WHY ON EARTH would anyone be placed on statins any more?

Iris: Yes, the info re statins just keeps on getting more alarming!!! I keep thinking about the 200% plus risk being referenced in regard to those who stop taking statins and development of dementia.

If you really think about that figure, one would have to wonder why then (we really do know --"MONEY") are more persons being put on statins every day???

It is my "non-expert opinion" that sleeping close to electrical appliances/devices (and electrical wiring with measurable high frequencies as well as cell towers and antennae) is the primary reason persons might be vulnerable to discontinuation of statins as well as many adverse effects from taking statins.

Protein in the brains of those who have greatly reduced their cholesterol (which offers "protective benefits" to the brain), then have to readjust to the EMR pollution post-statins which would most likely change the folding mechanism of brain proteins even tho theoretically discontinuation should result in positive effects. As I mentioned before, it is well-known that the essential Co-Q-10 which is responsible for electron transport is greatly reduced by statins. The same situation seems to apply in the case of chronic EMR exposure in persons not taking statins -- essential Co-Q-10 is depleted. As I have mentioned before, it is my "non-expert belief" that those who do both -- take statins as well as sleep in a situation of chronic, prolonged EMR exposure, may, in fact, suffer additional and/or more harmful assaults because the statins themselves may become free radicals when subjected to EMR pollution!!!

Back to the specific issue of such a huge increase of over 200% risk level for those discontinuing statins.......... If studies exist to support such a huge potential increase in risk for those discontinuing statins, WHY ON EARTH would anyone be placed on statins any more!!!!?????

I will let you know if Dr. Duane Graveline responds to my email. Always possible he is on vacation or working with space program, etc. As you know (I think), his new book about statins was released early this year.

In looking for info re your questions, I happened to read on Dr. Graveline's site how radiation is actually good for us http://www.spacedoc.com . This may very well explain his refusal to comment on my questions to him as to whether or not he was sleeping next to electric clock, etc. at time of taking Lipitor and developing the transient global amnesia (two separate times). Dr. Graveline does not, however (as far as I have learned) make any reference to "electromagnetic radiation" but rather "ionizing radiation" as being good for us in small doses. [not verbatim...]

Dr. Duane Graveline's new book, "Statin Drugs: Side Effects and the Misguided War on Cholesterol" does an excellent job of addressing the issue of probable harm from statins but does not address radiation, at least, from my quick reviews of the book. I, of course, am not qualified to challenge whether some ionizing radiation or for that matter, some non-ionizing radiation might actually have benefits to our health but most of us do recognize various test procedures as well as treatments for cancer, bone healing, etc.

While you and I would, of course, consider the statin issue interesting and important, I think you can see why you may want to keep that info handy on computer, in files and in your mind. The flood gates are weakening!!! Alzheimers involves protein misfolding that promotes formation of Beta A amyloid. Cholesterol is "protective -- particularly for elderly" and yet prescriptions are widely touted as very important and necessary. NO ONE is telling the doctors or the people how dangerous this situation really is because, as you know, governments are not informing the public about EMR concerns. This is "a real catch 22" that will be hidden from the masses unless scientists such as Dr. Duane Graveline and others begin to address the seriousness of such a combination. In the meantime, as you know, drug companies are trying to find a drug for each and every protein misfolding/unfolding problem all the while contributing to the crimes of governments who choose to minimize EMR effects!!!!

Thanks for your help!!! For now, you and I can store the info and carry on with other EMR work. I will keep checking with scientists participating in the studies in the hope that sooner or later someone will realize this is a battle that won't be won in the usual, greedy manner -- "business as usual for the drug companies!!!!"

Take care - Joanne

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