Scalar waves, contrails, weather control

Due to the recent talk about the sun flares, etc., and their effect on us, I add this to the pot. Since EM/scalar energy arrays like HAARP have been in use, much info has been gathered by lay persons as to its ability to control weather, etc. Here are a few resources to contemplate regarding Katrina, contrail/chemtrails, Barium and Aluminum in the air, the war in Iraq, Sun activity, our health, etc.

If significant scalar effects are produced on earth in a "pulse" mode, pulsed disturbance of the earth-sun and earth-moon systems results. Here a danger exists that one or more natural resonances of the coupled system may be excited. If the feedback stimulation of the Sun is not insignificant, for example, large sunspot activity may result sometime thereafter, say in a day or two.


The contrails are flown to map the sky of these scalar/EM energy signatures and to make what is invisible visible... So this contrail marking program is near real time surveillance of the scalar happening in the sky.


I frequently talk about the atmosphere having been cut-up into a massive grid with each grid section being programmable in both depth and height;... Hurricane Ophelia continues this trend of manufactured weather. ALL of our weather now has some imprint of scalar technology contained within. The above image was taken Saturday September 10th 4:32pm Eastern. This is supposed to be the eye of Ophelia; once again displaying geometry that would be impossible to create naturally within a fluid environment.


Spraying over Iraq

Informant: Andrew McAfee


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