare of publicity and opposition. So let's send the government a little reminder that our offer was absolute: we will visit the beautiful shores of Iceland only when the whaling programme ends completely.



Im Jahr 2050 betrifft Gefahr von Überschwemmungen zwei Milliarden Menschen



Die Zahl der Erdbewohner, die von Überschwemmungen bedroht sind, wird immer größer: In nur 50 Jahren werden nach Berichten von Wissenschaftlern der UNO-Universität in Tokio zwei Milliarden Menschen davon ernsthaft betroffen sein. Die meisten Betroffenen wird es nach ersten Schätzungen in Asien geben, wo viele Menschen in den küstennahen Regionen leben. Betroffen sind aber auch jene Inselstaaten, die nur wenige Meter über dem Meeresspiegel liegen.

Die ganze Nachricht im Internet:


Bush's Neocons Guilty of 'Unlimited Incompetence'

Francois Heisbourg / Le Monde

(June 4, 2004) -- Commentary: At no moment since the nuclear stand-offs of the Cold War has the world been so close to a planetary confrontation. The 9-11 terrorist act by an operational minority did not necessarily have to transform itself into a clash of civilizations. The Americans had to deploy a unique combination of narrow-minded activism and unlimited incompetence in Iraq to arouse the Arab world and beyond to a massive rejection. The American "Neo-Conservatives" bet on a positive domino theory; a democratized Iraq was supposed to open the path to reform of the Greater Middle East. Now the dominos are at risk of falling in the direction of a militant anti-Western fundamentalism.


Extensive US War Crimes in Iraq

Report Documents Extensive US War Crimes in Iraq

(Center for Economic and Social Rights)

(June 10, 2004) -- The Bush Administration is committing war crimes and other serious violations of international law in Iraq as a matter of routine policy, according to a report released today by the Center for Economic and Social Rights. The report, Beyond Torture: US Violations of Occupation Law in Iraq, documents ten categories of war crimes and rights violations regularly committed by US forces...


US Torture Tactics Date from Vietnam Era

Walter Pincus / Washington Post

(June 13, 2004) -- A 40-year-old CIA handbook on coercive interrogation methods produced during the Vietnam War, shows that techniques such as those used in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have a long history with US intelligence services. Declassified 10 years ago, the training manual carries in its title the code word used for the CIA in Vietnam, "KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation -- July 1963." Used to train new interrogators, the handbook presents "basic information about coercive techniques available for use in the interrogation situation."...


Jurist Dismayed at US Attempts to Justify Torture

Edward Alden / Financial Times

(June 10, 2004) -- Harold Hongju Koh, dean of Yale University's law school and a former US assistant secretary of state, went to Geneva in 2000 to present the first US report on its compliance with the UN 1994 Convention against Torture. This week's revelations that Bush administration had sought to find legal justifications for torturing terrorist detainees have left him dumbfounded. "They are blatantly wrong," he says. "It's just erroneous legal analysis. The notion that the president has the constitutional power to permit torture is like saying he has the constitutional power to commit genocide."...


Stop Drilling in the Arctic

House Republicans Tom Delay (R-TX) and Richard Pombo (R-CA) are exploiting public fears over high gas prices to pass a bill that would permit drilling in the Arctic Refuge! We expect a vote tomorrow and we need your help right now.

These Representatives are out of touch with the American public and certainly beholden to the oil industry. According to a recent Zogby poll, only 14% of the public thinks drilling will solve high gas prices.

This vote is a political move that would not reduce our oil dependence. We should be conserving and promoting alternative energy research, not destroying the last of our pristine wildernesses! Contact your Representative today and tell them that you are one of the many Americans who oppose this senseless policy!


