They are painted into a corner

There is apparently a safe technology developed by a Dr Meyl in Germany. He has written a book, in English, called Skaler Waves (it might be Scaler Waves)

He was sued by the mobile phone companies but the German courts have found in his favour!

Dr Hyland has a copy of the book and is looking at the theory (apparently in the realms of quantum physics) so there is hope out there.



Hi Sarah

I have the book as well. Not easy reading, and I remain to be reassured that scalar wave (vector potentials / longitudinal waves) are a wise option. The book is absolutely fascinating, and not just about mobile communications, and shares a deal of material with Tesla. Look up Tesla and find out about his amplifying transmitter etc., look up Konstantin Meyl on Google too, and you'll soon come to the "free energy" area. It's all potentially very big, and as ever what can be used for good can be used for ill. Maybe the bad guys have got there first anyway, if you believe Tom Bearden and the Cheniere site.

But I don't think scalar-technology mobile phones are around the corner yet; for a start the industry does not accept the current risk, nor do they have a clue about this physics. If they did, on both counts, they would then have to come up with a new technology that in its prototype was technically superior to what 3G already offers, because the one thing they could NOT sell on was "the new safe phone". Or they would be sued for knowing current ones are harmful. They are painted into a corner.



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