Congress is Back: Demand Action on Resolution of Inquiry

Cindy Sheehan on Bush's Dangerous Incompetence

"George Bush has been an incompetent failure his entire life. Fortunately, for humanity, he was just partying his way through school, running companies into the ground and being an alcoholic and cocaine abuser for most of that time and his incompetence was limited to hurting the people who worked for him and his own family. The people in his life who were hurt by his incompetence probably have been able to "get on" with their lives. Now, though, his incompetence affects the world and is responsible for so many deaths and so much destruction. How many of us did not foresee the mess he would make of the world when he was selected the first time? We saw what he had done to Texas. How many of us marvelled and were so discouraged and amazed when he was "re-elected" the second time? We saw what he had done to the world. Dangerous incomptence should never be rewarded, let alone be rewarded so handsomely as in George's case."

Resolution of Inquiry into Bush Lies: Time for Action
Congress is back in session after summer break, and there are now 61 co-sponsors of Barbara Lee's Resolution of Inquiry into the Downing Street Memos - including one Republican member of the International Relations Committee, Jim Leach. A vote in committee will come between Sept. 6 and Sept. 15. Now is the time to contact YOUR congress member. Whether or not they serve on the IR Committee, we need them to co-sponsor the Resolution. They come back to work on Tuesday. Call them first thing!


Sign the People's Petition

Hurricane Katrina underscored the need to bring our troops home from Iraq starting immediately - before the next devastating hurricane hits. Have you signed the petition for an exit strategy? Has everyone you know done so? Please make sure you can say Yes before September 15:


"Bring the Troops Home Now" Bus Tour Is Met by Enthusiastic Crowds

Three buses left Crawford for Washington DC on August 31, and every stop they make is being met by warm, enthusiastic crowds. Find out when they will pass through your town:


Out of Iraq Hearings and Rally in D.C. on September 15

The DC-area peace movement will rally against the war in front of the White House following Democrat-led hearings on an exit strategy hosted by Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA). This is one of many smaller events building up to September 24th. Learn more:


Be Part of the Largest Anti-War Effort

Join the massive mobilization against the war in Washington, D.C., on September 24, and stick around for workshops and trainings on the 25th, followed by a day of lobbying and civil disobedience on the 26th.


Sign Up for Exciting Workshops in DC on Sept. 25

These events, organized by Progressive Democrats of America, will include a discussion with Cindy Sheehan, as well as a focus on the Downing Street Memos and remarks by John Bonifaz, Co-Founder of After Downing Street.


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