BAE Systems Receives $35 Million For HAARP Program


Informant: kevcross5

World faces seeping flood crisis


Informant: Greenpeace News-headlines Digest, Vol 14, Issue 9

This is Imperial Arrogance

by Eric Ruder

The Bush administration is still spouting the same old lies about its invasion and occupation of Iraq. But every few days brings new evidence of the complete disarray of Washington’s occupation--and exposes the war makers claims about "liberation" and "democracy." Here, Dave Cline and Lou Plummer talked to Socialist Worker’s Eric Ruder about developments in Iraq. Dave Cline is a disabled Vietnam veteran and national president of Veterans for Peace. He is also active in Military Families Speak Out and Vietnam Veterans Against the War. Lou Plummer lives in Fayetteville, N.C., which is home to Fort Bragg, one of the biggest Army bases in the country, with many of its soldiers on active duty in Iraq. Lou is also an Army veteran and worked for several years as a prison guard in North Carolina. He has a son currently on duty in Iraq and is active in Military Families Speak Out....


Republican Leadership Ready to Attack Our Civil Liberties Again

by Wayne A. Lewis

Last year, during the 1st session of the 108th Congress, the Republican leadership slipped a provision into the Intelligence Authorization Act of 2004 (which mainly appropriates the funds to the intelligence organizations.) This was done behind closed doors. Who on the House Judiciary Committee would vote against this nonpartisan bill? This bill was needed to pass as it has every year. What wasn’t needed was a provision taken from the leaked draft of Ashcroft’s Domestic Security Enhancement Act (DSEA.) This provision expanded the already far-reaching USA PATRIOT Act by easing the FBI’s ability to acquire "financial" records with nothing more than an easily drafted National Security Letter (NSL.) It also broadened the definition of "financial institution" to include insurance companies, real estate agencies, stockbrokers, car dealerships, pawnbrokers and more. This had the effect of further eroding what was left of our civil liberties after the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act. So there it was -- Ashcroft’s dream – a portion of the ill-fated DSEA brought to fruition. Now, it is happening again....


Republicans are Behind the Effort to Censor Fahrenheit 9/11

by Kurt Nimmo

So desperate are Bush Republicans to kill Michael Moore's latest film, Fahrenheit 9/11, they have hired a public relations firm to set up a web site attacking Moore. The site, MoveAmericaForward.com, claims to be "non-partisan," but a glance at the "About" page of the site reveals the director and staff of Move America Forward are all diehard Republicans, anti-tax activists, and former legislative staffers. The PR firm is Russo Marsh & Rogers....


Torture Incorporated: Oliver North Joins the Party

by John Stanton and Wayne Madsen

The U.S. Army has employed as many as 27 contractors to run its interrogation operations, according to media reports. But while CACI and Titan are getting all the mainstream media play, it appears that far more than 27 contract employees were involved in recruiting and placing interrogators in various locations. Some of the firms involved in the Bush administration’s “TortureGate” include an odd assortment of telecommunications companies and executive placement firms that have jumped into the lucrative torture business in Guantanamo Bay, Afghanistan, Iraq and at secret locations throughout Central Asia and North Africa....


US 'meddling in Australian vote'

Australia's main opposition party has accused the US of meddling in upcoming elections by criticising plans to withdraw troops from Iraq if it wins...


From Informatin Clearing House

3,000 held in America's global gulag

The United States government, in conjunction with key allies, is running an "invisible" network of prisons and detention centres into which thousands of suspects have disappeared without trace since the "war on terror" began...


From Information Clearing House

A little legal redefinition and torture becomes a necessary abuse to save the US

In plain language, what the Pentagon report authors argued was that, in time of war, the president could order those under his command to torture America's enemies...


From Informatin Clearing House

Man beaten so long and so severely his kidneys failed

A detailed medical file passed to The Independent on Sunday has revealed that an Iraqi civilian was so severely beaten about the body by British troops that it caused his kidneys to fail...


From Information Clearing House

Ronnie & Saddam

How secret deals brokered by Donald Rumsfeld with Saddam Hussein secured the dictator an arsenal of WMD..


From Information Clearing House

How America armed Iraq

UNDER the successive presidencies of Ronald Reagan and George Bush, the USA sold nuclear, chemical and biological weapons technology to Saddam Hussein...


From Information Clearing House

Our First Victory Was Zapatero

by Chalmers Johnson

The United States faces a real crisis. It's not just the military failure of Bush's policies in Iraq or the discrediting of our armed forces and intelligence agencies as corrupt, incompetent, and criminal. It is above all our international isolation and disgrace because of our contempt for the rule of law...


