The Civil Contingencies Bill

'Civil Contingencies Bill' in House of Lords

Please pass this message far and wide ---particularly to anyone you know in the UK

RED ALERT - Danger to Democracy:
The Civil Contingencies Bill

"Are we opening up our system to the equivalent of what happened in Germany in 1933 where it became possible for an extreme party to legitimately hijack a democracy and turn it into something totalitarian?" Lord Lucas.

This horrific bill was covertly & quickly passed by the government, this autumn while everyone's attention was on Football/Wimbledon & other sporting/celebrity events. It is the most severe, far-reaching, subversive piece of attempted government (corporate/bilderburger controlled) legislation to strip away democratic rights and freedoms in the UK. You also need to ask why the corporate news media didn't cover it. Shy? This bill has now been passed - that cannot be changed.

However, as it now goes to the House of Lords, if we register strong disapproval (phone calls are all that is necessary.) it may be possible to "amend" it. If opposition is strong enough, and the winer recess arrives without complete agreement, they have to start the whole process again.

Everyone in the UK has just been sent a booklet called "Preparing for Emergencies", with fear based pages about "helping to prevent a terrorist attack." PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE GOVERNMENT HAS SENT THIS OUT FOR ONE REASON ONLY. To get the mindless majority into fear so they back this Bill if it reaches public awareness, and therefore creates a massive outcry. Lord Lucas who is reasonably free-thinking and free-speaking is not exaggerating in what he says above. Be aware that UK debt/borrowing has now reached 1 trillion; the Government borrows that money from private individuals who are hidden behind large corporations - so please wake up to the fact that it is their self-serving corporate agendas that largely control UK government policy - whatever political party. e.g. Two simple examples: Most awake individuals are heralding the success of getting the Pharmaceutical/Biotech multi nationals to pull GM crops from Uk production/planned cross pollination; but wake up a bit more - do you really think that with their combined power they will give up,. when they have the potential financial gain, through (assumed) technology, to control world food supply. This Bill, in current form, sets next year's agenda for their GM 'trials' designed to infect non-patented species and thus make us dependent.

What about the governments continued use of your taxpayers money to ensure fluorosilicates ( a class 1 poison) are definitely put in all UK water supplies? This despite most European countries banning its use, and more people waking up to the real reason for putting it in all water. This is enforced medication, which is illegal, but will be unstoppable if this legislation gets through. The polarities are really coming up now as we move towards 2012, and while we are doing our part in anchoring more light upon the planet, we also have to speak up for truth and justice. Those in fear still continue to put their consenting heads in the sand. This won't make it go away, when a few simple phone calls might. Please make those calls before Sept 15th. - Jeremy.

Namaste's editorial - Elizabeth Gray.

All well meaning people need to take action against the Civil Contingencies Bill now before the House of Lords. This extremely dangerous bill would give the Government the legal power to put an end to democratic institutions and civil liberties in the UK. Believe it or not, its true. NO exaggeration.

Lord Lucas speaking in the House of Lords, during the July 5th reading, came to the point, as quoted above. He continued " They (the New Labour Government) appear to want a role of issuing dictates." He called for amendments to the Bill which would safeguard our rights. "or are we signing our death warrant as a democracy?"

This Bill, enables the Government to declare a State of Emergency on practically any grounds - insignificant events (e.g. "damage to property"); "threatened" insignificant events (e.g. threatened disruption of a supply of money), even a "situation" would do, and situation occurring outside the United Kingdom would also do.

In other words, anything goes. Lord Kimball referred to (July 5th second reading), "a mysterious clause about using emergency powers to prevent the destruction of plant and animal life. That is a threat to rural activities and part of a very draconian measure." (could this clause have anything to do with "green gloves" and GM crops?).....

If loss of democracy and civil liberties is of little concern to a particular reader, then consider the clause in the Bill that provides for the confiscation of property, "with or without compensation."

This horrific bill went through the House of Commons with paltry discussion, little opposition, and silence from the irresponsible corporate news media. And the News Media remains silent as it proceeds through the House of Lords. This must not continue.

This Bill should be rejected outright.

Amendments are a possibility while it is processing through the House of Lords.

What kind of amendments should be proposed?

1. Justifications for declaring an Emergency. Only an actual disaster should be grounds for declaring an Emergency. And "disaster" means a real disaster, and one that occurs within the UK.

2. Powers granted. - No suspension of democracy. No suspension of Parliament. No suspension of Civil Liberties.

One may well question why any additional powers at all would be granted to the Govt. We already have Acts of Parliament that were quite sufficient for WWII and the Northern Ireland troubles. Touch them up a little if necessary, but no dictatorships here in Great Britain!

Make some telephone calls. We MUST contact members of the House of Lords, and members of the news Media. HOUSE OF LORDS - Parliament has gone into recess until September 7th, but you can and should call and leave messages now on - 0207 2195353. You can leave up to 3 messages with your phone call, one for each of 3 different Peers and/or MPs. You will get 2 sentences per message, plus your name and telephone number. So have your 2 sentences ready. Some Peers/MPs may indeed return your call.

NB - You can call and leave a message for any Peer or MP 24 hours a day, every day of the year at 02072195353.

In addition please write a short letter. Send it to Lord or Baroness_____, House of Lords, London SW1A 0PW. You need to send letters and messages now, and from 7th September when Parliament returns.

News Media - Nick Cohen, columnist at the Observer; 0207 2782332; Michael White Political editor of the Guardian 0207 2782332, Daily Mail - very important to get to this newspaper - political editor David Huges, Political journalists Simon Heffer, Geoffrey Lean and Graeme Wilson, 0207 9386000; Daily Mirror editor Oonagh Blackman 0207 2933000; Sun - political editor Trevor Kavanagh 0207 7824100, email addy trevor.kavanagh@the-sun.co.uk.

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Informant: Bea Bernhausen


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