Letter to Governor Bush, Other Governors and Mayors

( Deborah's Note: In addition to writing to Fla's Governor Bush, I have also written to Miami Fla's Mayor, to New York's Governor, to New York City's Mayor, to Washington DC's Mayor, and to North Carolina's Governor. I hope they will take what I have written seriously. There are photos of nuclear mushroom clouds at my website http://www.wisdomstore.us at the page entitled "Wise Reformation Writings". )

September 2, 2005

Governor Jeb Bush Executive Office Of the Governor The Capital Tallahassee, Fl 32399-0001

Dear Governor Bush,

Have you given any thought that if there are nuclear attacks upon the U.S.A. that Florida would most likely be one of the states nuked? With Florida being so close to Cuba that makes Florida especially vulnerable. Have you ever read the results of a nuclear bomb? I have. It sounds like a terrible way to die. Most Americans don't have access to bomb shelters.

From reading on the Internet about the way the U.S.A. foreign policy is now, unless that policy changes, it appears that it won't be long before there are nuclear attacks upon the U.S.A. No doubt, you are aware that Russia and China have nuclear bombs. I recall hearing on the news both Russia and China telling the U.S.A. not to attack Afghanistan and Iraq. I read that Iraq was one of Russia's trading partners. However, President Bush ignored their wish. From the Internet I read about Vice President Cheney talking about attacking Iran. Such an attack would start a nuclear World War 3. Both Russia and China have business deals with Iran for oil and natural gas. If the U.S.A. attacks any more of the countries they do business with, Russia and China will most likely lose their patience with the U.S.A.'s wars upon such countries.

Governor Bush, the U.S.A.'s foreign policy to have wars upon countries to take control of their oil, natural gas, or any resources is not the proper way to do business. I've read that the Russians have invented a new type of oil well drill that enables more oil to come from the oil wells that are thought to be dried up. Canada has discovered oil and is willing to sell oil to the U.S.A. There is some nuclear power and there could be more. There are alternative energies that should be developed and put into wide spread use - more types of alternative energies than already in use. The people that drill for oil could invest more money into getting the oil from the ground, such as buying some of the new Russian oil well drills. I've read that oil tycoons have been doing all they can to discourage some of the best types of alternative energies from being put into use. Instead of the U.S.A. having more wars to take control of other countries' oil and natural gas, this country should be content to buy whatever amounts of oil and natural gas that other countries are willing to sell to the U.S.A. at the price they offer or can be negotiated in non-violent ways, buy some of the new types of oil well drills from Russia to get more oil from the oil wells here, more employers to allow more employees to do some or all of their work from home instead of driving to work every day, promote carpooling, such as employers offering inventives to employees that carpool - for example people that carpool could be given some free gas coupons, employers to have company cars that employees, who carpool, could use in case their child got sick at daycare or school and needed to be picked up, build more nuclear power plants, allow all types of alternative energies to be manufactured and put into widespread use.

As to the Iraq war, I've read that most Americans believe that it is a mistake. A potential earlier exit strategy that President Bush may possibly be agreeable to would be to turn it over to the United Nations. I've read on the Internet that there are millions of United Nations soldiers. Because there are so many United Nations soldiers they could get the conflicts and the rebuilding of Iraq ended sooner. I prefer that there not be another military draft. We don't want to lose another generation of young Americans to wars.

Governor Bush, no doubt you are aware about American's driver's licenses to be changed to the National I.D. card in 2008. From what I've read on the Internet and off line writings, the National I.D. card will have more of American's personal information than our current driver's license. Plus it has an RFID device in it that can be activated to enable Americans to be tracked from the satellites up above. That sounds like a form of slavery to me. I've also read that the National I.D. card could be used as a means to prevent anyone that the government disapproves of their politics, beliefs, or religion from buying the necessities of life at stores. I've also read there is the possibility that people who refuse to accept the National I.D. card will be deprived of social security benefits. A member of one of the yahoo groups I belong to, who happens to be an attorney, says that the National I.D. card is a violation of the fourth amendment plus if Americans are denied their social security benefits, it is a means of legalized thievery.

There is also the concern that the National I.D. card would be an easy method for Americans to be rounded up and put into the barbed wire fenced in F.E.M.A. facilities that could be used as concentration camps. I do recall Tom Ridge saying that if there was another terrorists' attack upon the U.S.A. that would result in Americans having to go to such F.E.M.A. camps supposedly as an emergency shelter. However, I don't trust any locations that fence in innocent Americans. Those F.E.M.A. camps and the National I.D. card sound like something out of Nazi Germany.

Governor Bush, from what I have read on the Internet the top powers that be want to depopulate the Earth about 80% totally with a 50% depopulation of the U.S.A. because they think that the Earth can't supply the energy, food, and fresh water needs of the people here now, but they are wrong. By making the changes I have described in this letter about energy there would be enough energy. As to enough food and fresh water that could happen by making the most efficient use of agriculture. For example, allowing more people access to land to grow food and more people reducing their meat consumption, perhaps by 50% as it takes so much grain and fresh water to produce meat. I've read that the top powers that be are also worried that the Earth's population will reach 15 billion in upcoming decades. I'm aware that in some cultures many children are born to each woman. Perhaps pharmaceutical companies could donate free birth control to poor women in the extremely prolific cultures. I think the combination of all of these strategies would work sufficiently to control the Earth's population in non-violent ways.

Governor Bush, will you please have a meeting with President Bush and Vice President Cheney to discourage them from having the U.S.A. military attack other countries that Russia and China do business with, to turn over the war upon Iraq to the United Nations, and to stop the National I.D. card from being put into effect? I think President Bush and Vice President Cheney would more likely listen to wise advice from you. Feel free to share the strategies I've suggested with any powers that be. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you for any assistance.

Sincerely, Deborah Reid


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