From Information Clearing House

Brahimi quits post as UN envoy in Iraq

Brahimi explained that his decision stemmed from great difficulties and frustration experienced during his assignment in Iraq. He said that he does not intend to return to Iraq...


From Information Clearing House

Based on Hollywood image, would you trust America?

by Ron Kraybill

Christian Science Monitor


How many Americans are aware that the most sophisticated tools of modern communication are being used on a daily basis in a vast program of disinformation about this country and its people that is beamed into almost every country on Earth? Every time I travel abroad I see this at work and witness its results. 'I am so grateful for this opportunity to get to know you and your family,' a Muslim Indian woman told me in 2000. 'We thought that Americans have no values, that they are materialistic, and care only about themselves. We thought there is no commitment to children and families, that everyone lives in immorality. It is so wonderful to see that these things are not true!' Where does this image of America come from?
If someone had set out to create a powerful propaganda strategy to completely discredit America, they could not have come up with anything more effective than the Hollywood product shown daily to billions of people...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The perils of hegemony

by Owen Harries

The American Conservative

for publication 06/24/04

America's emergence as a hegemonic power came not by deliberate effort, but inadvertently, by the default of the Soviet Union. One moment the United States was part of a bipolar balance, the next it was left as the one superpower in a unipolar world. It had not changed its policies or mode of behavior to bring this about. The speed with which things changed meant that American hegemony was an accomplished fact before anyone had time to react to it or attempt to prevent it. And the process drew little attention to itself: most eyes were fixed on Moscow. For these reasons, the usual historical process of determined opposition to an aspiring hegemon did not take place...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

A temporary coup

by Mark Follman



The U.S. is now waging three wars, says intelligence expert Thomas Powers. One is in Iraq. The second is in Afghanistan. And the third is in Washington -- an all-out war between the White House and the nation's own intelligence agencies. Powers, the author of 'Intelligence Wars: American Secret History From Hitler to Al Qaeda,' charges that the Bush administration is responsible for what is perhaps the greatest disaster in the history of U.S. intelligence... [subscription or ad view required]


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Down with the Presidency

by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.



This speech was delivered at a meeting of the John Randolph Club in Arlington, Virginia, on October 6, 1996.

The modern institution of the presidency is the primary political evil Americans face, and the cause of nearly all our woes. It squanders the national wealth and starts unjust wars against foreign peoples that have never done us any harm. It wrecks our families, tramples on our rights, invades our communities, and spies on our bank accounts. It skews the culture toward decadence and trash. It tells lie after lie...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

The torturers

by Justin Raimondo



The fallback position of the administration and its media amen corner has so far been that the Abu Ghraib atrocities were the exception, the work of a few isolated individuals, and in no way representative of American policy regarding the treatment of prisoners in Iraq. But this is becoming untenable in the face of new revelations, including the news that the White House requested specific intelligence from Abu Ghraib. Lt. Col. Steven L. Jordan, one of four individuals held chiefly responsible for the Abu Ghraib prison-house of horrors, told Army investigators that the White House had requested information related to 'very sensitive issues.' The White House spin machine argues that Jordan's testimony is so 'broadly stated' as to be practically meaningless. Good try, but this defense is already unraveling ..."


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Tomorrow we face today again

by Dorothy Anne Seese

Ether Zone


True conservatism is the belief in small federal government that meddles not in the affairs of the people. It is fiscal conservatism that believes in small and balanced federal budgets. It is the belief that the government is not your mother or even your step-mother, it is force, lethal force and diplomatic force, protecting the nation against attacks from without and subversion from within, but within the limits prescribed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. That is not the government in power today...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

Nuclear weapons challenges rise


Christian Science Monitor

At a time when all eyes are on fighting what the Pentagon calls the
'Global War on Terrorism,' the United States is having to address the
past, present, and future of nuclear conflict. Sixty years after the
Manhattan Project produced the first and only atomic bombs ever
dropped on an enemy, the US continues to struggle with how to
permanently dispose of the radioactive and chemical byproducts of its cold-war weapons of mass destruction. The Senate recently voted to allow the Energy Department to reclassify such waste so that it could stay in place, even though some of it is leaking into the air and ground water...


