Democrats still seem wimpy about shutting Congress down

Many activists are becoming impatient. I hope that our Congress people realize how important it is to check on those "home fires." Activists from women's groups, environmental groups, science supporters, Democrat groups, mainstream religious groups, education groups etc. tend to feel that the parties have had five years to clean up their act and yet the Democrats still seem a little wimpy about actually shutting Congress down.

And now we have a new thing to be disturbed about: Bush wants to use federal troops for domestic problems in our country. I suppose that this is because the Military seems to be the only Bush admin people who can actually DO anything. (You didn't get to be a four-star general by just having a few months of experience, unlike some court nominees I can think of.) Hopefully Bush will not be able to appoint his cronies and buddies to the Armed Services! But regardless, it is a boon for Bush to have the military in charge because then he can step up the use of military law to arrest people and leave them in prison forever if they want to.

One would think that with deficit spending at the rate we have (1B-2B A DAY), we would withdraw from Iraq, where we are not wanted and where we are not helping. Chicago joined many other cities in calling for the withdrawal of troops in Iraq. Bring 'em home, give them a ticker tape parade, and declare victory. Get the national guard back home, and in their states.

Somehow, everything seems depressing to me today, especially after I heard about what FEMA did in Florida; so you all, keep your heads especially high! As we women are told, never let them see you cry!

Anyway, here I am, a day late finishing this up -- so much to read, so little time. Did any of you ever stop and think what would happen if these thousands of messages were all in paper???

NY Police Monday broke up crowd listening to Cindy Sheehan's speech and arrested her organizer for not obtaining audio permits. They escorted Cindy away and it is not totally clear whether she was arrested. In trying to check out this story, I was often not able to bring up a web page. I hope that this is because the story is popular and not because someone is blocking access.

I was able to reach bradblog, Democratic Underground, and DailyKos most of the time. The URLs are:
BradBlog: //tinyurl.com/86sby
DailyKos: //tinyurl.com/8qx7d
DemocraticUnderground: //tinyurl.com/9aaur

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