Vodaphone pushes ahead with phone mast

Wandsworth Guardian 21.09.05

A mobile phone company is set to steamroll over public opinion by erecting a mast next to schools and a health centre in Southfields.

The Southfields community is powerless to stop Vodafone putting up a 13.4m mast in Revelstoke Road.

The telecommunications equipment would emit radiation despite Wimbledon Park Primary School, two nurseries and the Revelstoke Road Surgery lying within a 300 yard radius.

Vodafone has applied for prior approval from Merton Council. The council can only prevent masts going up if they are more than 15m or are next to sensitive locations such as conservation areas and listed buildings.

It means the council is virtually powerless to stop the Vodafone mast and will have to grant approval on the September 22 deadline.

Nationwide mast planning guidance has come down as a government directive.

Wimbledon Park Councillor Tariq Ahmad said hundreds of signatures had been collected against the mast.

Coun Ahmad said: "More recent guidance out of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister calls for extensive consultation and taking into the account the views of residents, particularly where children are being impacted.

"Recent reports are showing there is a link between mobile phone masts and detrimental effects on children."

However a Vodafone spokeswoman stressed the radiation limits complied with international guidelines.

Omega see "Base Stations, operating within strict national and international Guidelines, do not present a Health Risk?"

She said: "If you we want to use our mobile phone service in cities we must have masts with that to work."


There's a primary school in Brighton that has had over 20 masts just 70 metres away for years and at exactly the same height. For just over a year they've also had an active TETRA from the same cluster. I've measured the microwaves around the playground on my EnvironCom and they show 4 - 6 vpm. I've tried to speak to the Headmistress but she just treats me like a crank.

Best Gary



I almost wish I hadn't read this, but I did, so send me the details and we'll see if she treats me like a crank, too.

Being on the advice line you hear a lot of things that tug at your heart, make you cry, or make you angry. You kind of get used to being exposed to so much, and are surprized to hear people remark on how calm you are. Then out of the blue a few words sets off all the upset and anger and you burn with rage, weep a thousand tears, and then you are back to normal again. I can't remember the last time I went through that, but the 20 masts just 70 m away from little children, plus on TETRA, did it for me tonight. I hoped Agnes' story might have that effect because I knew I was due for a blow out, but I read it avidly and nothing happened. I thought I had hardened up and I hated the idea of it.

So thank you,Gary, for this. What helps me most in doing the advice line is the wonderful people out there. Those who helps us to spread the word; call in to tell us how they are doing or to say thank you; those whom I can ask to visit someone nearby for one reason or another and they do it willingly; the courage of the sick; the kindness and generosity of spirit of the poor; the offers; the sacrifices; the open and honest humans who remind us that there is so much goodness in this awful situation we all find ourselves in.

So Gary, let's educate this woman who is supposed to be a guardian of our children!



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