How Bush Will Use Katrina

A Sneak Preview of the Coming Damage-Control Campaign

by Dr. Teresa Whitehurst

September 6, 2005

"Already, many Americans don't remember Bush's initial halting response to 9/11, from which he recovered after a few days with his iconic moment shouting through a bullhorn atop the rubble at ground zero. Still, recovering politically from Katrina is likely to take more effort. There is no foreign enemy against which to rally." -- For Bush, A Test of Political Skill, 9/6/05

I'm always suspicious when I hear people like Newt Gingrich and other conservatives criticize the Bush administration, because it's nearly always a ploy, a tactic used when overwhelming public discontent threatens to rain on the Bush parade. When the whole nation gets up in arms about something, there's no point trying to justify or excuse one's actions; in fact, that would be a stupid thing to do because it would escalate public anger that's already at the boiling point. A brief mea culpa is in order, quickly followed by a brilliant defensive campaign that the mainstream media will be obliged to support.

To rescue Bush from nation-wide disapproval, one has to be careful. To turn that disapproval onto an expendable scapegoat , or two , one has to be smart. To turn collective fury into positive PR, however, one has to be a genius. That's where Karl Rove comes in. [...] Read it all at http://tinyurl.com/8zxko

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