America Needs a Change: The time for change is now

For the past four years, the Republicans have been able to implement their vision without checks or balance. And time and time again, they have led this country with misguided priorities and have failed to put American families first.

House Democrats offer an agenda for the country that puts America's families first. Democrats are focused on increasing access to affordable health care, bringing down the costs of prescription drugs, improving our economy and creating jobs, and keeping our promises to our troops and veterans.

Today, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is launching the Campaign for Change, a joint effort by the DCCC and Americans like you, to bring about a new vision and new direction for our country. The DCCC has already started with hard-hitting campaign ads and accelerated candidate recruitment. But we must build the most crucial resource of any campaign: committed Americans who will stand with us in this national Democratic movement.

Join our Campaign for Change; Pledge Today.

The change our country needs can only happen with the 2006 elections.

That is why I have personally committed to Nancy Pelosi to recruit 50,000 Americans to join our Campaign for Change. With you, we can effect the great change that is needed in America today. The DCCC will provide you with opportunities for you to make a difference, give us your input and ideas, along with the resources to organize Democrats in your community. Together, we will develop the movement to restore balance and accountability to the government of the greatest democracy in the world. We need to build a nationwide network of Americans as the foundation of our campaign.

Take the first step: Join our Campaign for Change; Pledge Today.

Americans don't just want change, they are desperate for it. Republicans continue to dangerously mismanage key issues. Look at the condition of America today - health premiums are up, gas prices are soaring, prescription costs are skyrocketing, the deficit is climbing, and the body count continues to grow in Iraq. We need to mobilize because the Republicans' misguided agenda is not solving any of these problems. The only thing the Republican agenda is doing is robbing people of their dignity and their hope for building a better life for their family.

We all understand the risk of continued Republican leadership and their dangerous policies; we as Democrats must do something about it.

Join our Campaign for Change; Pledge Today.

The DCCC has already started. We have had two initial quarters of record-breaking fundraising numbers, recruited and trained more than 40 top-tier candidates and kept congressional Republicans on the defensive on every issue. We have more open seats in play for 2006, higher approval ratings, and a national campaign to return this country to the American people. The tide is turning in our favor. But we need you to stand with us.

Join our Campaign for Change; Pledge Today.

With active and hardworking Democrats on the ground across the country, we know we can succeed. We can change the direction of our country and make Congress the People's House again. We cannot change the past, but we can change our future. That is why the DCCC launched the Campaign for Change, and why we need you to join us. Thank you in advance for your commitment.


Rep. Rahm Emanuel
Chairman, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

PS: Putting America back on a path towards progress will be a difficult task, and we all must start now. Join our Campaign for Change; Pledge Today. http://whatcounts.com/t?ctl=F02894:4092A66

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