A blood test will establish when a patient is affected by electro magnetic pollution



Mast Sanity Director of Scientific Studies Ingrid Dickenson has now arranged for blood tests to be carried out at a German medical laboratory. This blood test will establish whether a patient is affected by electro magnetic pollution from either power lines, mobile phone masts, mobiles, DECT and other wireless technology and/or environmental pollutants. Blood will be collected through a laboratory in London. In the light of the recent admission by the Health Protection Agency that electro sensitivity is a physical impairement, this blood test will provide the final proof. It is vital that people who believe that they are affected have this blood test. Further details will appear on the Mast Sanity website shortly.



From: Eileen O'Connor
Subject: Window of Opportunity could be lost -blood tests
Date: Fri, Sep 23, 2005, 8:58 AM

Please see plea from Ingrid below, also enclosed details of the lab, we need people to take the blood test ASAP, this window of opportunity could be lost if we don't get enough people to take the test. We would appreciate any help we can get from the media as we do not have the power or money to advertise. We need to alert as many people as possible.

If you are due to get a mast I would suggest it would be worth having the test before it goes up then a couple of months later, put the industry on notice and inform them that your community will hold them responsible if your blood suddenly starts showing signs of radiation after the introduction of a mast in your community.

Kind Regards Eileen

Message from Ingrid Dickenson

On the matter of the blood tests in the UK, I am very concerned that I might have done all this work for nothing. BioLab has taken on the blood tests for two months only as trial period. If there are not enough people taking it up during that time, I assume the whole thing will fall apart. LaboTech will pick up the first samples Tuesday/Wednesday next week. In order to make it viable for them, they need at least 10 samples, as the courier fees are 200 Euros. We don't have 10 samples yet. All the people who have taken the test (about 8 so far) where friends or patients of mine. The blood cannot be frozen for longer than three weeks. So to keep the blood test running, we need at least 10 people every three weeks, and as the media has not taken up this news, it does not look good. I'm very surprised and disappointed because there are so many people moaning but when it comes to action, only a few come forward. If we loose the test after two months there will be no possibility to get it back and we lost the only chance to prove that there are changes in the blood which cause health effects. I agree that we will not be able to use this as immediate proof. But after a while (only if people come forward to do this test!) we will have the statistics we need to make our case. The other reason for taking this test is of course that the exact supplements can be taken to repair and limit further damage.

Please put the message of the blood test on all your mailing lists and websites and tell your people that it is vital that they take the test up asap. In a couple of months it might no longer be available due to lack of uptake. I've put a lot of time and effort into getting us here and won't be able to do it again. Regards


Here is the registration form for the blood test:


Please get in touch with

Mark Howard Biolab Medical Unit
9 Weymouth Street London W1W 6DB
Tel: (+44) 020-7636 5959/5905
Fax: (+44) 020-7580 3910
Internet: http://www.biolab.co.uk
E-mail: mark@biolab.co.uk

Regards Ingrid

PS Thanks for the info


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