Just 100 emails to Congress will get them to attend

Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little. – Edmund Burke

You Do Make a Difference! Just 100 emails to YOUR Congressional Members Will Prod Them to Attend the September 20 Codex Briefing! Please Make Sure They Get Those Emails!

I know that your health freedom is important to you.

I am writing to you because Health Freedom needs your help. I am asking you to click here to email the members of your Congressional Delegation and strongly urge them to attend the Congressional Codex Briefing on September 20, 2005 at noon in Room 2220 Rayburn.

A Washington insider told me two days ago that if we can get as few as 100 emails and phone calls to each Member of Congress urging him/her to attend the Codex Briefing, an outstanding number of Congressional Members will take this unfamiliar outpouring of interest as a signal and come to the briefing.

Congress knows virtually nothing about Codex although Congress can vote down our legal protections like DSHEA[1]while opening the door for Codex without ever realizing there was a connection unless we educate them. That’s what the Congressional Codex briefing will do.

We will tell Congress that Codex Alimentarius, the international Food Code, could prevent Americans from having access to the vitamins and minerals that many of us believe -- and know -- contribute to their health and well being.

Congress is our main defense against Codex, a threat of which they have generally never heard! The Codex Briefing will tell them what Codex is, what it will mean to them and their families and to their constituents. It will also inform the members of Congress about what they need to do to protect the US from this looming health disaster.

But I guarantee you that if you do not send these easy emails or call the Congressional Switchboard (1-202-225-3121) to you’re your Congressmen and women to attend the Codex Briefing, they will not attend. It is a simple as 1-2-3-4:

1. No constituent outcry via your emails and phone calls = no attendance.

2. No attendance = no information about what Codex really is and what it means to the health of every man, woman and child in the United States.

3. No information = no staunch bulwark of defense against this health and health freedom threat.

4. No staunch bulwark = no more health freedoms and precious little health.

Congress is our main defense against dangerous and deadly Codex regulations becoming our laws here in the US. Yet Congress knows nothing about Codex.

Congress, for example, has before it at least 5 bills http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/bills which would seriously damage or completely destroy the rights of Americans to enjoy access to nutrients, supplements and herbs classified as foods with no upper limits on their use. That access is assured by DSHEA, the 1994 Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act, passed by unanimous Congressional consent.

Did Congress suddenly see the light and suddenly all of them were converted to Natural Medicine in 1994? Hardly! We, the People, were up on our feet making a whole lot of noise about the health freedom issue. In fact, Congress got the distinct impression that if anyone, no matter who they were, dared to interfere with our nutrient and supplement access he or she would never go back to Congress again.

Now Congress is on the front lines again, and, amazingly enough, most of the men and women, of either party, that we elected to do the legislative work of this country have not a clue about the impending Codex battle. Most members of Congress have never heard of Codex!

I know because the Natural Solutions Foundation has called hundreds of Congressional Offices and talked to hundreds of Congressional Health Aides. They and their bosses had literally never heard of Codex before we mentioned it to them and sent them material. They only knew what their party leaders and their lobbyist friends tell them. And, sadly, neither party is speaking out for your health. Guess What! There are no nutrient companies making major financial contributions to Congress and pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into matching lobbying $$ to rival Big Pharma’s vast investment in Congress.

Last year, Big Pharma spent $780 Million on Congressional lobbying, according to USA Today (April, 2005). And We, the People? What have we got with which to contend against that? We have:

1. votes – Congress knows that irate constituents spell re-election trouble, big time

2. truth – which has its own special ring: people know it when they hear it and they resonate with it

3. the shared human realities that all of us face, including Congressmen and women, as they create families and as they age: good health is supported and sustained by clean, unadulterated food and high potency nutrients.

They know that, like the rest of us, if you violate those requirements you and your family will sicken and perhaps die. Senators and Representatives have families that they care about and bodies that they depend upon.

Until they understand, as clearly as you do that

* high potency, effective and clinically meaningful supplements are not toxins

* unadulterated food and drink is essential to a healthy life,

there will be no reason for them to protect anything against Codex, least of all, their constituents!

Please help get your Congressional Delegation to the Codex Briefing on September 20, 2005 at noon, Room 2220 Rayburn. It’s a matter of life and death: yours, mine and theirs. Two More Items: Thanks for Doing Both!

1. Start a meetup. It’s simple, it’s easy and it’s a really great political organization tool. Go to http://healthfreedom.meetup.com. This site lets you tell others in your area that you are interested in health freedom and lets them find you. You pick a time, a location (Starbucks is a typical place) and then you list yourself as the organizer. People will contact you and then, voila, there’s a meetup when and where you create one.

The Natural Solutions Foundation will provide you with Talking Points, Action Steps, Organizational Tools, etc. Just let me know you have organized a meetup by writing to me at info@healthfreedomusa.org. What a terrific way to hook up with others who feel the same way you do!

2. Join the Health Freedom 400. If only 400 people each gave just $25 we would reach our goal of $10,000 is jig time. Please support our work. That’s simple and easy, too. Our fund raising campaign is in Day 14 so we are almost at the half way mark. Won’t you give generously and help support the fight to keep our natural health options alive?

Yours in health and freedom, Rima E. Laibow, MD Medical Director Natural Solutions Foundation rima.laibow@healthfreedomusa.org


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