Informant. Thomas L. Knapp

Deja Vu all over again?


Capitol Hill Blue

Voting machines in 11 counties have a software flaw that could make manual recounts impossible in November's presidential election, state officials said. A spokeswoman for the secretary of state called the problems 'minor technical hiccups' that can be resolved, but critics allege voting officials wrongly certified a voting system they knew had a bug. The electronic voting machines are a response to Florida's 2000 presidential election fiasco, where thousands of punchcard ballots were improperly marked. But the new machines have brought concerns that errors could go unchecked without paper records of the electronic voting...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

European voters batter governing parties


Seattle Times

European voters punished leaders in Britain, Italy and the Netherlands for getting involved in Iraq and turned their ire on the war's chief opponents in Germany and France over economic and social issues, projections showed Sunday. The 25-nation vote, spread out over four days, also revealed anxieties about the newly expanded European Union itself with a surprisingly dismal turnout...


Informant: Thomas L. Knapp

War, War, War


In the words of Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone With the Wind," Memorial Day weekend was all about "War, war, war!" In addition to the real ceremonies, the History Channel and the old movie channels featured nonstop war movies and documentaries.

This was quickly followed by the 60th anniversary of the invasion of Europe. Anyone with an appetite for vicarious war and the remembrances of war should by now be satiated.

Tales of war always make good stories, because they are the classic conflict between the good guys and the bad guys. Which is which depends on which side you are on. Unless you are a professional military man, however, detailed studies of battles, strategies and tactics are of little use. What is useful is that most neglected area of study: the political failures that lead to the wars.

Wars do not arise spontaneously, nor are they instigated by the soldiers who have to fight them. All wars begin in the minds of political leaders in times of peace. They decide they want something, and eventually they decide that the only way to get it is by the use of force. Their mental process is the same as that of the unruly child who, desiring a playmate's toy, bonks his playmate on the head and takes it. In peacetime, adults who do this are called criminals — unless, of course, they are kings or presidents or prime ministers or dictators.

Every political system has the same flaw. The problem with political systems is that most make it difficult to put the wise few in the positions of power.

There is only one just war, and that is war in self-defense. The unjust wars that the United States has been involved in since 1945 are all rationalized as "in defense of freedom." That is a lie used so often that today people say it automatically.

Iraq did not threaten our freedom, nor did it have the means to do so. North Vietnam did not threaten our freedom, nor did it have the means to do so. Ditto for Panama, Grenada, Yugoslavia, North Korea and Afghanistan. Those were all imperial wars. Remember, the only freedom the American armed forces are justified in defending is the freedom of America and Americans. The idea that we are some new Crusader Nation with a mandate from God to deliver the human race from dictatorship is as nutty as Nero. We will have to be lucky not to deliver ourselves into a dictatorship.

While few wars are just wars, all are profitable — though, of course, not to the lads and lassies who fight and die in them. They are profitable to the military-industrial complex. The Iraq War is a multibillion-dollar bonanza for Halliburton Inc., and a lesser bonanza for all the other corporations scooping up the dollars, whether to supply mercenaries or to do jobs unemployed Iraqis ought to be doing.

If there were any sense of decency in the corporate world — which is to say, if frogs could sing opera — the corporations would all cut checks to the families of those young men and women who have been killed or maimed to provide them with their profitable contracts. The corporate world doesn't see it that way, though, and they are cutting checks for the people they consider their true benefactors — the politicians in Washington who made the war profits possible.

It is well and proper to remember the war dead, for they all died innocent of the sins of the politicians who put them in harm's way. That holiday was originated, by the way, by a group of ladies in Columbus, Miss., after the War Between the States. It was first called Decoration Day, because originally it consisted of putting flowers or flags on the graves of the fallen soldiers.

The best way to honor the war dead, however, is to make sure the politicians don't add to their numbers. We are currently doing a poor job of that.

