Report backs phone masts campaigners

Burnley Express


CAMPAIGNERS against phone masts are holding a public meeting at Padiham Town Hall tomorrow in light of vital new evidence that says exposure to microwave radiation can damage health.

Just days after Burnley Council granted permission for another mast near the Prairie playing fields campaigners say they want people to go along and hear the true facts.

The group, Together Against Masts (TAM), has been campaigning for six years against the insensitive siting of mobile phone masts and highlighting "the dangers to all living beings" from exposure to the microwave radiation emitted day and night.

Chairman Mr Dennis Cannon said: "We have shown independent research and provided anecdotal evidence from individuals claiming to be affected by this radiation. Symptoms have ranged from cancers, brain tumours at the upper end to general complaints, such as migraines, nausea, tingling sensations and sleep disorders.

All of these have been refuted by the Government without exception, claiming that there was no proof of any adverse biological effects and, without offering alternative evidence to show the technology was safe, they have pressed ahead and brushed aside people's objections to install more and more masts, particularly with the 3G system, which with its shorter range requires many more masts even closer to residential properties. All this to allow access to the internet, online games and taking and transmitting pictures."

But he says the Government has now admitted that there are biological effects which cause some people illness.

Earlier this month national newspaper reports said that the Health Protection Agency (HPA) which took over the duties of the National Radiation Protection Board (NRPB) admitted for the first time that exposure to microwave radiation can damage health. Mr Cannon says a report from NRPB next month will acknowledge that exposure to this radiation could be causing headaches, joint pain, depression and fatigue in certain people. "While this still falls short of admitting that terminal illnesses can result from exposure, how can they explain their stance for the last six years that there were no adverse biological effects. In any event how can it be right for anyone to have such radiation brought into their homes, without their consent and resulting in them suffering any ailment? All this for commercial gain for phone operators and the Government," he said.

He added that further evidence has come from Germany where blood tests have been devised which show any effects from exposure to EMF radiation. As yet the UK has not developed its own test but it will be available here this month.

"Costs for this test have been quoted at £125 and anyone wishing to have one should contact me for details. "If you live close to a mast and suffer a new ailment, then it would be well worthwhile considering getting checked out, " said Mr Cannon.

Tomorrow's TAM meeting starts at 7-30 p.m. at Padiham Town Hall.


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