Natural, environmental and human devastation is often a direct result of the actions of the international mining corporations

Ever stopped to wonder how many conflicts in the world would stop if multinationals stopped their ruthless clammer for the worlds resources?

Ever wondered how much environmental destruction would be prevented if the same multinationals were to embrace their social and moral responsibilities instead of seeing this as a marketting exercise?

It you've ever wondered this, and done a little research, your answer must be - a hell of a lot!

There is one brand of corporation that perhaps is the most ruthless, the mining companies. Do a quick search on organisations such as Rio Tinto or Anglo American Plc and you will quickly uncover a catalogue of environmental destruction and human rights abuses that is on a global scale.

These companies do not do what is right, they do what they can get away with, and spend vast amounts on "greenwash" PR that claims they are angels.

I've set up a new group - Against Mining - http://www.care2.com/c2c/group/AgainstMines that aims to highlight the natural, environmental and human devastation that is often a direct result of the actions of these international mining corporations.

It is time we realised that until we tackle this problem, all the aid and poverty relief in the world is simply window dressing.

If you care about the world, you will care about the actions of mining companies and you will be welcome at Against Mining.


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