Informant: vinski2004

Gambling on Voting


Published: June 13, 2004


If election officials want to convince voters that electronic voting can be trusted, they should be willing to make it at least as secure as slot machines. To appreciate how poor the oversight on voting systems is, it's useful to look at the way Nevada systematically ensures that electronic gambling machines in Las Vegas operate honestly and accurately. Electronic voting, by comparison, is rife with lax procedures, security risks and conflicts of interest.

On a trip last week to the Nevada Gaming Control Board laboratory, in a state office building off the Las Vegas Strip, we found testing and enforcement mechanisms that go far beyond what is required for electronic voting. Among the ways gamblers are more protected than voters:

1. The state has access to all gambling software. The Gaming Control Board has copies on file of every piece of gambling device software currently being used, and an archive going back years. It is illegal for casinos to use software not on file. Electronic voting machine makers, by contrast, say their software is a trade secret, and have resisted sharing it with the states that buy their machines.

2. The software on gambling machines is constantly being spot-checked. Board inspectors show up unannounced at casinos with devices that let them compare the computer chip in a slot machine to the one on file. If there is a discrepancy, the machine is shut down, and investigated. This sort of spot-checking is not required for electronic voting. A surreptitious software change on a voting machine would be far less likely to be detected.

3. There are meticulous, constantly updated standards for gambling machines. When we arrived at the Gaming Control Board lab, a man was firing a stun gun at a slot machine. The machine must work when subjected to a 20,000-volt shock, one of an array of rules intended to cover anything that can possibly go wrong. Nevada adopted new standards in May 2003, but to keep pace with fast-changing technology, it is adding new ones this month.

Voting machine standards are out of date and inadequate. Machines are still tested with standards from 2002 that have gaping security holes. Nevertheless, election officials have rushed to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to buy them.

4. Manufacturers are intensively scrutinized before they are licensed to sell gambling software or hardware. A company that wants to make slot machines must submit to a background check of six months or more, similar to the kind done on casino operators. It must register its employees with the Gaming Control Board, which investigates their backgrounds and criminal records.

When it comes to voting machine manufacturers, all a company needs to do to enter the field is persuade an election official to buy its equipment. There is no way for voters to know that the software on their machines was not written by programmers with fraud convictions, or close ties to political parties or candidates.

5. The lab that certifies gambling equipment has an arms-length relationship with the manufacturers it polices, and is open to inquiries from the public. The Nevada Gaming Control Board lab is a state agency, whose employees are paid by the taxpayers. The fees the lab takes in go to the state's general fund. It invites members of the public who have questions about its work to call or e-mail.

The federal labs that certify voting equipment are profit-making companies. They are chosen and paid by voting machine companies, a glaring conflict of interest. The voters and their elected representatives have no way of knowing how the testing is done, or that the manufacturers are not applying undue pressure to have flawed equipment approved. Wyle Laboratories, one of the largest testers of voting machines, does not answer questions about its voting machine work.

6. When there is a dispute about a machine, a gambler has a right to an immediate investigation. When a gambler believes a slot machine has cheated him, the casino is required to contact the Gaming Control Board, which has investigators on call around the clock. Investigators can open up machines to inspect their internal workings, and their records of recent gambling outcomes. If voters believe a voting machine has manipulated their votes, in most cases their only recourse is to call a board of elections number, which may well be busy, to lodge a complaint that may or may not be investigated.

Election officials say their electronic voting systems are the very best. But the truth is, gamblers are getting the best technology, and voters are being given systems that are cheap and untrustworthy by comparison. There are many questions yet to be resolved about electronic voting, but one thing is clear: a vote for president should be at least as secure as a 25-cent bet in Las Vegas.

Informant: Kim Godfrey

Bush Backers prepare Super 9/11


Informant: m macleod

Comprehensive coverage of homeland security spending and policy news


Informant: m macleod

A Declaration of Financial Transformation

"When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the {financial} bonds which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the {financial} separation."

-- Adaptation of the American "Declaration of Independence"


Informant: littlebrit1961

What will happen before the election?

October Surprise

Take the poll
Suggest a Scenario


Informant: vinski2004

General Granted Latitude At Prison


Informant: Di

Bush's secret army

The USA hires contract soldiers to fight in Iraq

Informant: Di

A Special Report on the National Emergency in the United States of America


Informant: Di


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