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Rosindell, Andrew

That this House expresses deep concern at the decision by Orange to site a new telecommunications mast in Gidea Park, Romford; notes that the mast has been erected despite continued protests from local residents as well as parents, pupils and staff associated with the Gidea Park College close by; further notes that the Stewart Report suggests that there could be a danger from these masts; understands also that the report recommends that no masts should be sited near schools or nurseries; further notes with concern that the Planning Inspectorate has ignored this advice when allowing Orange to use the site; urges Orange to dismantle the mast; and believes that no further telecommunications mast should be sited near to any building regularly used by young children.

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Rosindell, Andrew

Amanda Wesley


I have forwarded EDM 666 to Sir George Young requesting him to sign it. I have also asked him if he would be prepared to go forward with a Private Members Bill on telecoms similar to the Richard Spring / Andrew Stunnell bills. Will forward his reply.



Dear All, FYI

Sir George Young has declined to sign EDM 666, as he is 'reluctant to intervene in a planning matter in another constituency.' Also he is of the opinion that EDM's achieve very little if anything. He said he would 'look carefully' at any PMB's on Telecoms, but did not comment on putting one forward himself.

Just to remind people - I have kept GY informed so he is well aware of all the arguments - therefore I haven't gone into any detail in this shortish email to him. Thanks to Amanda I believe most MP's will have this info, but it may be as well to check if you want to request an MP to present a Private Members Bill on telecoms.

Here is my reply.

Dear Sir George,

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, I do appreciate it, though of course I was disappointed that you will not be signing Andrew Rosindell’s EDM. But it is your decision and we must all do what we feel to be right.

I’m very grateful that you have undertaken to look at any new Private Member’s Bills on Telecoms. Obviously I had hoped that you might present a bill on this issue yourself, but as you declined to comment, I assume this would not be the case. Do please let me know if I am mistaken. It is entirely a matter of luck as to who gets drawn, so the more MP’s who choose Telecoms, the greater the chance of success.

More and more MP’s are crossing over to our side of the debate. They have come to realise how flawed the Government / Industry science is, and how much harm local communities across the UK suffer because of the disgraceful planning laws. As a result a PMB is almost certain to be presented again in this parliament.

MP Lynne Featherstone is, I believe considering such action.
Another MP, David Evennett (Bexleyheath and Crayford) recently stated that, “Masts in residential areas are a blot on the landscape, and an eyesore, inappropriate and out of character. There are also the health issues to consider. The law must be changed and I will endeavour to support a law change in Parliament.”

MP Dr Ian Gibson is one of the best known and high profile opponents of masts close to schools and in residential areas. There are many others, too numerous to list here, most of whom are deeply concerned about the long term risk to public health. The Richard Spring and Andrew Stunnell bills failed through lack of signatures. We believe this is about to change.

Thank you as always, for your kind support – I hope you will go further and consider presenting a Telecom Bill yourself – a publicly ethical stand against this Government’s unethical policies.

Kindest regards as ever,

Jennifer (Godschall Johnson)

FYI - MP’s responses to Private Members Bills and EDM’s are posted on the Mast Forum nationwide.


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