Set up a Congressional Codex Briefing - Tell Congress to Protect DSHEA - Join the EPA Scientists to Ban Fluoride - Say "NO!" to GMOs

We are here to make a better world. No amount of rationalization or blaming can preempt the moment of choice each of us brings to our situation here on this planet. – Abbie Hoffman Have Mouse, Will Influence ! We've got a lot of mouse-work to do!

In the rule book of email communication, there is a "never-break" rule: Do NOT address more than one topic in a single email. Well, if you know me at all you know that I'm likely to break rules if I think as I go. This email is no exception.

There are a bunch of items which are all important, all need your attention and all need your action. So instead of sending you separate emails I thought it would be most efficient to list the items that need action now and ask you to take action on each of them and then pass this email along to the people in your circle of influence.

In order to make it easy for people on your email list to use the action information in this email, I have not only provided an active link but the URL itself in case the link does not stay active when you send it.

Although each of these action items may seem unrelated, they are all joined by the single, central theme of Health Freedom. Each of them represents a significant threat or opportunity to strengthen our position and position our strength at the same time.

In the weird algebra of Congress, a single email, fax or phone call is equal to the opinion of 13,000 voting constituents!

Your voice counts -- 13,000 times! Action Item #1: Congress Needs a Congressional Briefing

You may remember that there was a Codex Briefing scheduled for Congress this week. That briefing seems to have been the casualty of internal events, NOT Big Pharma playing games with our event. That is good news. It means that getting another Congressional Codex Briefing to come about and actually take place is easier than I feared it might be.

We need to turn the pressure way up on Congress to tell them that they need to hold a Briefing on something they have never heard of! Your letters need to make it clear that we want them to get their information from us since we represent the voice of health and health freedom, not corporate interest.

I am pleased that it was not corporate shenanegans that cost us the opportunity to inform Congress about Codex. But we still need the opportunity and only we can create it.

I urge you to click here to email the members of your Congressional Delegation, http://tinyurl.com/c5jmw , and strongly urge them to set up a Congressional Codex Briefing. You can call the Congressional Switchboard (1-202-225-3121) and tell each of you Congressmen and women to hold a Codex Briefing. Congress is our main defense against dangerous and deadly Codex regulations becoming our laws here in the US. Yet Congress knows nothing about Codex.

Action Item #2: Tell Congress to Protect DSHEA

Congress is considering 5 bills
http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/bills, which would overturn or gut the access we have to nutrients, supplements and herbs with no upper limits on their use. That access is assured by DSHEA, the 1994 Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act, passed by unanimous Congressional consent.

The politics here is remarkably simple: Winning is a numbers game. The number of vocal, voting, active people balances the number of corporate dollars. We don't have (and would not spend that way) the dollars that Big Pharma and its big friends have. But we have the votes that every Congressman needs to get through the next primary and the next general election as well.

If we do not raise our collective voices to a roar, the Bigs will win.

Action Item #3s: Join the EPA Scientists to Ban Fluoride

Thousands of concerned scientists from eleven unions of the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) are petitioning Congress to remove fluoride from our drinking water even before the scheduled results of an EPA-requested review of the safety of their own fluoridation standards for drinking water that are due to be released in 2006.

A Brief History: American’s municipal drinking water has been fluoridated since the 1940's when the EPA mandated fluoridation of drinking water to decrease dental cavities. The form of fluoride used is hydrofluorosilicate, an unprocessed industrial waste byproduct of aluminum manufacturing. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has never approved the ingestion of fluoride.

Fluoridation is ineffective in reducing dental caries but Harvard-based research, hidden from the public and the EPA for years, reveals that fluoridation of water is proved to cause osteosarcoma, a form of bone cancer, particularly in young boys.

Fluoride is one of the most toxic compounds in nature. It is the active ingredient in several pesticides and rodenticides. Fluoride’s many adverse health effects include:

Enhancement of lead toxicity, even when water and environmental lead levels are low

* Discoloration of teeth

* Damage to bones called skeletal fluorosis, a weakening of bones similar to osteoporosis, causing chronic bone pain and compression fractures

* Worsening of the impact of iodine deficiency, further contributing to serious health problems, notably hypothyroidism

* Contribution to amyloid deposits (associated with Alzheimer’s disease) in brains

* Association with higher rates of violent crime, substance abuse, and learning disabilities

Please Sign the Fluoride E-Petition


Still with me? There are a few more action steps before your mouse keels over with fatigue.

Action Item #4: Join the Eat Safe, Eat Smart Buy-Cott and Say "NO!" to GMOs

1. Contact your favorite companies by email. As the people who make (or market) your favorite foods, supplements, herbs, oils, etc., if the products they provide are free of Genetically Modified Organisms.

2. When the reply comes back, forward it to me.

3. If there are no GMOs in your supplements, foods, etc., we will mount that information on the site.

4. If there are GMOs, we will let people know that, too.

5. If you are involved with a company which sells foods and/or nutrients, contact them and ask for a return email answering yor question

We will post all information recieved so that we have an information exchange we can all learn from.

Action Item #5: Take Tessa on a Date (She is Still Alive, After All!)

Tessa, the heroine of John Le Carre's The Constant Gardener has become a rallying point for spreading the truth and for opposition to the pharmaceutical industry, its greed and corruption. Critically acclaimed, The Constant Gardener it is a must see movie for everyon in the country and beyond. In conjunction with the National Colation of Organized Women, http://www.progressiveconvergence.com/constant-gardner.htm , the Natural Solutions Foundation.
http://www.HealthFreedomUSA.org , is offering free movie tickets for people willing to hand out leaflets at a showing of The Constant Gardner.

This movie is so important that we believe every single person in America should see it. You won't be the same person afterwards.

Action Item #6: Create a Health Freedom Meetup Electronically

Experience Meetup, http://healthfreedom.meetup.org, first hand. It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s a really great political organization tool. Become an organizer and, pick a time, place and date and post it on the Meetup.com site. Then people can find you and come to the meetup. Why? So they form their own Health Freedom Meetup to explore and act on important items and good ideas. Without surrendering your privacy, people can find your Meetup and, throught he bulletin boards, you can create a community-based action unit.

Start a meetup. Go to http://healthfreedom.meetup.com . This site lets you tell others in your area that you are interested in health freedom and lets them find you. You pick a time, a location (a coffee shop or cafe is a typical place) and then you list yourself as the organizer. People will contact you and then, voila, there’s a meetup when and where you create one.

The Natural Solutions Foundation will provide you with Talking Points, Action Steps, Organizational Tools, etc. Just let me know you have organized a meetup by writing to me at info@healthfreedomusa.org. What a terrific way to hook up with others who feel the same way you do!

Don't delay: Meetup.com is one of the most powerful tools available to us. Help us use it.

Action Item # 7: Give Generously: Support the Natural Solutions Foundation

Your financial support is our total income. We have no corporate affilliations whatsoever and depend upon you to give geneously so that we can continue our work for you and your health. Join the Health Freedom 400, http://www.HealthFreedomUSA.org/donate . If only 400 people each gave just $25 we would reach our goal of $10,000 is jig time. We are past the half way point! We have raised more than $5000 because of your generosity. Please support our work. That’s simple and easy, too. Won’t you give generously and help support the fight to keep our natural health options alive? Every penny goes directly into fighting the way. That's my promise to you.

Thanks for exercising your mouse power!

Yours in health and freedom,
Rima E. Laibow, MD Medical
Director Natural Solutions Foundation rima.laibow@healthfreedomusa.org


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