Truth beginning to finally surface in main stream media

For those that can't hit the streets for whatever reason in activism...This is the way to go.

Please send your view on this (or any other) matter to let the media know "We The People" are aware of the Cheny and Haliburton connection and appreciate the honesty that is now beginning to surface in main stream media.

Below this message I sent the media is the best website ever for every media, elected official, television news network, newspaper and magazine all over the USA...Just enter your own zip code...Or spend the day sending powerful messages to as many areas as you like...

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The news anchor was awesome...Didn't catch her name...She pointed out that some "politically, well connected and well known companies like Haliburton have been given the Katrina contracts"...

She asks Keith Naughten from Newsweek..."How did this happen?...Is this evidence of political cronyism and is it to be expected?...Is it improper?...and these were her exact words

Answer was..."In reality these are the guys that can hit the ground running" Keith going on to speak of another company that was included in the no bid contracts...A few others had been mentioned

Point being...Thank you to the honest news anchor bringing up the subject of Cheny's corrupt Haliburton...

We The People are paying attention and very grateful for all the truth beginning to finally surface in main stream media.

Thanks to all of you who are really for our people...We salute you

Marsha McClelland
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

"We People United Global Movement" We are many political and Patriot Groups joining together, to help take back our country..."United We Will Stand"

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Informant: Mofmars3


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