Weather Manipulation History and Science



Unfortunately there is a fee to listen to tonight's show, but you can listen to last weeks for free at the links below. I think you will see that the money is well worth it.

Our Rise will be their fall!



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Please be sure to listen to

Professor James Mccanney tonight... at 8:00 pm


Earthquake Inducing Electromagnetic Weapons Used //iron-eagles.tripod.com/articles/em_earthquake.htm

by mark hazlewood

Weather Manipulation History and Science


James McCanney will discuss weather manipulation on his show tonight. In his weather book he's devoted an entire chapter.

This technology is being used by Bush and Cheney (ptb) to acquire huge billion dollar contracts to rebuild what they destroy with it. Halliburton (Bush and Cheney Co.) has already been given the contracts to rebuild parts of New Orleans. And of course when they destroy a tiny part of their world wide oil empire in the process this is their excuse to hugely jack up and rape the American people increaesing oil/gas prices. The tens if not hundreds of thousands of people that get killed in the process of doing this are a non issue to these cold hearted greed motivated people.

The disinformation being bantered about is saying that this is new technology. It's been around for over a decade and the use of it has been perfected.

Another part of the disinfo in and around this subject is to mislabel what the technology is, in other words trash the technology. It has nothing to do with scalar waves. BS like this is currently on rumor mill news. And lastly suggesting that any other country in the world could put satellites up over the US and start to manipulate our weather is attempting to blame another for their your doing. We would see, identify, and stop that in a heart beat.

A few years back it became apparent that Russians had this simple weather manipulation technology and as a good will gesture they offered it to us to deal with our storm problems. This made international news. We didn't accept this offer because we already had the simple satellite technology already. Besides the ptb didn't want to lessen the storms and send them out to sea but increase their strenghth and aim them at our cites for their own profit.



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