Oxford takes part in Vodaphone monitoring project

This Project is dubious for more than one reason. It is controlled by the mobile phone industry, so no more need be said on that one. All they will be doing is "proving that emissions are within Government guidelines" (Andy has often said this).

However, when we were offered this "service", concern was shown by an expert that this Project will be including emissions down to 50Hz, which will include radio frequencies and will therefore compromise the readings with regard to pulsed microwave emissions.



The monitoring is absolute bullshit. It is a crime. The involved people KNOW beforehand that any measurement will be FAR below the ICNIRP and such guidelines. Electro Hyper Sensitivity develops already from 100 to a few 1000 mikroWatt/m2 depending on the structure (frequency/ies, modulation/pulse) of the radiation and of the body. People who are EHS react from 0,1 mikroWatt/m2.

Monitoring and measurements are a terrible lie to the citizens, they are a defence tactic to keep you very busy with no results at all. Discussions about licenses, the exact place, democratic votes, technical issues, design etcetera also are defence tactics. There is an abundancy of testimonies of the disastrous effects, all the epidemiologic research found damage http://www.stopumts.nl .

The only thing to discuss is risk (chance muliplied by consequences) and how to help and compensate the victims, so that they can live. Risk for individuals: small chance but enormous impact ---> huge risk. Risk for society: high chance but pro person small impact ---> huge risk.

Monitoring, measurements, communication plans, informative meetings etc. - it is all bullshit, keeping you busy, while nothing is done about the risk and the victims.



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