Descent into chaos

I do try to get it refilled 3 to 4 days early. Insurance does not kick unless it is a week or more early. Hubby is about 2 hours from home terminal then a little over an hour from home. Not as long as it has been. Long run because most stores and stations are closed or running out of things coming through La., Ms., and Al.. It sure is a mess what Katrina left behind. My heart goes out to the victims. I will always hate the name Katrina...the day she came in my Chihuahua died in my arms. It has been a sad week for a lot of people...


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From: Redneck RN
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Subject: descent into chaos

Glad to hear from you, Jade. Hope Hubby does make it home OK & SOON. Some docs are REALLY bad about not giving samples or giving refills. Sometimes you can play this game. Have your RX refilled before you're out- but not too long before. That way you have gained a small amt each time you refill. I don't know what kind of neb you are on - but there are now over the counter nebs for sale. Probably not as good as your RX - but certainly would help some in a pinch.


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Just talked to my husband and they filled the truck with fuel in Tx. I have a bad feeling also. This coming week will tell if the restrictions of gas and fuel will ease. For some reason TPB want to cripple the east. As for medication...my worst problem is breathing. I have to use a nebulizer and my doctor will not let me have extra. I have managed to save up quite a bit of extra so maybe it will help. I have warned my family about stocking up on staples but they think I am nuts. Guess we all have to take care of ourselves. Keep safe everyone and keep yours eyes and ears open...


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From: Redneck RN
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Subject: Re: descent into chaos

Jade, My hubby drove long haul for many years & I went with him alot. I've been hearing the same stories from others locally about not being able to get fuel due to the 50 gal. restriction. I agree - this whole thing smells to high heaven!! Let us hear from you. I just keep having this eerie feeling that this country is REALLY close to being TOTALLY shut down. Get your supplies folks- you may need them SOON!!


If anybody is on any type of medication that you cannot live without (insulin, BP meds, blood thinner, etc) go to your doctor & ask for samples if he as them or get an extra RX filled NOW!!!!

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From: dogpatch7
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Subject: Re: descent into chaos

My husband is a long haul driver. Atlanta, Ga. to Fontana, California. Starting in Atlanta through La. you can get 50 gallons of fuel at a time. You can get gas in Ga. and Al. but no gas (for cars) in Mississippi or La. He was told from TX. on they have fuel and gas. Hope he can get back from Fontana. I have a bad feeling this is going to get much worse. Gov. of Ga. said we have no fuel shortage but...I won't say who but in our family and works under Gov. said we have 7 day supply so what happens then...who knows...have my supplies but hope to get my hubby home! Beware everyone...things are stinking to high heaven...jade

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From: Redneck RN
Sent: Friday, September 02, 2005 2:14 PM
Subject: Re: descent into chaos

Amen!! The old saying comes to mind- "Where there's a will, there's a way". Sad to say that many of the folks who we've been trying to educate for years, & who thought we were all nuts, may soon (if not already), be paying the VERY high price for their ignorance. Just talked to someone locally who is a long haul trucker. He said that fuel rationing is VERY widespread at truckstops. He told me that they will not sell truckers more that $50 worth of fuel at a time. He said that in order to just get home, he had to stop at 4 truckstops just to be able to get enough fuel. The ENTIRE state of Tennesse had NO gas at all yesterday. A vision of things to come???? I look for SERIOUS fuel rationing (of ALL kinds) to start very soon, followed by VERY limited food ( & other), supplies across the country. I KNOW that I'm preaching to the choir- but I just hope that while there is still food on the shelves - that at least SOME of the brain dead sheeple will wake up & smell the coffee. THIS COUNTRY IS GOING TO GO DOWN IF SOMETHING DOES NOT CHANGE IMMEDIATELY!!!!

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I have to agree. I myself make very little and am not on public assistance. And when I say little try under 500 a month. For the past 5 years I have always had supplies on hand. This is what I do. 10 gal bucket with seal....seperated out for meals rice, oats, dried vegetables, beans, spice for example. I rotate food out every couple of months. Tablets for water purification, water proof matches etc. Fits nicely in this container and at a moments notice I can pick it up by the handle and go. Enough to feed at least two people for two weeks. Preparedness is really very simple poeple just don't take the time to do it. And as for Govt. response...I agree They have their own plans and agenda and we're not in them.

Redneck RN wrote:

I will admit that I, like so many of you, do not watch alot of television. I will also admit that I have been totally hypnotized ( if you will ), by the endless pictures & stories coming out of the Gulf Coast - especially New Orleans. There are 2 things that have hit me right between the eyes with this scenerio.

1. Has there EVER been a BETTER picture that supports what we have known for years- stock food & water. Before you start crawling down my back with things like - they are poor & couldn't afford to do this, & it wouldn't have done any good - as their homes were destroyed- I will say this to you : -- I KNOW that for the MOST part these people are at or below the poverty level. BUT 99.9% of these folks GET government assistance in the form of food stamps, WIC, etc. Water from home faucets can easily be stored in pop bottles, etc. And I REALLY think that almost EVERYONE (even on food stamps), can throw in a 30 cent can or two of soup, or vienna sausage each "payday" to be stored. Do NOT get me wrong. My heart goes out to these folks because they DID NOT KNOW what was coming. May God hold EACH of them close to Him at this time. But for those of us who DO know what may be around the corner- this DOES provide a REAL lesson on the importance of being prepared. As for those who's homes were totally destroyed - I realize that NO amount of stored supplies would have helped them. But we MUST keep preparing in the event that we DO have a dwelling left.

2. Have you ever seen such a horribly botched, feeble attempt by the government to "help" these poor starving people? These folks are not only starving but they are literally dying of dehydration in the New Orleans heat. What on earth is KEEPING our government from dropping cases of food & water from helicopters to those stranded on the streets. If there is ONE lesson that the people of this ENTIRE country should NEVER forget - it is that the federal government did little of NOTHING to come to the rescue of it's own citizens who are dying in the streets. Does the phrase "We're from the government & we're here to help", ring a bell with anyone. THIS, my friends is what we can ALL expect in ANY future disaster!!


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Rescuers struggle to cope with a descent into chaos
By Jacqui Goddard in New Orleans

BY his own admission, things are going badly for Sheriff Harry Lee and his crisis management efforts.

Outside his mobile headquarters truck, two officers grip a stepladder while a third stands on the top rung waving his mobile telephone in the air, searching for a signal.

Inside Sheriff Lee, of Jefferson parish in New Orleans, is sitting at a table, fuming. He is doing his best to alleviate the biggest catastrophe he will ever witness, but lacks even the most basic of resources.

He cannot communicate with his own officers, and his officers can barely communicate with each other, because the overloaded radio frequency keeps jamming. The chain of command for Louisiana’s hurricane rescue plan has missing links. There is tension between the numerous agencies involved in the relief effort, and some of Sheriff Lee’s deputies are so overwhelmed and demoralised that they are giving up.


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