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Press Release: Fox News and Bill O'Reilly
Date: 9/6/2005 10:57:24 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: Mofmars3
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Good for Shepard Smith. He made his point eloquently even though Bill attempted to apply the usual spin, Monday night.

The reason Bill's ratings are high, is mainly because many people love to hate him and cannot miss the show.

I used to love him until I learned what he was really made of. His time is short so maybe he should be replaced now, by Shepard or someone more human.

When Bill said they should force the people to leave the flood areas when they refused, because it would mean leaving their pets, what exactly does he mean?

Does he think the military should shoot the pets under the circumstances to encourage them to leave?

If they will rebuild, why not leave those there needing and willing to stay? Maybe it would be just easier to steal all the land to make sure everyone is gone?

What about all the money the differing charity agencies are known for keeping? Can't some be allocated to those who can and are able to start their own rebuilding, now? Give them the damn money like it was donated for instead of what really happens to the majority of it, for a change. How about that? Will you help?

Bill himself, first exposed this type of theft and deception after the 911 tragedy when the Red Cross showed their true colors. I loved Bill then and even wished he were president.

Is Bill encouraging more scams to be perpetrated on the people by not being with them, opposed to being on the side of the already known, corrupt powers that be?

Let's hope not. If Fox News wants to redeem themselves in the eyes of the people, they have to stop helping to enable the criminal element to continue the deceptions the majority of the thinkers are now aware of.

Bill can be seen right through and we want him out of business because we mean business.

For God's sake and the children's, why won't he help "US" as well as all of you at Fox? The other networks are way ahead of you in telling truth in media.

"We The People" need you to help "US" now too. Please!

For the record. Our president doesn't hate black people just as O'Lielly doesn't. It seems they hate all those they consider peasants, equally, no matter what race, color or creed.

Marsha McClelland


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